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The days when consumers visit stores or shopping malls to see the products they are interested in are gone. Most people today collect information about the item, product or service they want before making a purchase over the Internet. . This is where the essence of business owner comes in. Today it is a valuable marketing tool for many businesses, so you should not overlook the importance of having an attractive and functional website. It is also an extension of offline business.

Generally, websites are an amazing platform for displaying their products. You can list all the details you need to convince your target audience to choose your product or service over your competitors. Online payments are also available for more convenient transactions.

With WordPress these days, building a unique professional business or corporate website has never been easier. There are thousands of customizable business themes on the web, and one of them can go well with your business, so it's not as expensive and hassle as years ago. These topics are especially organized for the features you need to promote and manage your business online. To budget and create a great website, check out this best collection of free WordPress business themes.



Previously, websites have been using existing media for publicity and information. As more depended, it played a more important role in the business. Themes like Shapely make it easier to build professional company websites without hiring IT departments or third-party web developers, which are built using the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework. Compatible with most mobile devices and screen resolutions.

pely supports Retina with cool graphics, vibrant colors and crisp text. Colorful vectorized icons will impress those who own high resolution Retina displays. If you want to commercialize your product or service, you can create a nice online store through WooCommerce. Used by millions of people around the world, it is one of the most trusted plugins in WordPress. In the business world, people try to avoid overly complex sites. Keep it simple and smooth in one page format. Finally, if you run into any problems, you can always contact our excellent support team.

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Illdy is an amazingly versatile WordPress theme with a variety of powerful tools and features. This allows Illdy to smoothly handle the needs of a wide range of website applications, from magazines to blogs, from corporate to corporate, and smoothly with smooth, high quality.

Illdy is also particularly well suited for business applications in general. The streamlined and streamlined page creation and customization process through WP Live Customizer makes it applicable to all markets and niches. This makes it easy to perform most website maintenance tasks, distribute attractive Retina-Ready icons and fonts, and make Illdy your own visual branding feature. WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin compatibility, gorgeous NextGEN Gallery showcase and features, more privileges. Illdy is a smart business choice every time!

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Antreas is a flexible and powerful WordPress business website theme. This theme is a one stop shop solution for your business that wants to grow online. Small businesses, medical, legal and architectural firms, designers and marketers love Antreas. Powerful tools are tailored to meet the needs of various industries. Convenient business-centric short code simplifies service marketing. Wear a hat to introduce your work team to the public in a unique style. Showcase what your business is in the media gallery and customization section. Create digital followers in a blog post style that's easy to brand. Use customizable price lists to inform customers of your rate structure. Testimonials provide social evidence and build user confidence. Customers can enter and exit using tools that use the Google Maps API. There are modern, eye-catching websites that increase market share. Get Antreas now for free!

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Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is the ideal WordPress theme for freelancers, artists and companies and for those who want great quality themes for free. This theme gives the user the freedom to organize page content and create a nice front end. You can also play with widgets or customize them to give them a personal touch. You can also change the section and footer and blog sidebars. In addition, all layout modifications are visible on all devices. Pixova Lite is fully responsive, optimized for SEO, and mobile-friendly. If you want to impress your customers, get this theme now! Use Pixova Lite!

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NewsMag Lite

NewsMag Lite is a free WordPress online magazine website theme that is easy to use and responsive. It's also an incredible resource for webmasters with or without previous coding or development experience who want to build sophisticated websites without having to write their own code.

This theme also offers numerous professional quality tools and premium features. Seamless and completely free package. It also includes a variety of demo website templates that span a variety of online magazine niches. At the same time, NewsMag Lite gives webmasters a huge set of tools to customize NewsMag Lite magazine websites to their liking, with countless custom choices, endless Google fonts and colors, infinite sliders and carousel. Built into themes, trends or popular content, and the most attractive and modern social media sharing features on the market today. And with powerful SEO settings available directly in the admin panel, NewsMag Lite allows you to maintain and rank the top of your SEO games. Download NewsMag Lite Now!

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Activello is a very user friendly and functional responsive WordPress Multi-purpose theme Created using the latest and latest web development technologies available, the result is a powerful and flexible theme suitable for running all kinds of cool websites. Activello is particularly well suited to running dynamic and beautiful company websites of all powerful niches and characteristics.

