Contact Form 7 Vs Everest Forms: Which is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

The website is not completed until there is a medium where customers can communicate with the site owner. Personal Blog site or Professional Regardless of your business site, prospects should be able to contact me. It's also one of the most important features every successful website should have. There are many ways to communicate with your audience, such as email and live chat, but the best way is to add the contact form to your site. There are options to choose with regard to the form of WordPress contact. But do we all want the best? So, what's the best WordPress contact form plugin among them?

The oldest and still most popular contact form plugin in the WordPress repository is Contact Form 7 . Over 5 million downloads It's safe to say that downloads are one of the first plugins that many WordPress users install. But even the most commonly used contact form plugin is not the best choice. The list of WordPress contact form plugins is growing nowadays. The plugin that stands out from the rest is Everest Forms . A great form filling plugin that lets you create professional contact forms with just a few clicks. So which one should I choose? In this article, I compared two best WordPress contact form plugins, Form 7 and Everest Forms, review and .

How to choose the best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Before entering the Contact Form plugin, you should review the features provided. It should be compared according to the requirements and requirements of the website. This article compares the two best WordPress contact form plugins available: Contact Forms 7 and Eestest Forms.

But how do you compare this plugin? There are many features such as ease of use, functionality, integration, custom fields, customer service, support, etc. that make the Contact Form plugin perfect. For convenience, each of these properties is described and compared below. Inquiry 7 and Everest Form: Which Contact Form Plugin is Better? # ContactForm7 #EverestForms #contactformplugin #wordpress Click to Tweet

  1. User Interface
  2. Provided Features
  3. Advantages
  4. Integration
  5. Support
  6. Price

Short Overview

  Contact Form 7</h3><noscript><img src=  Contact form 7 Best wordpress contact form plugin

One of the oldest plugins available in the WordPress repository, Contact Form 7 served millions of WordPress users. We will not mention where the contact form is related by this date. So why is this plugin so popular? The answer is simple. The plugin was developed solely for the purpose of adding a contact form on a WordPress site. It doesn't offer many customization options, but with some coding knowledge you can easily modify the form.

Contact Form 7 also supports Akismet spam filtering and reCAPTCHA and Ajax-based. submission. The plugin is completely free so it's easy to find in your WordPress repository. So this plugin can be used for multiple websites.

Learn More / Download

Everest Form

As its name suggests, Everest Form was created to create the first form building experience. Fully responsive WordPress contact form plugin that provides a very user friendly interface. This plugin allows you to create unlimited contact forms simply by dragging and dropping the required form fields.

Thus you can create simple contact forms, multi-column contact forms, and advanced contact forms with multiple forms. Easy field. You can also create custom contact forms with an integrated version, such as MailChimp ConvertKit Zapier and so on. Also fill out the multi-part contact form with the help of Everest Forms pro. In addition, you can explore numerous features. Don't think about paid plugins because free plugins can find a free version in your WordPress repository.

Learn more / Download

1. User Interface:

Currently, user experience improvement is a top concern for all WordPress plugin developers. The people who use WordPress vary, but they are not tech savvy. Therefore, it is essential to create a user-friendly interface. Now let's look at the user interface differences between the two plugins.

Contact Form 7

  Contact Form -7-best-wordpress-contact-form-plugin "class =" wp-image-878792 "srcset =" uploads / 2019/11 / Contact-Form-7-best-wordpress-contact-form-plugin.png 926w, / blog / wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / Contact-Form-7 -best-wordpress-contact-form-plugin-300x182.png 300w, 2019/11 / Contact-Form-7-best-wordpress-contact-form- plugin-768x466.png 768w "size =" (max-width: 926px) 100vw, 926px

Ease of Use :

Contact Form 7 Simple and It's a lightweight plugin, but it didn't really help to make the user experience easier. The Contact Form 7 interface says this because it's not easy to use for non-technical and WordPress beginners. Understanding and using this plugin requires some coding knowledge.

Fill in the contact form:

After installing on the site, add the contact . Tabs in the WordPress Admin Dashboard. There are three tabs. Contact forms, adding and merging new entries . The plugin provides a shortcut contact form that you can use for your site. There are default contact form fields such as name, email, subject, and message. To add more form fields, you need to add them to the code editor.

Custom Options:

You can edit the tag to change form field options. You can also edit form template form tab panel. If you are confused, you can also check the documentation to learn how to customize the fields.

