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This page is a complete collection of the best and best WordPress themes, including front-end submissions for creating and creating full-featured shared websites, including 9GAG, Reddit, and others.

All the themes listed below submit -end to allow for feature front acceptance allowing users to share their stuff. As a result, you can share images, videos, links, stories, and other content. Themes are easy to use and navigate. But it also highlights other cool features like your favorite list, voting system, moderation queue, and more.

So it's no surprise that 9GAG became the first wasted number on the Internet. And funny image. As a result, there are a lot of similar sites that don't get popular, and most have failed due to complexity, performance issues, and lack of unique content. So these themes will help you solve the first two common problems in content sharing websites. You can also focus on unique and interesting content.

These topics can also be used for other content sharing websites, such as video sharing, food recipes, info graphics, GIFs, quotes, and all other content.


SocialChef is a beautiful and compelling premium WordPress theme. Tailored for sharing recipes online. This theme is skillfully designed to create an interactive content sharing site where readers can share and exchange recipes. Therefore, it efficiently responds and resizes to all web-enabled devices, including smartphones and tablets like the ipad. It also provides an optimal viewing experience whenever readers or followers visit your website. There is a front-end recipe submission feature that allows site users to submit recipes, so there is no need to add content to the site.

This modern frontend submission feature also allows users to add recipe preparation time, cooking time, skill level, serving, categories, ingredients, and nutritional information so that the recipe's format is easily followed. You can also add numbers to the cooking stages so that readers don't get lost when following recipes. Advanced search features are also provided to help you refine your search results. Simply enter your ingredients, dishes or keywords in the search field. SocialChef has functional features and comprehensive customization options. It's also available in 12 colors, including a built-in callout bar, style widgets, and gorgeous social integration. In conclusion, SocialChef allows you to set up a forum within your website where friends and others can gather online to share your favorite different recipes.

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Basil Recipes

  Basil-Recipe Sharing WordPress Theme

Basil Recipes is a recipe-based WordPress theme designed for easy content sharing. This food and recipe WordPress theme is responsive and ensures your website works best on any web-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets like the ipad. It was to give the audience a fantastic viewing experience. Purchasing this theme also gives you a free license to use with the Cooked plugin. In addition, the Cooked plugin integrated into this theme allows you to create your own recipe website with ratings, reviews, and awesome responsive cooking guides for visitors.

Also included is a drag and drop recipe builder. Which provides; Unique recipe slider, boxy page builder, front end submission, recipe favorites list, pending recipe manager, user profile (including submitted recipes, recent reviews and favorites list), custom login / registration form, nutrition information, click Possible cooking timer, WooCommerce integration with video support. Finally, this theme is coded in HTML5 for advanced multimedia integration and infinite customization.

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Ultrahumor – 4 in 1 WordPress Theme

  Ultrahumor 9gag clone theme

Ultrahumor is the best theme for creating your own 9Gag, Imgur, Damn ! LOL or vine clone. This theme has a front-end submission form and multiple social network integration features to make your website user-friendly. This theme consists of simple captcha to help you remove spam from your website. In addition, this theme is customizable and comes with OptionTree-based theme options, allowing you to customize many aspects of this theme. Filled with joy and internet memes, there are six ad preparation areas to make your next money-making machine. You can purchase this theme or have lifetime access to all Hot Clone Theme collections. Also, the second option is better for serious webmasters and developers who want to create other websites.

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  discy content sharing WordPress theme

Community where people can participate in business to share ideas, provide information and ask questions If you can create a question, Discy is a content sharing WordPress theme. It is a somewhat similar concept to the widely known Quora. But you can customize it precisely in the way that best suits your idea. You can also start a very niche community or create a common question and answer platform for the average user to leverage.

Discy also provides the ability to manage all questions from the front end. You can also mark In Process, Closed, or Answered and create a survey. Along with detailed statistics, user points and badges, up-voting, down-voting and hit counters are all part of Discy trading. Make the next big thing with Discy.

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  Miracles Content Sharing WordPress Theme

Miraculous is the best content sharing WordPress theme for import into online music store. date. You can quickly start the online cracking online development process using two off-the-shelf layouts. Start the transformation of the music industry today. Thanks to Miraculous's modern and fantastic web design, all visitors and potential users are instantly connected. From then on, everything is about pleasure and entertainment.