Activelo also provides powerful boot options that make it very easy to customize to exact requirements and specifications, regardless of the situation. It's also endless with a variety of devices, screen sizes and orientations, stylish visuals, and time-saving shortcodes. The easy and convenient setup process lets you create a fully personalized and aesthetically pleasing website in minutes. No coding experience required! In addition, Activello includes sliders that are enhanced with graphics that you can organize as you like and are very familiar with social media out of the box. Make your blogging dream come true with Activello!

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  Sparkling Bootstrap Theme

Simply displaying your product through the website does not guarantee sale. Therefore, it is more important to create a page that shows effectively. Sparkling provides a flexible and functional framework for a specific purpose. This cool photo theme is built with clean, valid HTML5 and CSS3 code to help your website maintain the latest web standards. Sparkling also integrates with cool theme features such as Author Bio, social icon integration, popular post widgets, and advanced category widgets. It also offers a variety of theme options for easy customization of various aspects. Finally, Sparkling supports plugins like Gravity Forms, Yoast's SEO, Contact Form 7 and W3 Total Cache.

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MedZone is a professional WordPress theme created for you! A Macothemes design that updates some of the previous products with one update. Get free version demos and professional versions too. MedZone is user friendly and made especially for service providers and patients. There is also an emergency call icon, an employee page, and a blog. Write a post about health care and get people interested in customer orientation. MedZone is integrated with WooCommerce so you can set up your store and carry out transactions. Gain WPML compatibility to help potential patients with speech disorders. Instantly translate in one quick step!

MedZone is fast and flexible with great coding capabilities. The design is malleable and easy to personalize. Unlimited colors and premium Google fonts are available for setting up layouts and typography. These all work perfectly with the theme's Retina-ready image quality and amazingly smooth coding! The highest standard has been set with this tool. Created with genius technical marks to help companies get the latest information. Offer with personalized support and ongoing free updates! Buy MedZone!

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Allegiant is a professional and trusted expert. Creative, colorful, customizable, responsive WordPress free multipurpose website theme This theme is designed with meticulous attention to detail and is designed to deliver a complete pixel product that streamlines the webmaster's workflow in various industries. To this end, Allegiant integrates powerful and rich features with built-in plug-ins and tools to help you create custom layouts, distribute feature-rich modules and elements, and customize the look, feel, and behavior of your website's color scheme. It offers a variety of functions including animations, transitions, and more.

llegiant is suitable for business applications. That's because it includes a variety of handy features to showcase your best work to potential clients or employers, one of our professional quality portfolios. In addition, the team member function is integrated so that employees can be introduced to the world. With ready-to-use WooCommerce support, Allegiant allows you to market your products or services directly to your customers directly from your custom website. Since it reacts by default, there is no user to reach! Try Allegiant now!

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Ascendant is a WordPress theme that can be set quickly and easily for all kinds of users. You can adjust to any screen you can find. Many shortcodes are provided to help with the startup process. You can customize the shortcode above to add elements like accordion and buttons. Ascendant also offers layout designs including multiple sidebars, headers and footers, and more. Publishing pages and color palettes are malleable and unlimited. Ascendant comes with Google Fonts and WooCommerce integration. The Pro version or subscription version allows for ongoing updates and bug fixes. Enjoy the diversity of this modern theme in all versions. Ascension!

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Rain Flow


Wind power is a broad result for business and commercial projects Design and development process for a team of professional developers who want to build an online home for their own efforts by providing a flexible framework: Introduce products and teams and market their products and services. This theme is based on the latest web development tools, from gorgeous portfolio features that support HTML-proficient HTML5 code to multimedia, to dynamic and sleek CSS3 style sheets and modularity that support sophisticated animations and transitions. Bootstrap design to create Affluen t websites are responsive by default and are interoperable with devices and browsers across the board. Affluent not only includes a handy portfolio of features to showcase your professional achievements or the best completed works, but also provides a powerful tool or product or service catalog to introduce to potential customers or clients. Affluent's WooCommerce-based commercial feature makes it easy to distribute online store templates and market products and services worldwide. Try Affluent now!

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Brilliance is intuitive, user-friendly, easy to navigate and responsive With this fast WordPress professional multipurpose website theme, a team of talented developers has created this theme to meet the needs of webmasters who are looking for a platform to create their own feature websites. Brilliance makes web design and organization as easy as choosing your preferred page template and thoroughly customizing every bit of every website, from headers and footers to sidebars and layouts. You have full control over the look and feel of every individual page.

