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5 Best WordPress CRM Plugins 2019 – Theme Submit

Looking for ways to manage your prospects and customer relationships on the WordPress website?

Customer relationship management tools or CRM can simply be a ticket. While there are a lot of SaaS CRM tools that Salesforce might be the most notable example, you can also bring the power of CRM to your WordPress site with a dedicated WordPress CRM plugin.

You can learn new interfaces and add completely new tools to your workflow to manage relationships with your customers.

In this post, I collected five best WordPress CRM plugins, all of which provide a free version. Try it (in some cases the premium version with more features). Here's what to share for each CRM plugin:

  • Key Features
  • Integration
  • Price Details

We're starting to wait for your relationship!

  WP-ERP-CRM Plugin WordPress

WordPress (WP) Short Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), WP ERP helps manage all aspects of internal and external relationships Aim.

Access detailed CRM to manage leads and interact with customers from external wires. Internally, HR and accounting tools are provided. For example, you can manage the vacation time of employees.

This post is about the WordPress CRM plugin, so I'll focus almost entirely on the CRM aspect of WP ERP. But remember that there is more to it than that.

Key Features

It also focuses on CRM features, not on employee management or accounting tools.

  • Useful dashboard overview.
  • Unlimited contact management
  • Advanced contact search.
  • Email your contacts directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • The activity log makes it easy to record calls, meetings, emails, and texts.
  • A separate area for managing business-to-business (B2B) relationships. You can add multiple representatives for a single company.
  • Synchronize with multiple tools for importing contacts
  • Add custom fields to collect additional information
  • Set up an automated workflow to send emails and create contacts. [19659025] Integration

    WP ERP does not have the largest list of integrations in the world, but offers integration with many e-commerce, help desks, and other tools.

    • Wu Commerce
    • Zendesk
    • Help Scout
    • Great Support
    • Mailchimp
    • Gravity Form
    • Salesforce
    • Hub Spot


    Core WP ERP Plugin Free And is available at WordPress.org.

    The plug-in feature with premium extensions will allow you to scale your core. You can purchase individual extensions or bundles. The price of individual extensions can range from $ 39 to $ 149.

    Going to the bundle path, WP ERP provides a dedicated CRM bundle with access to some or all CRM-related premium extensions, depending on the tier. Choices:

    • Starter – $ 149 per year – 4 extensions.
    • Mandatory – $ 399 per year – 9 extensions
    • Business – $ 599 Every year – Access all current and future extensions.

    More Info / Download

      HubSpot All-in-One Marketing WordPress Plugin

    HubSpot is a popular inbound. Sales and CRM tool. It's a $ 6 billion company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange, so it's huge bigger than the average WordPress plugin developer.

    HubSpot has received a lot of attention recently. The WordPress space is an advantage if you are looking for a WordPress CRM plugin.

    One of the most attractive things about HubSpot is that its CRM functionality is 100% free. It is delivered as a WordPress plugin and is 100% free. Learn more about why a $ 6 billion company offers free tools later.

    Key Features

    When talking about the HubSpot WordPress plugin, the puzzle has two parts.

    First there is CRM itself. CRM is not hosted on a site server, but you can access your contacts from within the WordPress dashboard, so you don't have to go to HubSpot every time you do something.

    As mentioned above, HubSpot is a $ 6 billion company, so CRM offers powerful features to help you manage your customers. You can find out all the details here.

    This article is a post about the WordPress CRM plugin, so let's go ahead. Beyond the ability to view contact details in HubSpot CRM, the focus is primarily on getting from the WordPress plugin.

    First and foremost, HubSpot's plugins are automatically synced with existing forms in use on your site. This is true even if it is made with another plugin. HubSpot will automatically add all the emails collected through these forms to CRM.

    HubSpot's WordPress plugin can also help you create:

    • Forms – Form plug-in, HubSpot provides a drag and drop form builder if you do not want to use it separately.
    • Popup – Pops up the form.
    • Live Chat – Live chat widget for chatting with visitors via a.
    • Email Marketing – Design and send email with a drag and drop editor. You can also access simple email automation. For example, if someone fills out one of the forms, you can send an automatic email.

    Of course, all these features are automatically synchronized with CRM. For example, if someone contacts you via the new live chat widget, HubSpot will automatically add it to CRM.


    In addition to the neat ability to automatically collect leads from existing WordPress forms, HubSpot has over 200 integrations.

    HubSpot plays a big role in the SaaS CRM industry, so I don't think you can find a WordPress-related CRM plugin available anywhere you can integrate with HubSpot.

    HubSpot supports Zapier integration in addition to a variety of specific integrations for email marketing, payment, and other services, so you can connect to any app on Zapier.

    So if integration is important, as we learned above


    HubSpot's WordPress plugin and CRM are 100% free.

    How about free? Well, HubSpot basically wants to enter the ecosystem, so you can eventually buy one of the paid services for marketing, sales or customer service. This handy graphic explains the basic points. Core CRM is free and HubSpot expects to one day want one of the paid services hub.

     HubSpot Pricing Plan

    What if you don't want extras? Well, you can enjoy free enterprise grade WordPress CRM.

    More Info / Download

      WP-CRM WordPress CRM Plugin

    WP-CRM is a popular free WordPress CRM plugin for WordPress.org. Yes, everything without a paid version or add-ons is free.

    There is no most beautiful interface and you choose to list your contacts like any other WordPress post type (e.g. blog list).

    Gives the option to add useful user configurations, custom details, front end forms, and more if you don't need something fancy.