Miracles include a dynamic music player, special sections for new releases, multilingual tracks and additions to queues. The other qualities of Miraculous are 100% mobile and retina-supported layouts that adjust smoothly and instantly on all screens to enjoy content on the go. Miraculous allows you to upload and download tracks and create playlist and record management features.

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  viem content sharing wordpress theme

If you want to move things online on a video website, Viem is a fully crafted content sharing word Press Theme is for you. 8 gorgeous demos let you start working with style and fashion without having to start from scratch. Viem is ready and has all the features and benefits of shaking video pages. Viem fully supports all types of YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted, Google Drive, local and Amazon video, and live streaming. Whatever your project idea, Viem is here to make it happen.

Viem is also combined with the powerful, easy-to-use WPBakery Page Builder! Without any website development background, users of all levels can create custom video pages. Viem is a killer tool that will truly help you enter the industry.

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  firemaster wordpress theme

Firemaster is a great content sharing WordPress theme for all musicians, DJs and bands. There are currently 11 completely different demos and no more updates will be available in the future. Firemaster brings new things to keep your online space up to date and always attractive. You don't need prior experience with web development, but you can still shine online with Firemaster. The tool does not require any coding knowledge, adjusting and improving the basic layout as desired.

Some features of Firemaster include players, recordings, event listings, video and photo galleries, online stores, and slider revolutions. Share music with the world, promote your upcoming performances, sell merchandise, and more.

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  vodi wordpress theme

Vodi is a canvas that can be used to create content sharing websites that focus primarily on movies, TV shows, and videos. To provide. It's a clean, modern and easy-to-use WordPress theme with 5 homes and more internal pages. Vodi is fully compatible with Gutenberg and includes 47 additional blocks for immediate use. The Vodi package also has four headers and four footers. The predefined content is great, but you can always take additional steps and further modify Vodi.

It also includes handy filtering and sorting features, light and dark layouts, different movie, video and episode styles, documents, and support. Vodi collection of practical amenities. In addition, Vodi can use everything immediately, so you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the website.

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  netube wordpress theme

Want to start a blog or online magazine focused on video content? In this case, Netube is a content sharing WordPress theme to consider. In addition to the light and dark layout, several samples are waiting for all Netube users. With this in mind, we can see that we are ready to launch a complete and functional website with little investment of effort and time. How cool is that sound? Do not work hard, work smart.

Drag and drop technology eliminates the need to touch a single string. Install and import the demo you want with one click and start customizing immediately. With just a few adjustments, your content sharing web space is all aligned. That's right. Netube comes with an amazing demo that can easily accommodate other ideas without having to edit a lot of ideas already.

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  vidorev Content Sharing WordPress Theme

Projects require VidoRev to focus primarily on video sharing. A content-sharing WordPress theme with the ability to strip socks. Nine out-of-the-box demos allow you to move forward one at a time. VidoRev meets all your needs due to its high adaptability and versatility, from general websites to niche markets. Nothing can stop you with VidoRev. You can do your work freely and stand out from the public.

With regard to features and characteristics, listing them all requires more than just pages. In other words, we recommend experiencing a live preview of VidoRev. Only then will you know how much is possible with this amazing tool. Of course VidoRev supports all the latest video players, creates video playlists, serves video ads, and delivers sticky videos. Enjoy

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  Simple Theme with Cube-Front End Submissions

Cubes contain content with all kinds of multimedia. Powerful WordPress theme to publish. Post types without having to go to WordPress admin. This is a highly customizable WordPress theme with unlimited color variations, 5 homepage layouts, custom widgets, 10 shortcodes, and more. It will help you create a unique and functional content sharing website that everyone will love.

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Food & Cuisine

  Food & Cooking Recipe Sharing Theme

Food & Cooking is a multipurpose WordPress theme. Recipes and cooking tips made easy! Beautiful and clean, it's the perfect display for your food catalog. 6 home layouts and 3 recipe layouts included in your satisfaction! In addition to appearance, flexibility is also important. With Food & Cook, you can build your own store, choose a custom background, edit the layout system up to 404 pages, submit your dishes, and build a recipe database together. [19659003] This theme is also optimized to work with WooCommerce to sell their digital or real products. It also integrates support for Google Rich Snippets to show star ratings directly on search results pages. This theme is ideal for food recipes, but can be customized for use with any content sharing website that requires a front-end submission and content rating system. The Food & Cook theme has unlimited customization options for fonts, layouts, color variations, and list pages, allowing you to create unique and professional websites without touching the code unless you want to.

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