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 WordPress Description Form

Comments have been a key part of the WordPress platform since branching from b2 / cafelog in 2003.

In the backend of WordPress, the comments have been slightly modified to reduce spam and improve comment review, but the comments form has remained unchanged since the front-end WordPress started.

Readers who want to post comments on the WordPress website still see four fields: Comments, Name, Email, and Website (optional).

You can see an example.

 WordPress Description Form

The basic WordPress form is functional but lacks many advanced features. For example, commenters can't get email updates by default and can't log in using their favorite social media services.

This is why many WordPress websites replace or enhance WordPress annotation forms.

In this article, we share the top six comments in Theme Submit with you as a WordPress plugin.

wpDiscuz is a WordPress plugin based on the basic WordPress comment system with dozens of new features.

Almost everything. You can modify the form structure, tweak styles, cache Gravatar images, display real-time updates, and more.

Features such as subscriptions, social media logins, and social media sharing have greatly improved engagement with readers.

The number of options available in wpDiscuz is overwhelming, but with all settings for 5 minutes you can tweak your annotation settings the way you want. If you want, you can export or import all your settings to another WordPress website.


The Preferences page is divided into ten sections: General, Comment Form, Comment List, and Live Update. , Subscription, styling, cache, social login and sharing, integration and add-ons.

The level of control provided by wpwpcucu is impressive. For example, use the comment form. The plug-in allows you to adjust dozens of settings, such as whether the header is displayed and the minimum and maximum lengths of the username and description. You can also define a moderation button to display.

You can also control how comments are sorted and whether all notes appear at once or in place of pagination. The voting system can also be activated, allowing users to vote on comments using thumb up and down, smiley faces, etc.

 Comment form settings

wpwpcu Your comment form looks good. You'll see a social media login button at the top of the form. Below it, you can see the number of threads, thread responses, followers, recent commenters, and more.

Comment authors can sort comments any way they like, and have the option to comment by email. reply.

You can adjust the style of default comment forms and comment replies as expected. You can also enable and disable subscription features and define how users can log in through social media platforms.

 Examples of wpwpcucu

A large collection of premium add-ons are available for wpwpcu

Additional widgets and emoticons, subscription managers, media uploaders, front-end mediations, ad managers There is an addon for and more.

The cost of wpwpcu addons varies. Most can be purchased for $ 25 with a single site license, but some add-ons cost around $ 11. 10 website licenses are priced up to $ 75 or more per addon.

All 16 addons are available through the $ 99 wpDiscuz addon bundle. This bundle has an $ 99 unlimited website license, so if you don't need only one add-on for a website, we recommend that you purchase one.

 wpDiscuz Addon Bundle

WPDiscuz's customization options and versatility distinguish it from the crowd. This plugin integrates with user profile WordPress plugins such as BuddyPress and Users Ultra.

Anti-spam solutions like Akismet and WordPress Zero Spam are also supported by wpDiscuz and work with WordPress Multisite and Right-to-Left languages.

You can also change any text that appears on the website front end. For example, you can change "Load additional comments" to "Click here to load more comments in this article".

Simply put, wpDiscuz gives you full control over how the annotations are displayed and managed on your website, and the core version.

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Launched in 2007, Disqus is a hosted commenting service that provides more than 50 million comments per month.

Disqus significantly increases engagement by offering features such as live comments, social media logins, and image and video insertion support among the largest content websites on the Internet.

 Disqus Comment System

Even if Disqus completely replaces the default WordPress commenting system, comments can be automatically synced back to your WordPress website for backup so you can switch to a different set of comments [19659002] After signing up for your Disqus account, you can use the free WordPress plugin to connect to your website. Copying to the plug-in via the sync token URL retrieves the required API information.

 Disk site configuration

Disk WordPress has few options. The plugin is just a bridge between your website and your Disqus account.

The main website has a lot of tools to help you comment. This includes assigning reputation ratings based on previous opinions, reviewing the trolls' opinions in advance, and creating a ban and trust list. You can also rate users via email.

Analysis can see comment activity and top comments. This will help you understand how readers are involved with each other.

 Disqus Comment Moderation

Since 2017, people who wanted to use Disqus for free had to accept their own ads. Comment area.

You can get rid of these ads with a $ 9 monthly subscription. We support 3 websites up to 50,000 pages each day, not monthly.

With a pro plan of $ 89 per month, I increase this limit to 20 websites and 150,000 daily page views. The plan adds advanced moderation tools, advanced analysis, shadow suppression, timeouts, and custom responses.