    Key Features

    • Manage unlimited contacts.
    • Add custom fields to collect additional information about your visitors.
    • You can now find specific contacts, including the option to filter based on custom fields created using advanced filters.
    • Send email from my contacts WordPress dashboard.
    • Create a front end form to collect leads, including the custom fields I created.
    • Create custom email notifications to send to users based on triggers you can specify. Chart view for
    • quantifiable data.
    • Send
    • Track user activity
    • Add internal notes


    WP-CRM integrates with the same developer's WP-Invoice plug-in, but no third. Party integration like any other CRM plugin in this list.

    If you need this integration, try to select another CRM plugin.


    The core WP-CRM plug-in is free. WordPress.org.

    Then there is one free group message add-in that allows you to send messages to multiple users at the same time. You can also use filters to select specific users to send a message to.

    This add-on requires you to sign up for an account with a developer to get a license key but not

    For More Information / Downloads

      Upi-CRM WordPress Plugin

    UpiCRM is another almost completely free WordPress CRM plugin. There is no most colorful and user friendly interface like WP-CRM, but if you are looking for a functional free WordPress CRM plugin, you can do it.

    It also offers some neat features. Managing leads across multiple sites can be a big attraction if your business uses a separate WordPress installation.

    Key Features

    • Gather leads from all form plug-ins, including Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, and more.
    • Aggregate leads from multiple servers using the built-in master / slave feature.
    • A new lead comes in, assign it to a specific user and send a notification email.
    • Dashboard displays key reports and KPIs . Use the
    • traffic source or UTM tag to track the source of the leads. .
    • Use states to organize leads (for example, "qualified", "in progress", "close", etc.)
    • Set up automated actions based on triggers. For example, when you are assigned to & # 39; X users, the lead status changes & # 39;


    Like WP-CRM, UpiCRM is not much in an integrated apartment.

    There is one Google Spreadsheets integration add-on. This allows you to import leads from Google Sheets into UpiCRM.

    Zapier allows you to import apps into Google Sheets using Zapier, and then use that integration to import that data from Google Sheets to create a rotary integration with other apps.


    UpiCRM is almost free.

    The free version of the core can be downloaded from WordPress.org. You only have to pay if you want the $ 29 Google Sheets integration add-on.

    More Info / Download

      Zero BS CRM WordPress Plugin

    Zero BS CRM Automattic is a company behind popular WordPress properties like WordPress.com, WooCommerce and Jetpack is.

    Automattic can rename its plugins to small tamers like Jetpack, but CRM can be a big advantage because it means that already successful CRM plugins now have $ 1 billion in company resources. There is.

    Zero BS CRM comes as a free core plugin with more than 30 premiums. Extensions to add more features.

    The exact future of Zero BS CRM is unclear because of the uncertainty of Auto Mattic's plans. Zero BS CRM will not go away. If so, automatic would not have got it. However, you may notice that the price structure has changed or the functionality of the plugin is bundled with Jetpack.

    Key Features

    • Unlimited Customer Care
    • Create detailed customer profiles and categorize them as needed. [19659006] Create a Quote / Proposal and Invoice. You can also view transactions per customer.
    • View sales funnel analysis
    • Provide your own dedicated client portal
    • Integrate with numerous WordPress and SaaS tools
    • Create your own forms (or integrate with some)
    • Email directly from Zero BS CRM .
    • Dedicated WooCommerce integration for use with eCommerce CRM.
    • Create custom automation sequences


    Zero BS CRM powered Many integrations with other WordPress plugins and third-party tools. This list is not a complete list, but you should provide an idea of ​​what you can integrate with Zero BS CRM.

    • Email Marketing Services – Mailchimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, etc.
    • Woo Commerce – This integration will be further strengthened because Automatic currently owns both Woo Commerce and Zero BS CRM.
    • Forms Plugin – Gravity Forms and Inquiry Forms 7
    • Lead Generation Tool – OptinMonster, Exit Bee, etc.
    • Billing System – Stripe, PayPal etc. (you can import customer data from payment tool)

    The core Zero BS CRM plugin is 100% free. The free version is already feature rich. If you don't pay a dime, you can do customer care, classify contacts, create quotes and invoices, provide a dedicated customer portal, and more.

    You only pay when you want to access all of your customers. Premium expansion. To access extensions, you can purchase individual extensions or bundle multiple extensions.

    Individual extensions range from $ 29- $ 129 each depending on the extension, with most extensions ranging from $ 59-79. The full access bundle starts at $ 205 per year to access all extensions.

    There is an affordable freelance bundle for $ 132 per year, with access to four extensions: Invoicing Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, and Woo Sync.

    For More Information / Downloads

    Which WordPress CRM Plugin is Best for You?

    What is your important question? How do you choose the best WordPress CRM plugin for your needs? Each tool has its advantages, but there are two recommendations for getting started.

    First, if you want the most flexible and scalable CRM, HubSpot All-In- one marketing plug-in. As mentioned earlier, HubSpot is a $ 1 billion company, so Solo WordPress developers can't compete with the depth of features that HubSpot provides.

    Of course, if you don't need all the features, it's so flexible that it actually feels so overwhelming.

    In this case, or if you want WordPress-related CRM, Zero BS CRM is your best bet. It handles external functions well in order to provide exactly what you need without a BS (!). Also, with the acquisition of Automattic, there is a possibility of brand changes or price changes, but Zero BS CRM will be very interested in development.

    Would you like to choose the WordPress CRM plugin that best suits your needs? Ask for feedback!

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