Download Free Vanesa Mega Store Responsive Opencart

Download Free Vanesa Mega Store Responsive Opencart

Download Free Vanesa Mega Store Responsive Opencart 2.x Theme

Download Free Vanesa Mega Store Responsive Opencart Vanesa is Mega Store open-air theme for Towerthemes. Vanesa is a premium premium solution for your ecommerce business. Many shops are great choices: men’s fashion stores, women’s fashion stores, gift shops, clothing stores, mobile stores, digital stores, shoe stores, accessory stores and more. Slide show with impressive visual effects and simple introduction. The responsive layout works well on all devices, from PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile. When a visitor resizes their browser, the content automatically changes to fit the screen size. Megamenu shows useful links to CMS pages on your website. In Vertical Megamenu, you can add images or static blocks to a category of pop-ups. The tab category slider shows the product in the category with a slider on each tab. New products, bestseller products, discount products, special products are displayed beautifully on the slider. Key categories help you display major categories with sub-categories and thumbnails of those categories. Blogs and membership assessments play an important role in connecting and talking with customers about feedback and feedback. This can improve and improve the quality of the service even further. A static block is an interleaved module that is the highlight of this website.

Vina Vanesa is a high quality, simple and clean template for Joomla 3.x powered by Helix Framework and JoomShopping components. Joomla (Version 2.0 supports VirtueMart 3) is the easiest-to-use online shopping mall. This template fits easily into any kind of fashion, gift, clothing, mobile, digital, shoe, and accessory stores. If you are searching for online stores that sell fashion, clothing, cell phones, digital and accessories or other products, do not look any further.

VinaGecko’s six Joomla 3.x extensions include: Vina Camera Image Slider, Vina Article Carousel, Vina Product, six home page layouts, a powerful Helix II framework, and six home page layouts. Carousel for JShopping, Vina Manufacturer Carousel for JShopping, Vina Vertical News Ticker for JShopping and Vina Product Ticker. You can easily configure various module locations, and you can develop your site immediately with other top extensions.

Vina Vanesa provides short code, such as videos, galleries, slideshows, tabs, accordions, logo settings, masterpiece layout builder, mega menu, unlimited font control, rich control features like Google Analytics, . Header color, link color, background color and so on. Now you do not have to worry about speed. Built-in CSS and JavaScript compression files used by Helix Framework to provide optimal performance.

Key Features:

Responsive Design: Just one template for desktop, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.
6 home page layout: Vina Vanesa comes with 6 beautiful home pages for online stores and it fits easily into all kinds of online stores. Full support JoomShopping components: JoomShopping is the easiest to use OnlineShop for Joomla. Over 200,000 new users in three years! Vina Vanesa is fully supported!
Layout Builder: Anyone can customize an existing theme with any shape or dimension without using a programming language!

Mega Menus: Many items can be displayed in menu items, including text, images, modules, and articles.
Canvas Outside Menu: Mainly used in mobile and touch devices and can provide a very useful and beautiful environment for users. Rich typography: Advanced typography based on bootstrapping lets you stylize your tables, forms, and buttons with other elements to make your website more beautiful.

Shortcode Support: This is a useful short code that allows you to add many additional features to your website without anyone having any coding knowledge.

RTL language support: Supports right-to-left (RTL) language-based designs such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.
HTML5 default template: We took HTML5 from our template and created an elegant, modern, SEO-friendly website that is fully functional and represents great typography.
Less CSS: You can reduce your browser requests while developing CSS, and make your entire website more powerful and faster than ever before. Using Helix Framework: Helix Framework is one of the best lighting and feature rich response frameworks for Joomla Templating.

VinaGecko’s Premium Extension: Vina Camera Image Slider, Vina Technology Carousel, Vina Product Carol Cell, JShopping, Vina Maker JShopping, Vina Vertical News Ticker, Vina Product Ticker for JShopping is a popular extension of Joomla 3.x. Now available in the Vina Vanesa template.
Full support for JComment components: JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX-based annotation system for Joomla. Vina Vanesa is fully supported!
CSS and Javascript Compression: Helix dramatically reduces website load time using advanced CSS and JS compression systems that work with all types of browsers.
Google Analytics: Users can easily integrate Google Analytics code into their websites and maintain all the features Google Analytics offers.
Powered by BootStrap: Bootstrap improves the overall look of your website with less responsive CSS design based on responsive CSS.

Vina Vanesa – Notes:

The demo image is not included in the Quick Start Package and has been replaced with a placeholder image.
Our templates fully support three functions: Virtuemart Product Compare, VirtueMart Product Wishlist, and VirtueMart One Page Checkout. A live demo is available. However, the template package does not include three features. To use these three features, you must purchase them from the developer’s website.
Vina Vanesa – Change Log

##### Version 1.0 – December 20, 2014 #####

– First release.

Version 2.3 – June 5, 2016 ##### – Update: Joomla v3.4.3 – Joomla v3.5.1 – Update: JoomShopping 4.9.2 -> JoomShopping 4.13.0 – Extended translation. – Bug fix: bug in Safari. – Improved: Responsive layout – Improved: Improved layout of checkout pages. – New Features: Included Quick Start Package for Joomla 3.5.1. –

Remove: Remove touch / swipe function

Reaction and retinal preparation
Cross-browser compatibility
One-click installation
8 layouts
Flexible layout formats come with a variety of styles.
Mega Menu Support (Hozirontal & Vertical)
Set Rows and Columns
The static block display includes text below the menu item.
Awesome Icon Fonts
Daily trading module
Include blog module
AJAX Search
AJAX hierarchical navigation
Clean and modern designs are available for all types of websites.
Grid / List View
Allow item to be displayed in list or grid view
Layout settings for each page
Easily define the left or right column for each page in the Admin panel.
Custom slideshow,2017.


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