Download Free Clever Course WordPress

Download Free Clever Course WordPress Theme

Download Free Clever Course WordPress The clever course is LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress theme. It is suitable for schools, colleges, universities, education, etc. This theme is specifically for creating and selling courses. Online courses and on-site courses are also available. For online courses, each course can be divided into parts / sections and online quizzes can be created to assess learners.

As to payment, the learner can choose to pay directly to Paypal, Stripe, PayMill, or (.ru) or by other means (administrators may provide other methods such as bank transfer). You must submit it on the backend to submit proof of payment (for example, a bank transfer receipt). After the learner submits, the administrator can check the evidence on the administrator’s backend and approve or reject the submission later.

On the Onsite course, the learner can fill in the package amount when purchasing for a friend. After purchase, the learner will receive a reference code that will be used to compare the record of the date the instructor learned 2017

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