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Today we will look at beautiful and unique Coffee Shop WordPress themes that will help you thrive in your coffee shop.

If there's one kind of market that never leaves the market. It will be a coffee shop, a cafe or a regular coffee shop. There were these things after the light hit the planet. And how privileged it is to enjoy magic like a cup of coffee! If you own a cafe or plan to open a cafe, we have prepared the most amazing and feature-rich coffee shop theme for WordPress. Given the number of choices we think you won't find a minimal theme that will make you angry at what you want to make.

The coffee shop website is very simple. Sometimes you may see brands selling coffee beans directly on the web. Therefore, we tried to include as many coffee shop themes as possible with e-commerce features. There are a few hints!

Usually, but not always, people always visit websites and offer other interesting activities such as coffee shops, menu types, classes and events, so having a theme that can reflect these interests of real people It will help strengthen your customer base, and you can also gather new rules.

We will introduce the best coffee shop without any hesitation. WordPress Theme:


Jevelin is a multipurpose solution that can be used for all kinds of websites. Of course, you can easily use Jevelin as a coffee shop WordPress theme with powerful features and layouts. You are ready-made with all the ingredients that are perfect for shining online with a cool online presence that will help you take your business to a new level. Jevelin also complies with all the latest trends and regulations to ensure reliable and safe operation at all times. Optimized for responsive, mobile support, cross-browser compatibility, fast loading and SEO.

Jevelin also includes a WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder that completely avoids coding. With this in mind, you can successfully build a coffee shop page with Jevelin without having any experience and skills in creating pages. Follow exactly the name and brand you want and personalize Jevelin according to your attentive taste.

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  divi coffee shop wordpress theme

Divi is another tool that allows you to access the web almost over time. Instead of hiring coders and designers, you can do everything yourself, avoiding the process of starting from scratch. Of course, Divi works great in coffee shops too. In fact, there is also a complete demo kit predefined for immediate use. Divi also includes user-friendly page creation tools that let you get creative. Customize and fine tune your awesome look.

Divi also includes over 40 customizable web elements such as galleries, call-to-action buttons, sliders, forms, and testimonials. Enjoy the convenient process of creating your dream page with Divi and start on the Internet like a pro from the start.

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  webify Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

If you need to sort websites for coffee shops, we recommend checking out Webify. This multi-concept WordPress theme is filled with all kinds of surprises that you can take advantage of your total advantage. Webify covers everything from demos of all types and numerous internal page layouts to a huge collection of blocks and modules. With Webify, you can quickly and easily organize the pages you want, no matter how tricky.

Other practical features of Webify include various header and footer styles, modular systems, parallax effects, different post formats, and ready-made sliders. . The theme is also optimized for great performance and search engines. If you want to make a strong, lasting first impression, Webify is the solution to help you create the best pages.

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Pastry Love is a responsive and business oriented WordPress theme. Specializes in coffee shop, bakery and pastry business. Made with incredible short codes, it's perfect for building a store. Pastry Love has widgets available and offers several headers and menus. Import demos and countless documents easily with one click. Create an amazing online sales system with WooCommerce. Set calculators, carts, combos and more!

Pastry Love has both full width and box layout design turned on. This is versatile and attractive. Play with the sidebars and have fun with the Visualizer plugin. Obviously only from reputable sets like Google Fonts, Font Awesome, etc! Pastry love can attract you to the concept of elegance, exclusivity and sophistication. Share a small recipe or let your customers interact with your blog to post about your favorite topics! Want to expand globally? done! With WPML translation there is no language barrier. Children can also expand their business themes and get customer support! Take a look at this delicious piece of BoldThemes! Use Pastry Love!

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  Barbet WordPress Theme

Barbet is a great solution for all your ideas and wants for a cafe website. In short, it is a Coffee Shop WordPress theme with numerous dedicated layouts and components. Even if you are in the food space, Babette provides you with the right page to help you create the right page. With four homepage layouts and different internal sections, you have plenty of options to categorize your eye-catching web space. Babette also includes a WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder. With this software, you can completely avoid coding and advanced design work. In short, Babette is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

To simplify the online table booking process, Babette is provided with a complete system to organize things for clients and users who are website owners. Over 80 UI blocks, online stores, blogs, Revolution Slider, WPML, Contact Form 7, parallax effects and amazing animations are just another good thing about Babette.

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  Jointup WordPress Theme

JointUp is a medical marijuana and coffee shop WordPress theme with three different demo collections. Using it wisely can give a strong and lasting first impression to all visitors and prospects. Get the best lighting with the cool web design provided by JointUp. If the layout already fits your taste in the box, you do not need to edit it. Change the details and add an image, it's ready to roll. Creating and setting up a modern page using JointUp is really easy.

Drag and drop technology applies to all further adjustments and improvements. This way you don't have to code. Using JointUp feels almost natural as if you created the previous page first. Comfortable access to the process, documentation and support are also part of the deal. If you need help at any time, ask a specialist for help.

