Download Free LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Download Free LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Download Free LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin V6.5.7

Download Free LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. With LayerSlider, you can create slideshows and image galleries that have a mind-blowing effect, cool animated landing pages and page blocks, or an entire website. All websites can take advantage of the features of this plugin.

With the drag-and-drop visual editor, everyone can easily start using LayerSlider. No coding or technical skills are required. The choice of increasingly importable templates is an ideal starting point for new projects and covers all common use cases from personal to business use. They are carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize to suit all your needs.

Great support and frequent updates ensure that you make the most of your purchase.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.5.7

This update fixes the PHP debug messages that are displayed when WP Debug mode is enabled on the site.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.5.6

Changes in the media layer:
Autoplay video creates a background video without displaying the short-lived play icon anymore, and in other cases creates a perfectly smooth video screen.
You can now set the volume of the background video. They are muted by default and there is no way to change them in the past.
‘Auto’ option has been added to ‘Control’ and ‘Show info’ media layer settings. Based on the most common use cases and respect settings set by source code or HTML attributes.
In some cases, the ‘control’ option on the media layer does not work as expected. For example, you can enable controls for the audio layer.
When you close or reopen the pop-up slider, the media layer now pauses properly and resumes playback (depending on your settings).
Changes to WPML implementation:
When you turn on the “Dynamic content in posts” feature, the Publish Options screen will only show posts belonging to the currently selected language set in WPML. Duplicate entries created as translations are filtered and can be accessed by selecting the appropriate language from the WPML menu in the top management bar.
The ‘Dynamic Content of Posts’ feature allows WPML to generate its own post permalink. This will always have the proper URL based on your WordPress and WPML settings.
Fixed an issue where the “Class” could be deselected in the slider builder when used as a custom layer property.
Fixed issue where Google indexes “static” plugin folders, resulting in unwanted search results.
The OS default fullscreen mode has been fixed in Firefox.
Fix origami transition preview in Slider builder.
Fixed a bug in the Dynamic Content feature that could break the slider builder interface in rare cases.
Compatibility has been improved by addressing specific issues with third-party plug-ins and themes.
General modifications and improvements to the hood.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.5.5

This update provides smart edit functionality to the slider builder, among other important bug fixes and enhancements.

New features
Editable in multiple selection mode. You can now apply all settings to all selected layers at once.
Easily find the perfect font set and font size. Hover over a list item to quickly see live previews in the preview area.
New documented API method: resetSlide.
Improved compatibility with WPML: Layer editing is no longer displayed in the string conversion module of WPML, and is marked as “translation required update”. Due to backward compatibility, this new WPML implementation is only used for newly created sliders. We also updated the multilingual slider section of this manual.
You can also select multiple layers by holding down the Ctrl + Cmd key while clicking on the layers (under Preview).
Added support for range selection for the layer list area while holding down the Shift key when selecting layers.
If you hold down the Ctrl / Cmd key and click an item, you can right-click multiple layers in the “Overlapping Layers” menu.
Clicking the desired layer again will easily cancel multiple selections.
The entire preview area has become much more fluid. Changes will appear without delay.
The undo manager now restores the layer selection.
The system status now includes a database update button to check for database-related issues and fix potential problems whenever possible.
Bug fixes
In some cases, a PHP error that affects saving sliders has been fixed.
Fixed an issue that prevented multiple LayerSlider plugins (origami, popup, etc.) from being used simultaneously.
Fixed an issue where the slider did not display properly in some rare cases.
A few rare issues with Undo Manager have been resolved.
The system status correctly displays the installation location on the Windows server 2017.

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