Everest Form

  Everest-Forms-form-builder "class =" wp-image-878762 "srcset =" https: // // Forms-builder-1024x500.png 1024w, Forms-builder-300x147.png 300w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / Everest-Forms-builder-768x375.png 768w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / Everest-Forms-builder.png 1202w " size = "(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

Ease of Use :

Best option in terms of form user experience. It's designed to give users a great form filling experience. Unlike Contact Form 7, provides a user-friendly visual form builder that allows even beginners to create the perfect form. After installing the plugin Everest Forms tab was already added to the WordPress dashboard with tabs like All Forms, New Adds, Items, Settings and Add-ons .

The interface is really easy to understand. Any form you create can be easily accessed and edited at any time . You also have the option to easily disable and activate the form.

Creating contact forms:

Everest forms allow you to create any type of contact form, from simple to expert, depending on your requirements. When you create a new form, you can create one from scratch or choose a template. Then you can easily use the form fields on the left side of the form builder. To add the field you want, simply drag and drop the field (19459004). The free version includes 11 form fields, such as drop-down, multiple choice, and checkboxes . You can upgrade to pro to unlock additional form fields.

Customization Options:

Form Field Customization is a cake for Everest Form users. I'm not a bluff. Clicking on a field makes it easy to change field options, such as label, meta key, description, mandatory options, and advanced options . You can also change the form settings ( General and Email ) for that individual form by going to the Settings tab at the top of the Form Builder.

Verdict: The winner of this battle for a better user interface The winner is EverForms . It provides an easy form builder with drag and drop form fields so users can fill out contact forms without any problems.

2. Available features:

Always select the feature before selecting a product. The same is true when choosing the best WordPress contact form plugin. So, before choosing one of these plugins, you'll want to know what features you need to provide.

Contact Forms 7

  • Unlimited forms
  • Google ReCAPTCHA support
  • Editable form confirmation message
  • Short code support
  • File upload and attachment
  • Quiz form fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Akismet spam filtering support

Everest form free

  • Unlimited form
  • Google ReCAPTCHA support
  • Editable form confirmation message
  • Short code support
  • 100% Mobile response
  • Drag and Drop field
  • Support for multiple columns
  • Preparing for translation
  • CSV export entries
  • Anti-spam honeypots
  • After submitting redirect options
  • Smart tags
  • Multiple email notifications

with Everest Forms Pro After the upgrade, you'll find a number of new features that make the form filling experience easier. additional features available in the Pro version of Everest Forms are:

Verdict: Winner Here Everest Forms . It offers endless features that make the experience of filling out contact forms much easier than ever before.

3. Pros and cons:

We always know that coins have two sides. Similarly, these WordPress Contact form plug-ins also have two sides. It is their advantage and their disadvantages .

Contact Forms 7


  • Simple and Lightweight .
  • This plug-in is free (19459003) free so you do not need to spend 1 penny for this plug-in, so you can install it on multiple sites.


  • HTML mark Requires knowledge of the language, which is difficult even for non-expert beginners
  • We don't store user submitted form data in our database and need help from other plugins

Everest Forms

  • Provides a drag-and-drop visual form builder for inserting and placing form fields
  • Live form of form builder Preview option See how the form looks in the end:
  • Unmatched Custom Contacts with Custom Options Create an expression
  • Create an advanced form other than a contact form, such as user registration
  • A dedicated entry entry that allows you to store and efficiently manage form data submitted by users Tab


  • Need to upgrade to the premium version, add more features and integration

Verdict: Winner Most complex form is much larger than its shortcomings, and obviously, its shortcomings are heavier: Contact Form 7.

4. Integration:

To add more features to your contact form, plug-ins Extensions are very useful Add-on plugins allow you to integrate additional services such as MailChimp, Zapier, etc. with your contact form. So let's check out the add-ons for Contact Form 7 and Everest Forms.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Add-ons exist Free and premium add-ons in many markets. Many free add-ons are available to upgrade plugin features. However, this add-on is not available in the plugin itself. What it means Contact Form 7 does not have its own add-on. Therefore, we rely on third-party plugins that act as add-ons to integrate more features. Popular Contact Form 7 add-ons include:

  • Condition fields: You can now integrate conditional logic into Contact Forms 7. Add an additional tag called a conditional field group.
  • Extension For Mailchimp: Use Contact Form 7 to connect to your MailChimp account.
  • PayPal & Stripe Add-on: The free add-on allows you to integrate PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.
  • Multi-level form: A contact form that uses multi-part creation contact form 7.

Addons take a long time to search because they are not listed or displayed in the plugin or official website . But with a little research, you can find the additional features you need. There is also one more problem. These third-party add-ons are not warranted to be updated, compatible, or trusted . Therefore, the user must find the facts about the authenticity of these add-ons. Instead of

Everest Forms

Everest Forms extends plug-in functionality by providing 14 advanced add-ons. This add-on is displayed on Everest Forms' Add-ons tab after installation.