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  ristora wordpress theme

Ristora is for everything related to restaurants, food, coffee shops and drinks. With a striking collection of twelve demos, you'll be able to proficiently create several completely different pages for any kind of business. But today we are all about coffee shops. You can use a nice layout, but there are layouts laid out exclusively for coffee shops. But it is also possible to use something else and completely oppose it. Just drag and drop and it's easy to create custom layouts. With Ristora you can even create a one page website if it's cool.

The booking page, slider, MailChimp, testimonials, price tag, video support, and back to top buttons are some elements of Ristora. Needless to say, Ristora's layout is ready for mobile and is optimized for web browsers, high performance and search engines.

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  corretto Coffee Shop wordpress theme

If you run a cafe you should experience the amazing Corretto Coffee Shop WordPress theme right away. You can now create a dedicated website and create a sophisticated website for your coffee shop. Needless to say, whatever your business is about, responsive mobile pages are a must today. If you do not own one, people may be suspicious of you. Own it and they will see your seriousness. Obviously, you want to choose the latter and show your professionalism and elegance.

Another index and internal page are prepared and enabled. Build a coffee-inspired website almost instantly. You do not need to know the technology to work seamlessly with Corretto. The tool is familiar to beginners, so you need to create professional-looking pages like champions.

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  Tamarind Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

Tamarind is a WordPress theme filled with essentials for cafes, bistros and restaurants is. There are also other elements and components that make the miles stand out. There is much more to tamarind than just "just" preset web design.

Tamarind comes with a built-in status Authentic online booking form for event management system, food menu, dark and light style, gallery and OpenTable.

Show your unique and original taste and book right away with hungry eyes. Create stunning slideshows rich in high-quality images and make amazing first impressions with the Revolution Slider. Do not waste time, act now! Tamarind knows that you are ready to use it but it best suits your needs.

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Restaurant Cafe

  Modern Coffee WordPress Theme

Restaurant Cafe has web designs that require you to pay thousands of dollars in different ways. Know the amount of creative thinking in which you placed various layout elements. There are so many things this theme can do. The custom menu layout actually feels like sitting in a cafe / restaurant.

You can use the same features as the customer guestbook. Anyone can leave a comment about their experience. Then there are a lot of shortcodes that highlight other reviews like Trip Advisor etc.

Purchasers of this theme will receive world-class theme quality from theme developers who have sold more than 25,000 times. . These plugins include Slider Revolution, FoodPress, Cube Portfolio, Ninja Form Layout Master, Premium Icon Set, and WP101. Needless to say, it supports NinjaForms, Yoast, Wordfence, Gravity Forms and many other plugins.

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Coffee Luck

  Barista WordPress Theme

Preview the Coffee Luck Theme, how gorgeous the design is, to cater coffee You can see how flexible it is to have all kinds of shops and creative pursuits. Whether you're promoting in a bakery, coffee shop, or digital plane, the Coffee Luck theme can solve the problem with its dynamic and elegant design.

The most important thing in a business that wants to move all food-related physical stores to digital stores is the ability to show menus using visual images, and Coffee Luck does something really amazing in this department. The greeting slider to greet visitors when they first visit your site is the exact type of promotional widget you need.

Optimized for an amazing mobile experience. There are things like a swipe effect for website navigation, a mobile friendly slider widget that activates an interactive visual gallery, and a fully responsive layout itself. The theme menu based on ‘blocks’ allows you to install the demo homepage layout with one click and then work on it.

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Barista is a recent addition to the list of themes related to coffee shops and restaurants. The beautiful homepage design you can choose from is already gaining fame in itself. Those who own a coffee shop tend to start selling their own branded coffee beans. The barista theme incorporates an e-commerce solution, allowing you to launch your own digital store.

The attention to detail needed to design each layout is actually a kind of topic and generally doesn't go beyond the theme. Very often of this quality. The boxed layout is not only a way to display the best products on the menu, but it is also convenient to talk about the timeline of team members and business brands in a seamless navigation environment. If you're a busy coffee shop, turn on custom booking plugins that allow customers to book a table before they arrive. Thanks to the professional responsive design used by the Barista theme, customers have no problem submitting table reservations using their mobile devices.

Themes also include menus, galleries, animations, showcases, banners, sliders, and more.

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Dannys Restaurant

Danny & # 39; s Restaurant is a WordPress theme for all kinds of food business. Ideal for small to large business. Places such as restaurants or bars can also post their entire menu online and take orders! It was built with Zion and uses the Bootstrap framework. You can also edit live with over 100 elements. Optimized for performance and speed. Danny & # 39; s Restaurant is flexible to suit your business like a coffee shop, pub or bar. All types of shopping attributes added with the WooCommerce plugin. Get price lists, photo galleries and contact forms. With the added files and WPML compatibility, you can fully translate. We also offer MailChimp integration to write newsletters and organize events!

Focus on services that can use social media. Can a customer make an online booking and who says they can't deliver it? Make your customers happy Set amazing pages without color and design limitations. Lazy or too busy, you can use pre-built options too! Demo installation and detailed documentation is just one click away! Make your dream coffee shop with Danny & # 39; s Restaurant!