Brilliance is perfect for online business. Brilliance, with its WooCommerce eCommerce plug-in suite, built as a digital marketing agency, creative professional agency, and similarly relevant company that can benefit from a sleek interface specifically aimed at a web-based, conversion-based business model, brings a great product portfolio and full functionality. It's a natural salesman who can handle customer's needs through equipped shopping cart and payment system. Overall, Brilliance is everything you need in the online big leagues. Check out Brilliance now!

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Portum Material

Portum Material is a clean, modern, free WordPress business theme that lets you jump quickly to step 11. Just download the site canvas and take advantage of all the perks and features. Shake the eye-catching full-width layout that fluently adapts to all devices, from mobile to desktop. In addition, Portum Material practices all the latest web and technology trends to ensure your pages always run smoothly.

Portum Material also comes with full width sliders, animation statistics, Google Maps, and many preset call-to-actions. Action button. You don't have to be an expert to look like an expert in online space these days. Go ahead and download Portum Material now to run your business website.

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Portum Clean

Portum Clean, as its name suggests, is a clean and free WordPress business theme that will inspire everyone's curiosity. There will be no difficulty in winning the audience. All they have to do is land on the website and Portum Clean will take care of everything else. Providing ready-to-use themes with expertise and expertise, you are ready to expand your business through the roof.

Some of Portum Clean's many features include full-screen banners with a call-to-action-action buttons, hover effects, animated statistics and tech bars, top buttons, and testimonials. You will also receive a full-featured contact form that will make it easier to develop the necessary business website. Portum Clean is responsive, flexible, easy to use and fully customizable and can be changed to suit your branding needs.

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  travelify-corporate travel theme

Travelify is a free theme with premium features and excellent support. This sleek, responsive, responsive WordPress travel and business theme definitely competes with premium WordPress themes in terms of usability and style. This awesome theme is full of pixel perfect design and looks really beautiful on most devices. In addition, developers have built this theme with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code to keep up with changing web design trends. This theme includes amazing sliders, custom page and blog templates, and many other features. The best thing about Travelify is that it offers amazing new themes features for free. This refreshing theme is perfect for travel-related business blogs and websites. Finally, we strongly support WooCommerce, Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7 and other popular WordPress plugins.

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  Dazzling-Bootstrap Business Theme

Dazzling is a clean and modern free business website built on Bootstrap 3 Theme. On-screen slider to help leave lasting impressions to your site visitors. The fluid layout design of the dazzling layout looks prominent on desktop and other mobile devices. This flat theme includes excellent features to compete with perfect themes and premium themes. It also includes other uploaded features such as logo upload support, Retina-ready, a useful call-to-action section, various color and font options, popular post widgets, and infinite scrolling. If you like flat websites with mint green accent colors, this theme is for you.

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  Riddle-Flat WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme, look no further than Riddle. Adaptability and flexibility can accommodate any website, regardless of niche, but mostly for business pages. The layout is flawless and the code is very streamlined. You can use Enigma to improve your portfolio and increase your employment potential.

Layout is constructed using the Bootstrap CSS framework. This will make your site fully responsive and your content will look great on your tablet, desktop computer or laptop. This adaptability also applies to web browsers and high-resolution Retina displays.

Enigma integrates five widgets (four footers and one sidebar). It also has two templates and four layouts for the page. Sidebar widgets make it easy to apply a two-column design. Follow the innovative Flickr widget to share your Flickr photos with your followers. Footer and header site areas can incorporate various social media icons for additional online exposure.

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  flaton-creative business theme

FlatOn is an amazing WordPress theme that can even be improved on even the most mediocre websites. Its sleek, minimalist appearance gives it a competitive edge in today's market. Trying to access a website from your phone or tablet can cause scale issues. FlatOn completely eliminates these issues, allowing customers to display content on any platform. Updates and management can be run on the go, so even page managers can benefit from full responsiveness. FlatOn's aesthetic appeal is rather limited because there are two basic color schemes available for the free version. Grid has integrated its own skeletal framework while keeping minimal CSS. SASS is used to create style sheets.

This is a very adaptable WordPress theme that can fit into any content niche. But the primary purpose is to improve business pages. It's statistically true that people have lowered their interest while browsing the web. That means you have less time to get attention and keep it before you move. The superior quality of this product guarantees higher visitor retention. To sample the content, visit the FlatOn demo.

