5+Email Template Builders: Design Free & Responsive Email Templates

Best 5 Email Template Builders: Design Free & Responsive Email Templates free download 2019  Embrace e-mail marketing channels for your business to eliminate the pain associated with marketing. If you want to brand your products or services online and find the best email marketing software, this blog is exclusive.

In this article, I’ve created the 5 Best Email Template builders that allow you to create beautiful and responsive email templates in minutes. Email Template Builder also provides the following powerful features:

  • Autoresponder
  • Drip Emailing
  • List Cleaning
  • Subscribers subdivided

And much more to do marketing campaigns more effectively.

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Let’s take a look at the list of email template builders one by one.

1. MailGet Bolt – Email Template Builder

MailGet Bolt is the ultimate email template builder that makes it very easy to design cool email templates with a drag and drop editor. The software offers proprietary features such as smarter mailing, automated responses, and multiple integrations, and will help you conduct successful marketing campaigns.

  Features: - </b></h3>
<ul><li style= This email marketing service provides a fully customizable, ready-to-respond email template that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. You can design your own newsletter.

  • One of the amazing features of MailGet Bolt is water droplets, you can set the time interval via email, and the email will be automatically delivered to your customers in a timely manner.
  • E-mail writer software provides trackingPrice Plans: –

    MailGet Bolt offers a free 30-day trial of sending 9k emails to 300 subscribers per month. $ 19 $ 19 for up to 25,000 subscribers

    $ for up to 35,000 subscribers $ 19 $ 19 for up to 25,000 subscribers

    $ 19 for up to 15,000 subscribers MailGet Bolt Official Website

    We recommend using MailGet Bolt to increase your email marketing and 100% email delivery rate. It is the only tool that allows both dynamic list partitioning, multiple consolidation and list management under one easy-to-use application.
    Click here for more information

    2. MailGet – Cheap Email Marketing Service

    MailGet is a complete email marketing service for small businesses or those who have started a business. The software is available for everyone because it offers all the features at a low cost.

      MailGet- Best Email Template-Builder


    • Includes everything you need for an easy to use and marketing campaign. There’s a very flexible drag-and-drop builder that lets you create beautiful templates.
      • 19659033] This Email Template builder provides Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandril, Mailgun and many other SMTP integrations.
      • th With the help of this software, you can easily organize your e-mail lists, and when you upload your contact data, all invalid mail, bounced mail, spam, and subscription cancellations are removed from the list automatically.

      Price plans: –

      MailGet offers

      $ 4 / mo for up to 5,000 subscribers $ 24 / mo $ 41 / mo for up to 30,000 subscribers [[19659000] Click here to view more fares.

      The cheapest e-mails The most affordable e-mails MailGet, one of the mail marketing software, offers UNIMIMITED e-mail to the customer for $ 4. This software warrants to the customer that the customer’s email has arrived at the customer’s inbox.

      Click here for more information.

      3. Constant Contact – The Best Email Marketing Software

      Constant Contact is easy to use and easy to use email marketing software that can design a professional email newsletter and send it to many customers at the same time, saving a lot of time and energy. Features: –

      • This Email Template Creator allows you to analyze your contact list based on customer interests, likes, demographics, and so on. You can send relevant data to people.
      • You can easily upload your contact list in Gmail, Excel, and Outlook, and the software automatically handles all unsubscribe, bounce, and processing.
      • Integrate with other services, such as Salesforce, Outlook, Intuit, and Results, to do more with your existing data. $ 19 / mo  

        $ 45 / mo to up to 2500 subscribers for a maximum of 500 subscribers $ 195 / mo

        Click here to subscribe to up to 15,000 subscribers $ 95 / mo

        For up to 10,000 subscribers Click here. More information

        4. Zoho Campaigns – Marketing Automation Tool

        Cool Email Template Builder – Zoho Campaigns lets you create beautiful templates in seconds and send them to your customers in bulk. You can also easily track the performance of your marketing campaigns to make your next market campaign more effective.

        Integrate Zoho Campaign (19659050) –

        • Integrate Zoho Campaign Other services, such as Zoho CRM, Shopify, Eventbrite, and Zoho Forms, let you import data from applications that are helpful in your marketing campaigns.
        • You can easily import contact lists from an Excel account in Excel. Mail Marketing Tool automatically removes duplicate, bounce, and invalid email addresses from the list of subscribers.
        • For campaigns that can see the number of recipientsMonthly subscriptions: – Monthly subscriptions to subscribers –

          Monthly subscriptions: –

          Free plans: – You can get several plans based on the list

          $ 5 [19659069]

          $ 10 for up to 1000 subscribers [19659098] [19459098] ]

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