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This best intranet WordPress theme collection can be helpful if you need to create a secure space where employees, members, or other people in your community can come together.

With the increasing popularity of social networks like Facebook, many web users have had higher expectations than ever before when using intranets or online community hubs. Thankfully, this topic includes all the communication, networking, and interactive features that web-savvy users will feel familiar with. However, all of these themes can control how an intranet or community Web site behaves and enable or disable features based on the needs of the project.

Thanks to the basic features of these themes, an intranet is set up and users can log in, access secure content, connect with each other, and interact with optional features such as event calendars, project management tools, discussion boards, and file storage features.

Many of these topics include more than one pre-built demonstration, so you can create an intranet with WordPress that has the right look for your organization. In addition, a set of customized settings and tools are provided to simplify the process of personalizing an intranet or community website.

With WordPress themes, you can easily create professional intranet websites or get them at an affordable price. Whichever you choose, you can start a secure intranet or community website with WordPress.

Woffice is a versatile intranet and extranet WordPress theme that contains all the necessary features.

With two key demos and a quick installation process, Woffice helps you install your intranet without much effort. The Woffice dashboard area allows users to find all the information they need, while an optional, customizable login page keeps personal content secure.

Among the many features of the Woffice theme are online project management, adding events to the calendar system, and posting content to internal wikis. Woffice has all the community features you'd expect from one of the best intranet WordPress themes, so you can create multiple user accounts, create spaces for users to communicate with, and manage your own accounts. Community features of Woffice work with two extensible tools, bbPress and BuddyPress plug-ins, that enable you to turn WordPress into a social network style portal.

Woffice is decorated with WordPress theme, but many features are offered as an optional extension. This allows you to disable features you do not want to use so that your intranet runs smoothly without unnecessary overhead or confusion. Woffice is the strength of the intranet builder. It's a good idea to try out the online demo to see how this demo works and exactly what it offers. You can also access a full set of user documents to help you build an intranet with WordPress.

Woffice was first launched two years ago and has been constantly updated and improved

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The Alliance helps you start your personal intranet with WordPress with just a few clicks.

Thanks to a one-click import feature, we needed to add functionality, tools, and content templates to our WordPress website to turn it into an intranet site. Once the task is complete, you can begin setting user permissions to define which parts of the intranet can be accessed. You can import user accounts in bulk or allow users to sign up and create accounts for easy access to your intranet.

Dashboard feature allows users to develop on the latest news intranet. After signing in, users can view and upload personalized alerts, such as new messages or other user activity, to their files and upload them to the latest in the event calendar.

Another useful component of the Alliance is online courses and learning materials. If you choose to use this feature, you can create courses, assign user teacher and instructor roles, and provide training materials to your employees. You can use the Quiz tool to evaluate students.

The Alliance gives you complete control over how your dashboard looks and behaves. There are actually three different dashboard designs to choose from. However, each layout can be customized using the drag and drop Visual Composer page builder. You can quickly select three predefined color schemes, or even create your own palettes.

The Online Alliance demo gives you an overview of how this theme works, so you can decide whether it is the right tool. WordPress helps you start an intranet or community hub.

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Micro Office has three Web site layouts that include the correct design and functionality in a WordPress-based intranet. With the

project, you can get all the components you need on your WordPress website with just a few clicks. Like the best subject in this collection, intranets can be accessed via special-purpose dashboards. The design of this central hub is mobile responsive, just like the rest of the themes. This allows users to access their account and intranet content on a variety of devices.

When a user logs in, you can quickly see the latest activity in the feed section of your dashboard. This can include sent messages, an overview of the contact, and links to new content that has been added to your intranet since the last visit.

Microsoft Office tools and features allow you to create other spaces on your intranet so that communities and organizations can share information and resources. File storage allows you to upload documents for others to view, edit, or download. Community elements help set up discussion forums so that users can share their thoughts and questions. You can also add online courses and training materials to your intranet with the Micro Office WordPress theme.

Micro Office has a very modern design that helps appeal to organizations that need a revolutionary intranet or secure online community space.

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BuddyApp is the first mobile community for creating intranet and interactive websites WordPress theme.

This theme is mobile, so intranet or extranet is very portable. This theme is a great choice if users need access to portals and content on the go. Even so, with the increasing number of users accessing the Internet with smartphones, intranets can meet their needs.

Features that make an intranet a useful and valuable tool Real-time notification that users have new features to check out, real-time search capabilities to easily find content, real-time chat tools for instant messaging in the portal, Contains discussion forums for responses. message. Enabling Facebook registration and login is an optional feature of BuddyApp.

BuddyApp is built on the powerful BuddyPress plugin, so you can interact with your site more with a variety of social networking style features. This includes detailed user profiles, user timelines and activity feeds, photo galleries, and personal messaging. As part of the core functionality of BuddyApp, you and your users can upload and manage files in an advanced way, post useful content in the Knowledge Base zone, and access Event Manager. The design of BuddyApp is fully customizable with theme options and the Visual Composer Page builder plug-in.

BuddyApp is a well-supported, regularly updated intranet theme ideal for building responsive online hubs.

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