Go Pricing WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables Download V3.3.8

Go Pricing WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables Download V3.3.8

WP Go Pricing WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables Download V3.3.8 Pricing – WORD PRESS Reaction Price List V3.3.8 Key Features Easy-to-use management interface – Edit tables quickly and quickly with a clean UI. Help text, colors, and icons to help you navigate effectively.

Go Pricing WordPress Small footprint – allows content to load.

v3.3.8 – September 5, 2017

[FIX] Fixes a problem where Chrome does not lag while scrolling
FIX: Encoding problem bug fix for “Fix broken HTML” feature
[Improvement] Improved use of TweenMax to avoid problems / crashes when there are multiple instances
[Improvement] Added the option to disable (not load) TweenMax for fast page loading.
[Enhancements] Improved Configurable Public Asset Management – By default, CSS and JavaScript files are only loaded when needed, starting with this version.

Variety of media types – Add content types like audio, video, or maps to make your tables more unique and engaging. Google Fonts – Get the most out of your entire Google font set and find the fonts that work best for your site. 2000+ Font Icons – Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Icons provide an expandable vector icon that can be instantly customized and look great on high resolution displays.

Live Preview – With this feature of Go Pricing Word Press you can see how the price table is displayed in real time. Bulk operations – You can use a number of tables, such as replication, export, and deletion, to perform a variety of tasks in the dashboard.

Column Animation – Give the table a little feel! Choose from 39 amazing conversions for each column, depending on your preference. Customizable responses – A variety of configuration options ensure that the table provides the best results on all devices. Import and export capabilities – Quickly import demo tables, create or restore backups, and move data between sites. Built-in plug-in updates – Keep your installed version up-to-date and take advantage of all the latest fixes, features, and enhancements.

v3.3.7 – May 3, 2017

[FIX] Minor backend and frontend JavaScript modifications
[Improvement] We changed the colorpicker layout in the popup to improve usability.
[Improve] Remove IOS tab highlight effect
[Enhancement] Added the option to set a custom symbol for calls.
[Improvement] Added support for Font Awesome 4.7 with 41 new icons.
[Improvements] Added an option to edit the broken HTML code in the table.

v3.3.6 – March 9, 2017

[FIX] Fixed incorrect height calculation in jQuery 3.x version.
[FIX] Minor backend and frontend CSS and JavaScript modifications
[CHANGE] H1 tag changed from Classic & Clean 13 style to H2 tag to provide better SEO results
[Improve] Added ALT attribute support for Image Ribbon for better SEO results
[Improvement] Added support for Google Map v3 API key
[Enhancement] Improved support for mouse / touch hybrid devices

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