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  businessbiz free wordpress theme

Businessbiz is a free WordPress business theme with clean and modern multipurpose layout. Themes can be used for a variety of intents, such as consulting, corporate, small business, agency, financial and other business and professional websites. If you like the layout, you should not limit yourself in any way. Features and functions of Businessbiz are ready to realize your ideas and expand your business with new success.

Some features include sliders, information and service sections, testimonials, galleries, and news. Use Businessbiz immediately or implement your signature style. One thing is certain: the end product displays everything in the best possible way. Of course, Businessbiz-based websites all work like a charm, regardless of the device or platform they use.

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Business Owner

  Business Owner Free WordPress Theme

Business Owner is a fantastic free WordPress business theme for various projects and purposes. The basic shape of the business owner is professional and sophisticated, can meet the needs of users and is easy to obtain. It's easy to keep the theme that's right for your own things without having to change your theme significantly. If you still want to modify and want the business owner to follow the branding rules, make adjustments if necessary.

Business owners are 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly, and optimized for both speed and search engines. The theme also has a portfolio, a neat top section button, sticker navigation, a multi-level dropdown menu, and a top bar. There is an option to turn a business owner into a business hub where new deals take place.

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Tijarat Business

  Tijarat Business Free WordPress Theme

Tijarat Business is an excellent free word that can accommodate a variety of goals Press business theme. Best suited for small businesses and agencies, but free to take advantage of the T-Zarat business. Tijarat Business's minimal, bright and compelling shiny web design creates a great web space to help you shine online with all your lights.

Change color and make Tijarat Business follow your brand for the fastest business page start. It rarely requires any changes and can make a strong and memorable first impression for all visitors.

Tijarat Business also includes a contact page with forms and a Google map, a footer with lots of widgets, a newsletter subscription box, a slider, and various pricing plans. It's time to make a big difference to your business and completely clean up some cool online sites.

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New York Business

  New York Free WordPress Business Theme

Select Free to Start Online With Your Business and a Solid Web Presence First Take out the tool. With New York Business, you can now quickly realize your website and take it to a whole new level. Of course, you don't have to be a professional coder or designer to work in New York Business. With New York Business and all the perks that come along, anyone can witness success.

The New York Business implements a responsive design that works perfectly on all devices. In addition to that, New York Business is adapting to all popular web browsers and retina screens. It's translatable, comes with a news section, and you just need to change the branding direction a bit.

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Business Times

  Business Times Free WordPress Business Theme

Business Times-hence Name-Free Words for Various Goals Press business theme. Intentions. Multipurpose concepts make it easy to change tools to business, entrepreneurs, startups, agencies, and freelancers. The clean, modern Business Times look instantly delivers your project. But if you want improvement and tweaking, of course you can.

Other Business Times include search engine optimization, social media integration, custom widgets, mobile readiness, and ratings. Let Business Times do the trick for quick and professional website modifications and get online sooner. You do not always need to open your wallet to create a website that spreads the word. Business Times is for everyone who wants to test water.

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비즈니스 셔플

 비즈니스 셔플 무료 비즈니스 테마

유효한 웹 사이트를 통해 온라인 공간에서 약간의 노이즈를 발생시키는 데 도움이되는 엄청난 솔루션을 찾고 있습니다 . Business Shuffle은 처음부터 시작하는 대신 디자인과 기타 모든 종류의 기능을 처리합니다. 무료 비즈니스 테마에는 일류 웹 사이트를 부드럽고 빠르게 구현할 수있는 혜택이 가득합니다. 아마도 미리 정의 된 재료를 그대로 사용하고 싶을 것입니다. 비즈니스 셔플은 매우 깔끔하고 현대적이며 정교하며 기본 모양으로 다양한 목표를 달성합니다.

또한 비즈니스 셔플에는 다양한 요소가 포함되어 있습니다. 슬라이더, 카운터, 진행률 표시 줄, 애니메이션, 블로그 섹션 및 완전한 연락처 페이지는 Business Shuffle의 전문 기술 중 일부입니다. 또한 테마는 가볍고 반응이 빠르므로 모든 장치 및 플랫폼에서 성능을 크게 향상시킵니다.

