Download Free Newspaper V8.1 WordPress

Download Free Newspaper V8.1 WordPress

Download Free Newspaper V8.1 WordPress Theme

Download Free Newspaper V8.1 WordPress Newspaper is a WordPress theme that makes it easy to write articles and blog posts. We offer great support and friendly help!

Newspaper templates are great for news, newspapers, magazines, publishing, or review sites. It also supports videos from YouTube and has a rating system. So far, we have integrated themes with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press and WooCommerce. It uses the best and cleanest SEO practices, and on top of that, it is fast, simple and easy to use. The paper also supports responsive Google ads and AdSense.

This is the fastest newspaper topic. We’ve spent considerable time adjusting all aspects of the theme and have done our best.

Scans all queries manually to optimize them, compresses all images and resources carefully to speed up site loads, and profiling all scripts to fix them at full speed.

Version 8.1 – August 2, 2017

New: Update Visual Composer to the latest version. If you are using this pagebuilder, update it.
New: Added custom styles and support for WordPress 4.8 widget
Other: Themes will now load the BBress style only when the plugin is active.
Other: List menu block works with submenu.
Other: Instagram ID now works without @ or @.
Edit: Modify photo demo style
EDIT: Publish a gallery shadow on an image popup
EDIT: Switch demo to module thumb in Art Creek
Fix: Art Creek demo installer problem
EDIT: tagDiv Gallery styling issues and thumbnail display
Fix: Importing lifestyle demo issues
EDIT: Import fitness blog link
EDIT: Open text block title
Fix: tagDiv Composer’s margin and padding values set to 0
EDIT: Imagebox block bug
EDIT: Gadget and sound radar demo popup popup bug
EDIT: Technology Demo Thumbnail
EDIT: Image box blocks work with images that do not have a destination URL.
Fix: adSpots loads the wrong spotID from tagDiv Composer.
Correction: Various typos in the Theme panel
EDIT: Small problem with full width header with logo
Modify Big Grid Slider Block Parameters
EDIT: Wedding demo font problems
EDIT: Better business demo
EDIT: Fix various CSS and HTML structures for different parts of the theme. We looked at all the demos and carefully adjusted them to make them feel perfect.

Version 8.0 – May 24, 2017

New: The first page creator for blog, news and magazine websites is now ready to transform your website. In Newspaper 8, you can add tagDiv Composer to make your site lighter, faster, and more efficient. This makes it easier than ever to see all the changes immediately in the front end. Watch the video
New feature: Live Frontend LESS and CSS editor. This allows you to quickly add CSS or LESS to any page on your site.
New: Lifestyle Magazine Demo
New: gadget demo
New: Craft Idea Demo
New: Business Magazine demo
New: Book Club Demo
New: Architecture blog demo
New: Retro Wave demo
New: Fitness blog demo
New: Voice report demo
New: Art Creek Demo
New: Sound Radar Demo
New: Church Mag Demo
New feature: Old Fashioned Demo
New: Photo Folio Demo
New: All post grids now support full width.
Other: We have modified all block headers and added several new options.
Other: We redesigned all previous demos and improved all aspects of the demo to show a modern look.
Other: Full PHP 7.1 support
EDIT: Problems with background ad clicks
EDIT: Problem with customizing the password field on your phone
EDIT: WooCommerce issues

Version 7.8.1 – April 10, 2017

Improvements: Updated Visual Composer to the latest version.
Improvements: tagDiv Social Counter has been updated to the latest version. This solves the problem on Facebook.

Version 7.8 – March 21, 2017

New: Significantly improved spacing between elements and grids. We have completed the grid system to easily implement full width rows and headers. Expect more width options sooner or later.
New: Clear cache for video playlists Debug button
New: Speed Booster plugin version. If so, please update.
New features: pinterest blocks and widgets. With this new block, style the pinterest bulletin board. Note that this block is in the testing phase.
New: The theme’s main menu has been redesigned from scratch.
New: Many color options have been added to the menu.
New: Full support for headers and footers
Other: Better plugin description and help text
Miscellaneous: All large grids display good error messages if they do not fit the site layout. (If used for one or two columns)
EDIT: I added several missing translations to the translation panel.
EDIT: Some block templates can not change colors in Firefox due to their scoped style.
EDIT: We’ve improved the user experience for themes and filters by removing offsets from ajax requests.
Fix: Global modal window now ignores pictures with external links. You attempted to open an external link in a modal window before this update.
EDIT: The jetpack sorting method of blocks now works as expected.
EDIT: Block header 17 of the social counter works as expected.
EDIT: instagram image alignment issue 2017.

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