6 Best WordPress Newsletters to Stay on Top of the News

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The WordPress community is large and constantly developing. Developers are always tweaking and improving plugins and themes, pushing security updates, and always adding features and bug fixes. If a lot happens, you can sign up for one of the many WordPress newsletters and think about breaking news.

The simple solution is to sign up at your best. Many WordPress newsletters provide valuable up-to-date information about the community, but it's a good idea to subscribe to a few because each newsletter provides different information. You'll also want to focus on those who promote original content rather than simply harming the articles you see on your blog.

This post discusses some of the most informative WordPress newsletters, including parent websites. The materials they report, and how to register them.

The 6 Best WordPress Newsletters

The newsletters below are not in any particular order, so review each newsletter in turn to make sure it meets your needs!

1. MasterWP

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MasterWP newsletter is perfect for WordPress professionals. It contains a lot of quality articles every week for those who enjoy honest discussions on technical and social WordPress related issues. There are apps and tools that enhance the WordPress experience and provide links to additional content. Also, the goal is not to include ads or affiliate links, so it is to inform and stimulate your thoughts.

You can subscribe to the MasterWP newsletter on the website. You will receive there every Wednesday. You can also look at the most popular editions and get a feel for the content.

2. WP Wednesday

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WP Wednesday is a newsletter for WordPress business owners. More specifically, their target readers are freelancers and other related professionals. Some content has been curated by WPWP blogs and podcasts, but the newsletter contains exclusive content not found elsewhere.

This newsletter provides the latest information on themes, plugins, and other tools. In addition, there are often how-to guides and tips for business owners. There are also live shows and webinar links on various topics.

You can sign up for the WP Wednesday newsletter at the WP website. Then send your blog posts and other content every week straight to your inbox.

3. WPBeginner

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WPBeginner newsletter is aimed at (initial) beginners. Subscribers will find a wealth of exclusive content delivered to their inboxes every week. It includes tips, tools, and resources to help you learn everything about WordPress.

This newsletter also informs you of new blog content posted on the WPBeginner website. You will learn about getting started with blogs, site performance, security, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Some of the more general articles on how to fix WordPress errors are well known and are one of the many & # 39; reference & # 39; references that are handy.

The WPWPginner newsletter signup form is available on the website. It's a great way for editors to receive content tailored exclusively for beginner and intermediate WordPress topics.

4. Word Camp News

  Word Camp homepage.

This newsletter is centered around the Word Camp meeting. This is a great way to get information about popular events and find out if there are events in your area. We also offer a variety of WordPress-related content written by people directly involved in events around the world.

WordCamp events include hands-on workshops, discussions, and guides. Records of these. It also reports on events and other WordCamp incidents.

To subscribe to CampCamp News, visit their website. You will receive regular news, upcoming event notifications and informative articles from WordPress users.

5. CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter

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CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter is a comprehensive view of everything in WordPress. It is shipped weekly and is for freelancers, web designers, business owners, developers and anyone interested in WordPress.

Receive reviews and comparisons of the latest news and plugins and themes about the WordPress community. . Most of the content is dedicated to the newsletter and not on the blog itself. It also contains links to important WordPress resources. It's a great way to stay informed and develop your WordPress knowledge.

To subscribe to CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter, visit our website. Do not miss this newsletter for comprehensive news, tips and other articles!

6. WordCandy Weekly

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WordCandy Weekly is a newsletter focused on recent WordPress development related to core software and WordPress evolution efforts. Provides information about updates, new releases, and bug fixes. In the WordPress world, especially if you're a developer, it's a great way to keep track of everything you need to know.

This newsletter is a quick summary of the most important news and information, making it ideal for busy professionals. . It appears every Monday at 9:00 am EST and does not include advertising, affiliate links, or any other form of monetization.

Simply put, WordCandy Weekly is ideal for busy developers who need the most relevant news. , Don't try to divide you from hidden agenda or cash.

ThemeIsle also has a WordPress newsletter!

Finally, we hope not to mention ThemeIsle's own newsletter. It's the best way to miss new blog posts, full of resources, reviews, and tutorials.

Sign up to get a free guide. We are currently offering five. Tips on how to keep your WordPress website at top speed. Of course, we think the newsletter is essential, but we encourage you to find out for yourself.

You can subscribe to the ThemeIsle newsletter through the form at the end of this post.


Being a beginner or seasoned expert, the WordPress newsletter will keep you up to date with everything related to the world's most popular content management system (CMS).

Each newsletter delivers news, updates, and other content directly to you. It's never been easier to deliver news to people who have busy schedules in their inbox.

This article discussed 6 good quality WordPress newsletters and how to sign up.

  1. Master WP : For business professionals who require industry specific information.
  2. WP Wednesday : Solutions for business owners who want to discover great blog content
  3. WP beginners : Ideal for beginners and intermediates who want to learn about WordPress topics.
  4. WordCamp News : Great for joining WordCamp Conferences.
  5. CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter : Get a comprehensive look at all of WordPress designed for developers.
  6. WordCandy Weekly : Weekly distillation or monetization of key relevant news without advertising.

Do you have questions about this newsletter or would you suggest a newsletter we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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