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 비지니스 무료 워드 프레스 테마

단일 페이지 웹 사이트의 인기로 인해 자신도 하나를 만들고 싶을 수도 있습니다. 무료 WordPress 비즈니스 테마 인 Businessly를 사용하면 가까운 시일 내에 회사를위한 놀라운 페이지를 만들 수 있습니다. 웹 디자인과 최신 페이지의 모든 기술적 측면이 사용자를 위해 정렬되었으므로 프로세스를 스타일로 완성하는 데 필요한 작업이 거의 없습니다. 한 가지 확실한 점은이 목록에서 찾을 수있는 Businessly 및 기타 테마를 사용하면 처음부터 전문가처럼 보일 수 있습니다. 그리고 그것은 완전한 초보자이기도합니다.

또한, 비즈니스는 반응성, 망막 준비 및 크로스 브라우저 호환성과 같은 모든 현대적인 장점을 흔들어 놓습니다. 또한 SEO 친화적이며 가볍고 빠른 로딩입니다. 레이아웃을 조정하고 창의력으로 개선하고 비즈니스 적으로 자신을 만드십시오.

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 bizstartup 무료 wordpress 테마

이름에서 알 수 있듯이 Bizstartup은 스타트 업을위한 무료 WordPress 테마이지만 소규모 기업, 대행사 및 프리랜서도 사용할 수 있습니다. 너무. Bizstartup에는 웹 사이트를 빠르게 시작할 수있는 편리한 기능들이 포함되어 있습니다. 전체 화면 슬라이드 쇼를 사용하면 쉽게 관심을 끌고 전문 서비스를 통해 여행을 떠날 수 있습니다. 페이지가 귀하의 비즈니스를 올바르게 마케팅하고 바로 귀하와 함께 일하기를 원할 것입니다.

Bizstartup의 추가 편의 시설로는 회원 평가, 팀 섹션, 최근 게시물, 고객 로고, 포트폴리오 및 끈끈한 헤더 등이 있습니다. Bizstartup은 타사 플러그인과 함께 완벽하게 작동하며 100 % 번역 가능하며 RTL이 준비되어 있습니다. Bizstartup에 액세스하면 다른 도구를 찾을 필요가 없습니다. 또한 추가 기능이 도움이 될 것 같으면 언제든지 전문가로 업그레이드 할 수 있습니다.

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 customizr-다목적 비즈니스 테마

Customizr는 단순하지만 완전한 기능을 갖춘 기능 및 사용자 정의 옵션을 갖춘 무료이지만 세련된 WordPress 테마입니다. 비즈니스 또는 회사 웹 사이트. 이 테마에는 몇 가지 레이아웃 옵션, 17 개의 스킨, 사용자 정의 로고 및 파비콘 업로드, 반응 형 슬라이더 생성기, 9 개의 포스트 형식 및 사용자 정의 CSS가 있습니다. 이 테마의 제작자는 누구나 쉽게 사용하고 관리 할 수 ​​있도록 제작했습니다. Customizr uses the awesome WordPress customizer feature for most options, allowing you to design your website in live preview. It was also designed with valid HTML5 and CSS3 and built based on Bootstrap. Moreover, this flat and fully responsive theme is suitable for portfolios, blogs, small businesses, landing pages and corporate sites.

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customizable full screen slider theme

Customizable is a modern and flexible website that you can use to set up an online presence for your small business or company. Its layout efficiently adapts onto any screen size or device your visitors may be using. This was made such that they will have the best experience in viewing your site. The developers used a bootstrap framework to build this theme so you can use it for personal or corporate websites. Customizable is a free WordPress theme with premium functionality and design. Although, its Pro version has several other options like 6 color schemes, different page templates, more Google Fonts options etc.

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hathor - simple WordPress business theme

Hathor is an ideal WordPress theme for those that are searching for an easily customizable website. The designers kept this theme as simple as possible, showcasing its very polished design. By getting rid of needless complexity, Hathor shifts focus towards your quality content and information. Of course, this is a WordPress theme for everyone, not just for the seasoned web developer or programmer.

You can use it on both your private and business pages, carefully selecting the style, layout and colors. For those who take pride in their company or lineage, there is the option to upload and include your own logo. Additionally, Hathor has incorporated 2 Latest Post Layouts, a Boxed and Full Width option, 2 different Styles for your Headers, and 2 Service Block styles. Reaching foreign audiences can often be hard, although it is essential for business expansion, and brand accessibility. Thankfully, Hathor facilitates website availability in multiple languages.

