Download Free Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Download Free Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress V4.3.1

Download Free Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress WordPress’s easy social sharing button is the best social sharing plug-in on the market and the most complete and optimized social sharing button package. A single plug-in opens the world of social media sharing where you can increase sharing, expand your profile, build on, get new subscribers, and drive more traffic.

This social sharing plugin for WordPress offers maximum flexibility and social media exposure by allowing you to share on more than 45 major social networks, including a variety of optimized mobile messengers. In addition, WordPress’s Easy Social Share Button boasts 52 beautiful templates for social sharing, the most comprehensive 27+ design positions, 30+ eye-catching animations, and custom templates. This social sharing plugin for WordPress is unique when dealing with all possible locations where social sharing buttons can be displayed.
The social sharing button for WordPress is a true trendsetter in WordPress social media, trusted by more than 60,000 sites, including major technology brands. Will you be next?

Social sharing optimization

WordPress’s easy social sharing button is to grow your social media profile and make it content social sharing as part of an ongoing social media strategy. Making the most of this feature-rich social sharing plug-in will increase your share, Retweets, re-Pins, Likes, + 1s, and your click-through rate on your site.

Unlike other social sharing plugins in WordPress, this advanced plugin includes an optional meta search tag that can improve Google search rankings and social media sharing. Plug-ins automatically generate Open Graph meta tags, Twitter Card meta tags, and Google meta tags, and you can customize them in the Pages / Posts options. With the easy-to-use social sharing button in WordPress, you can customize the pre-populated Tweet displayed when a visitor clicks on the Twitter button. Not only does it also automatically integrate all the SEO optimizations you have created through the popular Yoast SEO plugin without having to listen to your fingers! …

Version 4.3.1 (July 31, 2007)

Version 4.3.1 is a service update to Google+ Counter Changes and no new features have been added. Version 5 will be released and soon an open beta test will begin. To join the beta program, sign up here. Please contact us if you would like to suggest useful features or features.
Access point with backup with new update of new Facebook counter
We have updated the Google+ access counter update point since the official removal of the update component or the Google+ counter. Learn more about changes to mailing list archives.

Version 4.3 (May 10, 2017)

Version 4.3 includes new networks and integration. We recommend that you update to version 4.3 to clear the cache, mini- allocation, and / or CDN that you use to introduce the newly updated styles and scripts.

Add a new social network Naver, QQ, Douban, Sweet, Renren
Includes new Rebrandly short URL support
New inclusion shortened URL support
Add integration with SendinBlue in new subscription form
Additional options for posts that modify the newly created og: url (for advanced recovery options)
Recently included posts widget / shortcode options show posts from last 7 days, last 2 weeks, last 1 month, or last 1 year.
Only the specific post type can be selected with the options included in the new popular post widget / short code
Added support for as another twitter alternative to the new shared counter.
Updated plug-in drawing so that the Share button appears automatically in the content build using the Update Element Page builder
Update Animation counters auto off on mobile devices
Update Mobile share tracking events are updated to run in the background when the option to prevent new share windows from being opened (not blocked in iOS 10.3 when browsing with Safari)
Updated social profile module updates for custom text missing in icon hover once entered in setup
Fixed a possible problem of popping up more social networks. If you see a problem, add the following code to functions.php: Define (‘ESSB_MORE_FORCE_ORDER’, true);
Fixed notification messages that appear when BuddyPress integration is enabled
More / share button problems are not displayed if personalized with shortcode network list
Broken mail message frozen when the symbol & is used in the post title
Do not save images to fixed social sharing optimization
Do not save authorship profile URLs for sharing static posts
Some settings screens do not store editor field values
# Or | LinkedIn issue fixed when sharing. Used for post titles.
The essb_cache_static folder was not cleared when using build from cache.
The fixed total counter issue does not always occur on all social networks if the option associated with this option is set to Yes (2017).

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