5 Best Free eCommerce Platforms (Create a Free eCommerce Website)


It is not too difficult to find an online store these days without a lot of useful options on the Internet. If you are looking for a free e-commerce platform then you are in the right place. In this post, we will share 5 best tools for creating a free ecommerce website.

Some of these tools allow you to create a store and sell them 100% free, while others allow you to set up a store for free.

We will review the following aspects.

  • Free plan features
  • Free plan limits
  • Other key features
  • Prices for paid plans, if applicable [19659005] Transaction fees

Want to shops connected to existing sites? If yes, Ecwid. Don't have a website? Do not worry. A free instant starter site is also available free of charge.

  Free E-Commerce Platform-Ecwid

Free Rate

Ecwid has a very useful free plan. By subscribing, you can set up a full-featured store selling up to 10 products in two categories. Benefits include:

  • Mobile responsive custom online store with product options
  • Mobile responsive shopping cart
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easily add to WordPress or other websites
  • Sale simultaneously on multiple sites [19659005] Facebook Pixel
  • Default support for SSL authentication, security, server configuration, and hosting
  • Supports more than 40 payment methods in multiple currencies
  • Real-time shipping rates for some carriers
  • Google Analytics built-in integration

Free plan

You have no access to digital goods, employee accounts, and promotional codes.

Other key features

  • Go to Ecwid mobile for sale
  • Store management app
  • Multiple sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram or other POS
  • Unlimited products including digital goods
  • Inventory management, automatic Tax calculation
  • Order creation, product filters, and variants

In other words, Ecwid's free plans can be a great option for small sellers with basic sales. Requirements.

Prices and Transaction Fees

In addition to the free plan, three paid plans are available.

  • Venture – $ 15 per month
  • Business – $ 35 per month
  • Unlimited – $ 99 per month

Transaction Fee:

Ecwid does not charge directly but selects payment processor You can charge

If you bought t-shirts, pictures, jewelry or other crazy stuff, you will feel at home Cartel.

Free Plan

The Free Gold Plan lets you:

  • Start a free store with up to five products
  • Choose and customize a theme
  • Add one image per product with product options and categories
  • Sell directly and sell to Facebook
  • Credit card Or choose to accept PayPal payments or both
  • SSL encryption
  • Basic order management via Big Cartel dashboard
  • Email support

Free plan limits

You can have custom domains in free plans There is not. You can't add multiple images per product or track inventory.

Other key features

  • Use inventory tracking
  • Discount discount codes
  • Google Analytics
  • Full code customization

The advantage of big cartels is that the platform loses weight due to too many features Unknown At the same time, the free plan allows you to set up, sell and pay for your store.

Prices and Transaction Fees:

There are 3 premium plans available to sell products in different quantities.

  • Platinum – You can sell up to 25 products for $ 9.99 per month.
  • Diamond – 100 products at $ 19.99 per month
  • Titanium – 300 products at $ 29.99 per month

Transaction Fee:

None Charged directly from BigCartel but selected There is a possibility that the payment processor will charge you a fee.

The Wax Pack in Website Builder lets you create websites with just drag and drop. You can also customize it largely without knowing anything about your code.

Note: Wix allows you to create free e-commerce websites, but you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Start selling to customers

Free planning

  • Introduction online with free and secure web hosting
  • Up to 500MB bandwidth and up to 500MB storage
  • Hundreds of fully customizable templates, mobile optimized websites [19659005] Access an extensive collection of icons, images, clipart and free apps
  • Free Wix Domain – ( username.wixsite.com/siteaddress )
  • Email marketing, SEO support and other marketing solutions

Free Plan Restriction

Your site address includes Wix favicon. You can also find Wix ads on any page. You can't create a custom domain or change the template.

Most importantly, you can't accept payments with free plans. You can make your store for free, but you'll have to pay when you're ready to start selling.

Other key features

  • Ad-free pages and custom favicons
  • Easy-to-use tool drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence support for building custom websites
  • Inclusive of all website types More than 500 design templates
  • Built-in tools for customizing your design and layout
  • Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage
  • Lossless coding for advanced features
  • Mobile friendly and SEO friendly
  • Google Weblog Includes analytics

Wix is ​​ideal for websites that want everything from free e-commerce platforms. You only need to manage regular website features.

Prices and Transaction Fees

Premium Plans start at $ 29 per month. Premium plans available to small business owners are Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP.

