Download Free Newsmag V4.0 News Magazine WordPress

Download Free Newsmag V4.0 News Magazine WordPress

Download Free Newsmag V4.0 News Magazine WordPress Theme

Download Free Newsmag V4.0 News Magazine WordPress NEW: Challenge yourself to be more creative and productive. First page creation tool created for blog, news, and magazine websites has been added. Newsmag 4 provides tagDiv Composer. Build your site lighter, faster, and more efficiently. It’s easy to use right from the front end and you can see all your changes instantly.
New feature: Live Frontend LESS and CSS editor. This allows you to quickly add CSS or LESS to any page on your site.
New: news magazine demo
New: Clear Voice Demo
New: Sound Square demo
New: buttons available from the Format menu

Version 3.4 – April 12, 2017

New: Speed Booster plugin version. If so, please update.
New: Google font weights and style options Themes load only the font weights and styles you need in the future.
Other: Better plugin description and help text
Miscellaneous: All large grids display good error messages if they do not fit the site layout. (If used for one or two columns)
EDIT: I added several missing translations to the translation panel.
EDIT: Some block templates can not change colors in Firefox due to their scoped style.
EDIT: We’ve improved the user experience for themes and filters by removing offsets from ajax requests.
Fix: Global modal window now ignores pictures with external links. You attempted to open an external link in a modal window before this update.
EDIT: The jetpack sorting method of blocks now works as expected.
Fix: Fix image fix
Fix: All inserts with fixed overflow content on a small screen have been fixed.
Miscellaneous: The theme panel layout and spacing are much improved.
Miscellaneous: Whenever an ad is displayed in the last paragraph whenever the number of steps mentioned in the paragraph field is not large and the bottom ad of the article is not active
Miscellaneous: Updated the list of compatible plugins for the theme.
EDIT: Updated Instagram Icons
EDIT: The reset password link from the login modal window did not work.
EDIT: You’ve switched all shared share links to https.
EDIT: Unsafe alerts in Chrome only appear when you open the sign in box.
Fix: Themes task error in the Status panel already active
EDIT: The recommended image for vimeo videos is getting bigger.
EDIT: The ajax login now works via https.
EDIT: A sample plug-in showing how to add new modules and blocks works as expected. A fatal error has occurred.

Version 3.3.1 – January 26, 2017

Fix: Modified login modal window code so that it only appears on the page when front page login is enabled. This will prevent your site from being marked as unsafe for some versions of the Chrome browser.

[Version 3.3] – Improvements: The Visual Composer plug-in has been updated to the latest version 5.0.1.
– Improvements: The Revolution Slider plugin has been updated to the latest version.
– Improvements: Fully compatible with WordPress 4.7
– New: The plugin page where the user installs the included plug-ins has been redesigned to a completely user-friendly design.
– New: Added support for block templates that are overwritten with demonstrations via the Theme API system. All subsequent demos can load other block templates if needed.
– New: The comment form is now validated with javascript. This was a long-needed feature and we have figured out how it happened.
– New: The optional header section has been redesigned to use icons instead of text.
– Improvements: Modify CSS in the Theme Panel and Welcome Screen
– Improvement: We finally updated the social icons and we also removed the icons for the dead service (Picasa, Posterous, etc).
– Improved: The social network panel now checks that each input is correct. This prevents user errors and incorrect URLs from moving to your site’s 404 page instead of going to your social network profile.
– Improved: The maximum width has been removed from the srcset of the image and the responsive image on the mobile now works as expected.
– Improvement: Translation panel information text
– Improvement: On Android, when users use mobile search, they automatically focus on the input field.
– Fix: Password-protected comments now work as expected.
– Fix: The Facebook video in the post content is now working and resized as expected.
– Fix: Font panel CSS issue
– Fix: The tag ajax filter now displays the tag in the order of the IDs you selected. In alphabetical order
– Fix: Home data breadcrumbs required by the Google Metadata Test Tool do not appear as structured data.
– Fix: Smart list with image caption in HTML. Now we have fixed it.
– Edit: Sorting categories option sometimes does not work. 2017

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