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Hot Coffee

ThemeREX's Hot Coffee Theme is an attractive design that increases and ensures customer satisfaction. If you want to build a strong presence in a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, or other similar business, the Hot Coffee theme covers all aspects of promoting your brand image, menu overview, and easily presenting the best products. Framework.

I like a color scheme that can easily change to a soft, creamy color. When your customers browse your homepage, you can place your products in front of potential customers. The eCommerce Store is custom made and has a design that does not encourage visitors to buy the best coffee beans. Two customization features include booking schedules and table schemes for restaurants / stores. This allows customers to look up the availability of a table on a specific day of the week, but can reserve a specific table based on the table sort.

Hot Coffee runs on a fully responsive layout integrated into the retina for Apple. Device. There is also a prepackaged Visual Composer installation that you can use to customize the homepage appearance. Numerous shortcodes allow you to create in-depth custom pages and posts about your coffee brand / store ownership history.

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  Butter-Specialty Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee, Winery and Pizza WordPress Theme

] Butter themes are an opportunity to introduce yourself to the digital realm beyond the basics where your business is digital only. Professional WordPress theme with responsive design and customization. Used in restaurants, bakeries, wineries, pizzerias and coffee shops. There are so many features and customization options that anyone, even anyone with no experience, can configure the website, allowing customers to view pictures, view tables, and navigate upcoming events. Fully compatible with e-commerce.

When hosting any type of food-related business online, it's always about menus and how well you present them to captivate potential customers. Butter has three separate layouts that you can choose to display menu items. You can choose between a minimal menu without images and a visually rich menu that can contain a real picture of the item. Besides, Butter is optimized for search engines and has translation features and page drag-and-drop interface to help you quickly create the page layout you want.

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  Madison-Restaurant Bootstrap Template

The Madison theme will add digital value to your food-related business. This theme works great in restaurants, bistros, bars and everything else. Coffee Shop! There are so many ways to customize and adjust your theme to your liking and you won't feel difficult to change your customization.

The first thing that caught my eye was the custom widget for showing upcoming events. It also includes a countdown timer that comes with a & # 39; seat restore & # 39; call to action. After that, you have an elegantly designed table booking form that you can use elegantly and effectively.

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  Linguini-Restaurant WordPress Theme

Linguini is quite far from the customer side at the time of this writing. Enjoy 4,400 comfortable customers with more than 10,000 websites. Is it a lot of brands that share the same theme? For Linguini, not only functionality but also design flexibility is important. Typically a personalizable theme. In-depth modifications that make countless sales because users can customize themes unlike competitors.

Linguini themes rely on features like & # 39; management & # 39 ;. Essential feature to customize items like scheduling, menus, events, galleries, slide shows and blogs. Each page has its own admin panel. You are free to do everything you want, wherever you are, and because of its flexibility, it's easy to achieve your goals every time. Created with modern, semantic and clean HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

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Just Shop

  Just Shop WordPress Theme Demo – Layout 2 Demo of Justshop Theme

Less than 2,500 It's a good reason why people like Justshop. And we think this is because of how simple this topic is. If you run a bakery, you want to place your product in front of your customers. It's not too fancy or tricky. And ultimately this is the result achieved by the Justshop theme. It's not just for bakeries or cake shops. Ideal theme for cafes and coffee shops that want to cover the ground while online. You can always rely on the great support of the theme author. Who can help me if there is a problem? Of course, investing in a full premium theme has a big advantage.

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  TheLeaf – Tea Company – Tea Teaware Co.

Finally, we are referring to TheLeaf. We're the subject of a “tea shop,” but actually… how far is tea from coffee, especially when we talk about digital frameworks? There are many authentic coffee brands and types. Because TheLeaf focuses on emphasizing its individuality. Included as an alternative to extreme or creative situations.

This mobile friendly theme includes animations and effects to provide a living experience. The layout is made to explain easily what the product is. And how it is different from others. Features include things like custom short code writers, Visual Composer, theme options, media content management, WPML friendly and WooCommerce integration. If the problem is not solved, you can always refer to the extensive documentation. It is full of useful tips and tricks on how to use this theme effectively.

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Plato is a flexible and scalable WordPress theme for coffee shops and restaurants .. Modern, elegant and professional web design to attract more customers and full table all year round You won't have a hard time filling.

I am happy to tell the world how serious about the business and pay. Visit and taste all the food. If coffee is what you're an expert on, guide them through a delicious joe cup that uses nothing but your website. Once they are connected, you know that they will try it and not hurry. Enrich your experience with Revolution Slider and CSS3 animations. It also adds the original touch and makes Plato follow the brand.

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  cibus coffee shop wordpress theme

Cibus is a coffee shop WordPress theme with various features and pre-designed elements online. To get online as soon as possible. . With Cibus in a ready-to-use bundle, you can immediately find the right business. You can do so even if you want to make further adjustments and improvements. Cibus's easy customization makes layout management and adjustment easy.

In addition, Cibus allows four additional navigation, booking / online booking, parallax effects, and custom sliders to specify some additional attributes. out. Start with the web and greet your customers with a world of delicious coffee and delicious snacks before entering the store. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on specials that run on Friday nights.

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