All of these plans let you connect to your domain and have no ads. The storage and bandwidth provided, the available support, and the app levels vary.

With this website plan you can view detailed analysis for setting up shops, accepting payments, and accessing more advanced Wix business

Transaction Fee:

Wix Payments Allows Wix Business and eCommerce subscribers to accept card payments without integrating third parties. Payment gateway.

Only available in some countries, in the US there is a 30 ¢ + 2.9% fee per transaction. In EU countries, it is as low as 1.9% + 0.30 EUR of the transaction amount. These are similar to the fees charged by other payment processors.

Learn how to create a website with Wix 👈

Gumroad is the right platform for selling digital, physical and creative merchandise. Creative things like photography, writing, podcasts and design.

You can create a free e-commerce website but prepaid unlike any other free e-commerce platform that will charge a fee for everything you sell.

Free plan

  • Create and customize stores
  • Sell as many products as you want
  • Send 4 updates per month
  • Automatic workflow settings

Free plan limits

Some major premiums In addition to missing features, you will be paying higher transaction fees with a free account.

Other key features

  • Get email lists and rely on powerful analysis
  • Real product variation, inventory tracking, shipping management and country restrictions
  • Digital product sellers have many versions. Generate multiple versions, license keys and give discount codes.
  • Request customers to pay for what they want with a simple & # 39; + & # 39; symbol
  • Prevent built-in abuse without PDF stamping or download
  • Prepare goods and schedule future payment receipts .
  • Supports recurring subscriptions and membership plans to provide access to the software's content library and license keys
  • Multiple payment options and easy payments
  • Customers can create accounts and keep all their content in one place.

Gumroad also uses custom URLs to promote product branding and market its products through previews on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Notes and updates from automated workflows help you maintain relationships with your customers.

Prices and Transaction Fees

Professional features are only $ 10 per month.

Transaction Fee:

The fee for each sale for a free account is 8.5% + $ 0.30 (USD) per sale.

Premium plans are cheaper with 3.5% + $ 0.30 (USD) per sale. First time buyers who sell through Gumroad navigation will be charged a 10% surcharge.

Shopify is a full-fledged e-commerce platform with hosting. Popular on a free e-commerce platform, it handles everything from marketing, payments, shipping and secure payments, and is easy to set up.

NOTE: Similar to Wixify, Shopify allows you to create a free e-commerce website, but you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to sell it to your customers.

  Free E-Commerce Platform-Shopify

Free Plan

There are no Free Plans yet, but you can apply for a free trial of Shopify for 14 days without submitting your credit card information. There is.


You can set up shop and explore features during the free trial period. But before you sell a product or service, you need to pay for one of your plans.

Key features

  • Online stores with customizable themes, Shopify POS app, part of the basic plan with multiple sales channels
  • Also unlimited product, product and inventory management, sales and growth trends from the basic plan Tracking
  • Shopify includes a dashboard with a complete e-commerce builder
  • Hosting, domain name, design, themes and marketing – all included [19659005] More than 100 mobile-enabled themes and hundreds to enhance store functionality Apps
  • Integrate with most social media forums
  • Also create static web content (static pages, blog posts, contact forms, etc.) [19659005] Shutdown support with minimal downtime.

Shopify is a pleasure for anyone who wants a direct approach to online store setup and maintenance. It's for everyone with a variety of plans to suit every need and business type.

Prices and Transaction Fees

There are 4 plans available with various features and monthly fees.

  • Lite – $ 9 per month [19659005] Basic – $ 29 per month
  • Shopify – $ 79 per month
  • Advanced – $ 299 per month

All features with all plans except Lite Create a Shopify store equipped. Light plans not only integrate the buy button on your existing site, but also sell it only on Facebook and physical locations.

Transaction Fee:

There are no transaction fees. Use Shopify Payments (available in some countries). If you choose an external payment gateway, you will be charged an additional charge of 2%, 1% or 0.5% for the basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify plans respectively.

Shopify 👈

Learn how to make a final idea about a free e-commerce platform

If you want something that can create a working repository for free, Ecwid or Big Cartel is the best. Gumroad is also an option to be willing to take transaction fees.

Shopify and Wix can also create free e-commerce websites, but when they're ready, they need to subscribe to a paid plan.

If you finally want to use the DIY route, you can make a cheap e-commerce store with WooCommerce. Learn how to create a WooCommerce store.

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