  Everest-Forms-Add-ons "class =" wp-image-878904 "srcset =" https: // // .png 1213w, Forms-Add-ons-300x151.png 300w, /uploads/2019/12/Everest-Forms-Add-ons-768x387.png 768w, https: // themegrill. com / blog / wp-content / uploads / 2019/12 / Everest-Forms-Add-ons-1024x517.png 1024w "size =" (max-width: 1213px) 100vw, 1213px

There are no difficulties in your contact form Find the integration you need. Some Everest Forms add-ons that can be used to extend functionality include:

  • MailChimp add-on: You can now link MailChimp accounts to forms. Users who fill out the form can add it directly to the list of subscribers in MailChimp.
  • PayPal Standard add-on: Allows you to accept / collect payments in forms. You can create custom payment forms for donations, product sales, and more.
  • Strip add-on: You can use Stripe to approve payment for forms. After installing the Addon and connecting your Stripe account, simply accept the payment with Stripe.
  • Zapier add-on: You can use Zapier to link forms to multiple web applications.

Also not required You need to worry about [진짜] in this add-on. The developers of Everest Forms are constantly working to update and improve our users for the best results. However, to enjoy these add-ons, you need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Verdict: Winner There is the Everest form. Both plug-ins have add-ons, but Everest Forms provides advanced add-ons that are constantly updated and improved.

5. Support:

Support is one of the key features that every WordPress user counts when choosing a plugin for their site. Because everyone wants to solve the problem as soon as possible. Therefore, users rely on the plugin's support to solve the problem.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 provides support in the form of the WordPress Plugin Support Forum. However, it should be understood that there is no guarantee that a support response will be provided for the free plugin. In addition to this, you can find documentation on troubleshooting on the official website. The plug-in also has a FAQ page on the site for common questions among users. The Best Form on the Everest Form

has a dedicated support team and offers free and free support. Pro version of the plugin. Support Forum or Email to receive support. The support team is always there to solve your problem. In addition, check out our informative documentation for easy instructions on each and every feature and setting provided by the plugin.

Verdict: The winner of the winner in this area is [themostcomplexform. Dedicated support team to meet your needs. What else can I request?

6. Price:

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is free, free available from the WordPress repository or Contact Form 7 website.

Everest Forms

The Everest Forms core plug-in is available free from the WordPress repository. You can simply download it from there. You can also purchase the Everest premium premium plan to add more features and incorporate them into the contact form. There are four pro plans where you can install additional features to add more functionality to your forms, such as submitting posts, user registrations, surveys, surveys, quizzes, and more .

You can visit the plan. See the pricing page for details on pricing.

  best-wordpress-contact-form-plugin-Everest-forms-pricing-1 "class =" wp-image-878766 "srcset =" / blog / wp-content / uploads / 2019 /11/best-wordpress-contact-form-plugin-Everest-forms-pricing-1-1024x421.png 1024w, uploads / 2019/11 / best-wordpress- contact-form-plugin-Everest-forms-pricing-1-300x123.png 300w, -wordpress-contact-form-plugin-Everest -forms-pricing-1-768x316.png 768w, plugin-Everest-forms-pricing-1. png 1128w "size =" (max width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

Verdict: Wine r Contact Form 7 is here completely free. Everest Forms requires a pro plan for advanced features.

Final Decision

Contact Form 7 Everest Form
User Interface Simple and lightweight design provides a code editor. Users Need Knowledge of HTML Markup User-Friendly Design Using Easy Drag-and-Drop Form Creator
Features Offered Functions Are Limited With No Unnecessary Features Numerous features Integration Rely on untrusted third-party plug-ins Provide in-house advanced add-ons that update frequently
Support Provide WordPress Support Forums, Documentation and FAQ Pages Detailed documentation and dedicated support team
Price Free Offer Free Offer and Upgrade to Pro for more features

So Everest Form is the best WordPress contact form plugin The true winner in the fight for. There are many characteristics that make a better choice. After comparing all the above aspects of Contact Form 7 and Everest Forms, we can clearly see who is the true winner in this battle. Contact Form 7 is the oldest and most popular plugin, but Everest Forms can surpass all Contact Form plugins with amazing features.

Contact Form 7 is completely free, but you can use it right away without using Contact Form 7. Find out what the Everest Form offers. In any case, the Everest Forms core plugin can always be downloaded from the WordPress repository for free . In addition, the features of the free version go beyond those provided by Contact Form 7.

Finally these plugins are the best WordPress contact form plugins you can find on the market. I hope this comparison has helped you to choose the one that works best for you. Also check this article if you are interested in more WordPress comparisons.

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