5 Best Privacy Policy Generator Tools for Your Website in 2020

One of the many things that often happens after the establishment of a business website is the privacy policy page. However, it is difficult to create your own privacy policy where the privacy generator is used. With just a few clicks, you can set up a policy page using the Privacy Policy Tool.

This post discusses the best privacy policy makers who can help you choose a tool for your e-commerce / business website. Most of these generators work with both apps and sites, but with some limitations. Let's say everything!

The Five Best Privacy Policy Generator Tools

1. TermsFeed

First of all, our list has a comprehensive premium tool for creating reliable legal agreements. TermsFeed is perfect for web / mobile based apps, websites, e-commerce, SaaS, Facebook pages, digital products, etc.

You can also use this tool to create Terms of Use, EULA, Return / Refund Policy, Cookie Policy.

You can create a privacy policy page that lists individuals for free, but adding GDPR or CalOPPA compliance incurs additional costs.


  • Easy to use
  • All legal agreements
  • No recurring costs
  • Create policy in four steps
  • Free contract template
  • Live chat support
  • Compliance with worldwide law [19659012] GDPR and CalOPPA Compliant

Ease of Use [19659020] TermsFeed provides a novice friendly interface. You have to go through a four-step process. Enter general and business information such as site name, business type, and country. Reveal the kind of data to collect (e.g. GPS, analytics tracking and other information to receive). Pressing the download button makes it easy to navigate.


When pricing, TermsFeed provides a one-time payment for premium plans.

This tool is free to use, but as a business, you need to spend $ 14 for a (non-personal) policy page. GPS disclosure costs can be added for an additional $ 9, GDPR $ 24, CalOPPA $ 14 and so on.

2. GetTerms

  GetTerms Privacy Policy Generator

GetTerms is a choice with a clearly defined plan and quick policy page procedures. Enter your business name, site URL, policy date, location, then you will need a valid privacy policy.

If you have a business site, we recommend that you use the premium. The free version only provides a basic privacy policy page. Complies with GDPR regulations but cannot use CalOPPA. Overall, GetTerms is a simple privacy policy creator for blogs, websites, mobile apps or e-commerce stores.


  • Log Data References
  • Add Cookies
  • Preferences for Data Controllers
  • Personal Information [19659012] Third-Party Access
  • Terms Generator
  • GDPR Compatible

Ease of Use [19659021] GetTerms is simple and very easy to use. You can literally get a default privacy page in 2 minutes.


GetTerms lets you choose from three clear plans. GDPR lets you create a free privacy policy for free, but more sophisticated features require a paid plan.

  • Basic – Free (Simple Terms of Service (TOS) + Privacy Policy)
  • Customized – $ 15 (TOS + Privacy) Policy]
  • Comprehensive – $ 29 (TOS + Comprehensive Privacy Policy Contents)

3. PrivacyPolicies.com

  PrivacyPolicies Privacy Policy Generator

PrivacyPolicies.com is a tool that helps you create any kind of policy for your website or app. Create privacy policies, cookies, disclaimers, returns / refunds, terms of use and EULAs. This article helps to keep your business and user data secure.

Webmasters should worry about various privacy laws. And PrivacyPolicies.com's global coverage feature is very useful.


  • Custom Privacy Policy Generator
  • Fully Compliant with GDPR and CalOPPA
  • Free Policy Template
  • All Contract Tools
  • Website / mobile app / eCommerce / SaaS
  • Cookies Consent
  • 5 or more translation languages ​​
  • DOCX and PDF formats available
  • Payment Processor and Advertising Terms
  • Data Controller

Ease of Use

Privacy Policy .com has almost the same terms as TermsFeed I have a builder interface. You have to go through a four step process to select status, URL, public and everything else.


The free version is limited by privacy policy. It costs $ 14 to create a page with a business identity. You will have to pay an additional $ 9 for all the information you collect.

4. Shopify Privacy Policy Generator

  Shopify's Privacy Policy Generator

Shopify's Free Privacy Generator Tool is specifically for the Privacy Policy page for e-commerce stores Designed to create You can use this generator to create a basic privacy page that discloses the information you want to collect. Similarly, it will help you get started with refund policies, terms of service and other tools.


  • Quick Privacy Policy Creator
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Dedicated E-Commerce Policy
  • Get Privacy Policy Emailed
  • No Extra Cost
  • Upgraded to GDPR

Ease of Use

The common among all Shopify products is usability and navigation. Just enter your name, email, company address and URL and your default privacy policy will be delivered to your inbox.


Shopify's Privacy Policy Generator is free.

5. WebsitePolicies


WebsitePolicies is one of the only privacy policy generators that does not use generic templates. This tool will help you build policies for both your site and your mobile app.

You can host policy pages on your website or publish them on your own site. In the former, you can be sure of automatic updates and compliance with the latest requirements and regulations. You can also use tools like refund policy, terms of use and disclaimer to make your business more secure.


  • Spelling agreements
  • Compliance with international law
  • Free privacy policy page hosting
  • Response design
  • Lifetime auto-update
  • Useful terms
  • Cookie consent banner
  • HTML And Text Formats
  • Getting Started Resources
  • One-Time Payments

Ease of Use

During this privacy policy, the Policy Generator has some useful features and there is no quick procedure for creating policy pages. This interface is familiar to beginners, but it takes a lot of time to create a basic policy page for your blog.


This privacy policy generator offers two unique plans with additional features like commercial usage, automatic updates and no Branding WebsitePolicies. A plan without recurring costs looks like this:

  • basic – free
  • premium – $ 19.95

What's the best privacy policy page?

The Privacy Policy page is an opportunity to show transparency about how we process your data. Let's summarize all the privacy policy generators.

If you have content on the Privacy Policy page, you can add the policy text to your site for your visitors to read, following the WordPress Privacy Tutorial.

Have questions about selecting a privacy policy generator for your WordPress site? Asking for feedback!

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