Furthermore, Hathor is SEO friendly, ensuring that your site has the best chance of getting noticed. Navigating the various options of your website will be a highly intuitive task, and the sheer variety of personalization choices will add an unmistakable degree of charm. Overall, Hathor is viable for Creative and Business Pages, Portfolios, Magazines, and blogs.

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Vantage - free app showcase theme

Use Vantage theme to your advantage! By far, Vantage is the most innovative free theme that you can exploit for different purposes. This theme has a page builder integration that makes building a professional website a piece of cake. Vantage also features a MetaSlider, an incredible free slider plugin that lets you effortlessly manage and tidy up your sliders. Use this theme to your heart’s content and show your visitors what you’ve got. Last but not least, Vantage supports WooCommerce that can be serviceable to you in building an online store within your website.

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Pet Business

pet free wordpress business theme

If you are in any type of pet business, here is a dedicated free WordPress business theme for your needs and requirements. Needless to say, Pet Business is easy to use and does not require any prior experience in building websites and other web development tasks. Simply download the tool, install it and put it to use. Experience immediate results and shine online like a champ.

In short, Pet Business is a WordPress theme ideal for breeders, pet walkers, zoos, animal rescue centers, pet shops and nearly any other animal website of your choosing. You can use Pet Business as is or you can edit it with custom colors, backgrounds, pictures and other project-related details. Little do you know, you only need a small investment of time and effort to get online with Pet Business.

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Ample Business

ample free wordpress business theme

If you offer professional services like consulting, law, finance and investment, Ample Business is the free WordPress business theme that will take care of your online presence. Now is the right time to expand your reach with a cutting-edge website that will help you take your company to an entirely new degree and succeed online. Pretty much whatever business service you offer, Ample Business is here to please your needs and get things going.

Use Ample Business to create your website with minimal effort, with loads of convenient features that will help you stand out from the rest. Play around with different widgets, customize the design and implement all the exclusive details and information that you pride yourself on. Scale your business with the right tools and enjoy the outcome.

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discovere WordPress theme

Discover is a cool and clean orange-white business theme perfect for creating a welcoming and user-friendly corporate website. This theme is fully responsive and is accessible on any modern devices. Furthermore, it boasts its simple yet impressive typography that adds sophistication to the overall look of the theme. Also, Discover comes with remarkable theme options panel, custom widgets, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. You can also take advantage of its custom menu, header image and background in creating a stunning website. Moreover, this theme supports WooCommerce plugin to help you build an online store without much effort.

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virtue multipurpose theme

Virtue is overloaded with amazing customization options for your website. The creators built this simple yet well-designed theme with clean HTML5 and CSS3. It also adapts a responsive framework from Bootstrap to help your website become fully responsive and mobile friendly. It provides support for WooCommerce that is essential in building an online store. Overall, Virtue’s flexible framework goes well with any kind of businesses, online store and portfolio.

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intuition WordPress theme

Intuition is a stylish and flexible WordPress theme specially made to provide a functional template for showcasing your products and services. This theme allows you to create an engaging website with extravagant visual effects. You can also post your company information, product description and spectacular slideshows. Intuition makes your website look awesome on any modern mobile devices because of its full responsiveness and Retina-ready graphics. Moreover, this theme makes it easy for you to achieve a personalized homepage for your business in just a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the theme is tailor-made to integrate with the most popular plugins out there: WPML for translation, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and even WooCommerce.

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responsive WordPress theme

Responsive is a very simple yet responsive WordPress theme for business/corporate websites. This theme offers a flexible foundation with a fluid grid system. It adapts your website to any device and screen size imaginable. It also includes 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. Furthermore, it comes with a dynamic but straightforward Theme Options for full CMS control. With this theme, you can easily upload your company logo and integrate your social media accounts. You can also gain access on the theme’s webmaster tools. Additionally, this theme supports WooCommerce plugin, is Multilingual Ready (WPML), has RTL-Language Support, and is search engine friendly.

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mantra Business WP theme

Mantra is a free WordPress multi-purpose theme with countless customization options for building a unique portfolio. You are able to adjust the basic concepts of its framework with its straightforward and efficient user interface. Said concepts include the layout, total and partial site widths, colors, fonts, etc. Mantra also comes with useful features such as a customizable showcase presentation page, and magazine and blog layouts. Lastly, it has 8 widget areas, an animated slider, modern graphics and an amazing admin section.

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