 Example of Disqus

Whether you use the free or premium version? Also, the hosted commenting service is designed to enhance the reader's experience through social media logins, comment sharing, and email subscriptions. There is no doubt.

This service helps website owners manage their comments more effectively.

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Thrive Comments is a premium comment solution for WordPress Veteran Thrive Themes.

This plugin enhances engagement with readers by allowing them to like and defend comments. You can create a comment with a comment to reward the commenter and give you a badge of engagement.

Users can log in via their favorite social media services and share individual comment URLs via Facebook or Twitter. Speed ​​was also taken into account. To speed up page load time, you can use lazy loading, scroll down the page and load additional comments.

 Thrive Comments

To install Thrive Comments you must first download and activate them. Thrive Product Manager plugin. This plugin can be used to install all WordPress themes and all plugins released by the plugin Thrive Themes.

The Thrive Comments settings area is divided into eight sections: General Settings, Comment Conversion, Comment Login, Style Customization, Voting and Badges, and Notifications. , Comment reconciliation and advanced settings.

At the top of the page there are links to comment reports and adjustments, but my favorite part of the settings page is the preview area on the right. Each time you change a setting, you can see how that setting affects the comments area. You can also change the preview from desktop to mobile.

 Thrive Comments Settings Area

After exploring the settings area, you will see how good Thrive Comments are.

In the Comment Transformation section, you can define what happens after someone leaves the first comment and what happens after you post another comment. For example, you can first display a thank you message and redirect to the newsletter sign-up page when posting another comment.

Commenters can log in using their Facebook and Google accounts. In the Style section, you can select the highlight color used in the comment area and upload placeholder avatars for those who don't have a Gravatar account.

Turn all key features on or off. If you want, you can disable avatars, social media logins, voting and badges, GDPR consent, email notifications, and more.

 Convert Comments

Comments are modern and professionally designed, but what happens on the backend of your website is also important.

Thrive Themes has developed a variety of tools to help you manage large amounts of comments. Comments are categorized as pending, no reply, pending response, recommendation, spam, or trash. To deal with more in-depth questions and comments, you can assign comments to employees and they will appear in the "Pending Response" section.

Keyboard shortcuts have also been provided so you can rate comments more quickly.

The Reports page features five reports: comment graphs, voting participation, most active commenters, most popular posts, and most posted comments.

You can filter your reports to analyze comment activity and help readers interact with each other.

 Thrive Comments Reports

Thrive Comments costs $ 39 for a single website license, $ 47 for a five website license, and $ 97 for a 15 website license. . All licenses provide a full version of the plug-in. One difference is only the number of websites supported during the year.

Thrive Comments can be easily recommended. It offers many features to improve engagement with the reader, and the provided tuning tools simplify the annotation management process.

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To say the Jetpack WordPress plugin was a success would be underestimated.

Automattic's flagship WordPress plugin is installed on tens of millions of WordPress websites. It provides uptime monitoring, brute force protection, secure login, website backup, malware detection, page optimization, and management tools.

One of the overlooked features is Jetpack Comments. This module adds commenters' social media logins along with comments and email updates to websites.

 Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments ” width=”1200″ height=”511″ srcset=”https://themesubmit.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/_88_6-best-wordpress-comment-plugins-2020-athemes.png 1200w, https://cdn.athemes.com/wp-content/uploads/jetpack-home-page-768×327.png 768w, https://cdn.athemes.com/wp-content/uploads/jetpack-home-page-1180×502.png 1180w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px”/>

Comment form settings can be configured on the Jetpack Discussion tab.

In the Comments area, you can allow users to log in via WordPress.com, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. You can change the header tag for your form and change it from light to dark or transparent.

Another feature available here is the Gravatar popup business card, a markdown system that allows commenters to format their messages.

Readers can also choose to receive email updates for new comments and blog posts. I've been using Jetpack Comments on my blog for several years and I found this subscription feature to be very efficient at increasing blog subscribers.

 Jetpack Discussion Settings

A new style of comments section, Jetpack Comments, is more subtle and simply introduces new social media login and subscription options while other annotation enhancement solutions are changing the whole. Add to the comment form.

 Jetpack Form

Jetpack's minimal approach to annotations. If you would like to add a social media login to your comment form or encourage people to subscribe to your website via Jetpack subscriptions, check it out.

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GraphComment Comment System is a hosted comment solution that aims to increase conversations on your website.

Users can log in via Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Anonymous is not allowed, so even guest posters must sign up for a GraphComment account.

