Download Free Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

Download Free Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

Download Free Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress V5.2.1


Download Free Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress Visual Composer WordPress Page builder plug-in with front-end and back-end editors Did you know the time to waste while manually coding the layout? No trial and error for short codes or CSS! Now you have everything you need to design anything. Yes, Visual Composer works with all WordPress themes!

Please say hello to the most popular WordPress Page Builder plugin! Visual Composer makes it easy to use the drag and drop page builder to help you create a layout that you can quickly and easily imagine. No coding skills required!

Access Frontend Editor (inline editor) or backend editor at any time. Yes, Visual Composer comes bundled with two types of editors that let you choose the view you want. Use the backend schematic editor to create a WordPress website or move the page creation process to the front end and see results in real time.

In addition, Visual Composer provides full control over responsiveness. Adjust your preferences to automatically create responsive websites or to make sure your WordPress website looks perfect on your mobile or tablet. Visual Composer has everything you need to create responsive websites. Visual Composer responsive previews can save you money when you buy other devices.

Building a WordPress website with Visual Composer is really easy. Just a few clicks.
Add rows and columns to the page.
Choose from over 45 pre-defined content elements or start with professionally designed templates.
Drag elements around the page.
Use intuitive controls and options to adjust element settings.
Publish the page.
And that’s not all! With Page Builder, you can create pages without a developer. With Visual Composer, you do not have to be a designer.

Extensions: More than 200 unique add-ons with hundreds of content elements exclusively available in Visual Composer.
Template Library: A downloadable layout template that contains regularly updated professional templates. Create the layout literally in seconds.
Web developers (if any) will also love Visual Composer. You can extend Visual Composer by providing a comprehensive knowledge base that describes the developer APIs. For those who do not want to write code, Visual Composer provides a Shortcode Mapper to add third-party short code to Visual Composer content elements. Visual Composer allows you to recognize existing content on existing or new websites and adapt it to your WordPress website. If you forget the Page builder for a particular theme, Visual Composer works with the WordPress theme.

Visual Composer is a best-selling drag-and-drop front-end and back-end page builder plug-in already used on more than 1,500,000 websites. Sign up now and start making beautiful WordPress websites quickly with minimal effort. Of course, you do not need coding and short code.

03.08.2017 – ver 5.2.1

Update: function add_shortcode_param has been returned.
Update: function get_row_css_class returned.
Update: function wpb_map returned.
Correction: std has been modified for nested attribute types in param group.
EDIT: vc_js error in frontend editor
Fix: TinyMCE font drop-down for WordPress 4.8.1

06.06.2017 – Version 5.2

Added: RTL support
Added: HoverBox content element
Added: Zigzag-separated elements
Added: Added time lag effect to column
Added: Video background added to columns.
Update: Element presets work as My Elements in the Add Elements window.
Update: drag-and-drop controls in Role Manager
Update: Deprecated function removed.
Update: Arabic translation
Update: Russian translation
Update: Spanish translation
EDIT: TinyMCE performance of backend editor
Fix: Removing obsolete function designOptions
EDIT: Layer slider compatibility issues
EDIT: User Access Template
EDIT: Save shortcode to fe 0 = “”
EDIT: Duplicate icons when adding custom icon fonts
EDIT: Subscribers view the Visual Composer start page.
EDIT: WPML vendor issues
EDIT: Clicking Add to cart in the grid template returns 0 on the page.
EDIT: shortcode regexp for dash of short code name
EDIT: preg_replace results, replacement and extra space
Fix: File System Error When Saving Design Option (CSS) in Settings
EDIT: woocommerce product ID of grid API
Edit: Tab / Tour / Accordion Role Access

04.04.2017 – ver 5.1.1

Added: Additional security checks on grid ajax calls to enhance security

09.03.2017 – ver 5.1

Added: Element ID for all elements
Added: Resizing the image of the Grid Builder media element
Update: Grid builder backend editor style user interface
Update: List of available Google fonts
EDIT: getJSON backwards compatibility for jQuery
EDIT: vcIcon font family
Edit: postDeactivate redirect URL
Correction: extra check set check if vc_remove_param
Edit: Not all subcategories will appear in the drop-down.
EDIT: Sort autocomplete parameters
Fix: Short code with short code mapper and dash
EDIT: Unable to read property ‘IndexOf’.
EDIT: Custom CSS Text Area Height
Correction: Missing scroll bar for view preset 2017.

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