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Best WordPress Real Estate Themes 2019 Agencies Realtors Directories

WordPress is a great platform for building all types of real estate websites. The topics selected for this collection are designed for real estate brokers, real estate agents, real estate rental and leasing companies and other types of real estate directories. These include features specifically designed to list filters that can narrow the scope of sales or rentals, Google Maps integration, pricing, properties that meet customer requirements, forms, photos and gallery uploads, and videos.

Good WordPress real estate theme with cool looking, modern design, fast loading and code will help you to boost your SEO effort well. All of these themes are responsive because they look equally good on desktop screens as on tablets and mobile devices.

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Estate Engine is a real estate website Is the finest WordPress theme created by EngineThemes. It has many powerful features that you need to create types of websites such as property lists, interactive maps, search features, and the most important parts. You can customize your content blocks by dragging and dropping them where you want them, so you can create your own website in the front end.

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This is a contemporary Template Monster is a cool theme for companies like design and business. The homepage has a large image area showing photos and space for information about your business.

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Propery Rental Agency

This theme Is aimed at businesses that lease properties such as apartments and apartments, with an interactive map at the top that allows visitors to quickly see what properties they want, their selected area, and their attributes are displayed in a neat grid pattern below [19659002] 4 “width =”606 “height =”410 “srcset =” /06/4-5.jpg 606w,×203.jpg 300w “sizes =”(최대 너비 : 606px ) 100vw, 606px “/>

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Real estate agent's help

To facilitate people's accommodation search this property WordP Design your site with a ress theme.


Real estate agent

This real estate broker company WordPress Theme Is used only for the following purposes: It is flexible enough to be used in the real estate business as well as on the exterior interior design website. You can create great presentations for your company through a variety of image galleries.


Real estate theme by Map

Real estate agents responded using interactive maps

 8 "width =" 606 "height =" 410 "srcset = " 606w, Content / Upload / 2016 / 06 / 8-4-300x203.jpg 300w

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Clean and small topic for real estate and business agencies. [19659002]  9

WordPress theme with all the features you need to create real estate


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Apartment Rental Theme

Information about your business is provided in four understandable steps. The latest properties include images and detailed descriptions. The home page contains company news and events as well as contact information. As you can see, this topic is ideal for online real estate agents.

11 “width =”606 “height =”410 “srcset =” /uploads/2016/06/11-4.jpg 606w,×203.jpg 300w “sizes =”(max -width : 606px) 100vw, 606px “/>

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Actual Places

Real Places is a premium WordPress theme for real estate websites. It has a purpose-oriented design and offers the flexibility and custom design to meet various needs

 19 <img alt= 19 “width =”606 “height =”410 “srcset =” content / uploads / 2016 / 06 / 19-2.jpg 606w,×203.jpg 300w “sizes =”( 최대 폭 : 606px) 100vw, 606px “/>

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Whether you are a real estate agent, a hotel or a design company, your website is more than a place where people search listings.



This template Use your taste buds and start your own site with real estate options that fit your budget. Yellow, light gray and dark The minimum gray layout is ideal for presenting online business ideas.


4 leases

Real estate lease lists WordPress themes.

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WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7 offers powerful options and tools, It ends with a WordPress real estate theme with advanced search and mapping, live preview, five pre-built demos (more features planned), three header layouts, and collaboration features.


Megareal users can manage their own lists without accessing the admin dashboard.


There is. They can also manage profiles, passwords and payment backlogs. Megareal allows you to charge users and make money.


Real estate agent


// /21-2.jpg 606w, -200×203.jpg 300w “sizes =”(최대 너비 : 606px) 100vw, 606px “/>

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Quick Sales | Single Real Estate Theme is a premium WordPress theme created for real estate brokers and real estate owners. Sales trends by owners are becoming more popular these days, Made for site

<img src = "×1.trans.gif" data-lazy-src = " content / uploads / 2016/06 / 23-2.jpg "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-8131 "alt =" 23 "width =" 606 "height =" 410 "srcset =" https: // alienwp -9fcd / wp-content / uploads / 2016/06 / 23-2.jpg 606w, 300×203.

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Start selling real estate today with this easy-to-use, full-featured WordPress Theme. When you purchase this theme, you get detailed help files with additional features such as unlimited color schemes and demo content.


Hometastic is a premium WordPress theme for the real estate industry. It has a clean design and provides numerous tones with useful features such as advanced search, property location marker, grid list, visual composer plugin, custom widget, customizable sidebar, powerful and easy theme option, easy to use metabox I will. Real Estate

Realsite is an advanced real estate WordPress theme.


It is the result of years of development in the real estate industry. Topics cover the requirements of real estate agents or portals.



SunHouse is a clean and modern real estate WordPress theme that responds perfectly with excellent options and features.

 17 "Width =" 606 "height =" 410 "srcset =" 606w, width = & quot; 606 & quot; height = & quot; 410 & quot; srcset = & quot; https: 19659106 & quot ;, & quot; 300w [//alienwp-9fcdkxcdncom/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/17-2jpg606whttps://alienwp-9fcdkxcdncom/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/17-300-320x203jpg300w

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Luster – The biggest real estate theme of our time. There are numerous page templates and customization options. This topic is the best solution for your business. First, the topic is dsIDXpress and it works perfectly for MLS / IDX integration.

Easy Living

Easy Living is a responsive, refreshing and easy to use WordPress theme.

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Easy Living provides everything you need to create a full-featured real estate listing website or related website.


Javo Home's fully responsive The clean, feature-rich themes are retina-ready, bootstrap-compatible, and include features like advanced Google Maps Pro +, IDX plug-in support, agent front-end forms, and advanced attribute search short code.


WP theme providing real estate. Properties and other options for creating lists of products / services related to e-commerce


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A new WordPress Responsive theme with unique features, design and functionality.


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Real estate WP theme in beautifully crafted material design.


Sweethome – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  Sweethome - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme</p><noscript><img src=
  Sweethome - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme</p><noscript><img src=

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