Community profiles, voting and badges, many beautiful color schemes, and a notification center that allows users to see updates about their comments. [19659002]   GraphComment

GraphComment The WordPress plugin requires you to register a free account on the main GraphComment website. You will then be prompted to add information about your website, such as name, URL, and so on.

All comments are stored on GraphComment's servers. However, in the plug-in settings area, you can resync comments to your own website every minute, ten minutes, thirty minutes, hours, or twelve hours.

You can choose to use GraphComment for all blog posts on your website. Use from a certain date. Once you have selected the options you want, you can start importing your comments into GraphComment.

 Synchronize comments

The GraphComment management interface displays the default website management area for GraphComment.com. The Settings page is divided into eight sections: Website Settings, Notifications and Email, Moderation, Word Filtering, Appearance, Language, Authentication, and Export.

There are dozens of settings in this area. For example, you can change the number of annotations displayed, the number of images allowed per message, the moderator user, the color scheme used, the blacklisted words, the available languages, and so on.

GraphComment is free to use, but some features are reserved for premium users and will be grayed out unless you upgrade.

 GraphComment website settings

CommentComment can be adjusted through the GraphComment management area. There are some advanced moderation tools available in Thrive Comments, but you can specify multiple moderators on the page.

Analytics is really good. For a defined date range, you can see the total number of comments, users, and threads. It also highlights the top commenters and threads of this period.

GraphComment comment area looks very professional. The best discussions can be displayed at the top of the comments area and you have the option to share, like and reply to each comment.

Profiles of the people who responded are displayed at the top of each comment, and all replies can be loaded in their own popup. GraphComment has a lot of things to help encourage conversation like this.

 GraphComment Example

GraphComment's default account allows 1,000,000 data loads per second.

GraphComment is free to use, but you need to upgrade to a premium plan to unlock all features.

The initial plan of $ 7 per month adds a live chat mode that allows people to chat in real time. You can also pin discussions at the top of the comment area, set keyword notifications, and limit the conversation to specific members. Customization is allowed according to this plan, and the data load increases to 1,500,000 per month.

High-traffic websites may consider a $ 74 monthly pro plan. It provides the same features as an inexpensive starter plan but increases the data load to 5,000,000 monthly.

Overall, GraphComment is a great solution. It offers a lot of great customization and engagement options, and the annotation form looks great and unlike the Disqus, the free version of GraphComment does not display any ads.

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The final recommendation is lazy loading for comments.

Plug-ins were developed to reduce the number of HTTP requests generated from comments with lazy loading of comments and Gravatar images.

This is compatible with most WordPress themes, including the popular premium WordPress themes like Genesis and Divi. Lazy Load for Comments was developed with the basic WordPress commenting system in mind, but should work with other WordPress comment plugins that add different options to comment forms.

 Lazy Load for Comments

When Lazy Load for Comments is enabled, a new Options area for Lazy Load Comments is displayed on the Discussion Settings page in the WordPress admin area.

The preselected option is "On Scroll". When the reader scrolls down the page, additional comments are loaded.

 In scrolling

If desired, readers can click to request to load additional comments.

You must uninstall the plugin to disable this feature.

 Deferred Load Option for Comments

Many WordPress Comment Plugs The ins introduced in this article attempted to reduce the page load increase in comments, but Lazy Load for Comments It is the only one designed specifically for the default WordPress annotation system.

To continue using the default, we recommend using Lazy Load for WordPress comment forms, comments.

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Final Thought

We hope you have taken a look at the best WordPress annotation plugin.

There are various opinion solutions in the market. It is a good idea to test them all to see which one suits you and your needs.

If you're happy with the default WordPress commenting system, we recommend using Lazy Load for Comments to reduce the loading time of your blog posts. If you want a complete solution that supports social media login and sign-up through Automattic's WordPress.com platform, Jetpack is a good choice.

Those who want to switch the WordPress comment system should consider wpDiscuz and Thrive Comments. Both solutions add dozens of customization, operations, and engagement capabilities. I think larger websites might be helpful in Thrive Comments's mediation tool, but the core version of wpDiscuz is available for free, so you can try it out first.

Disqus and the GraphComment Comment System completely replace the WordPress comment system. Your feedback is hosted on a server, but you can sync your comments with your WordPress database on a regular basis.

Many large content websites choose a hosted feedback solution like Disqus. It offers external services, but on small websites, the performance benefits of hosting a website can be minimized.

Disqus and GraphComment help you display comments in a professional way. Allow social media logins, provide advanced analytics, and enhance the commenter's experience. Both platforms have pros and cons, but if you don't want to pay a monthly fee because you don't see ads in your default account, you rely on GraphComment.

Good luck.



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