Flatsome Multi Purpose Responsive Download WooCommerce Theme V3.4.3

Flatsome Multi Purpose Responsive Download WooCommerce Theme V3.4.3

Flatsome Multi Purpose Responsive Download WooCommerce Theme V3.4. Carefree WOOCOMMERCE topic V3.4.3 Multipurpose Responsive WordPress and WooCommerce themes with tremendous user experience Flatsome is the best-selling WooCommerce Theme Ever. Flatsome is the most popular and trusted theme in all kinds of WooCommerce projects. We always support the latest version of WooCommerce, so Flatsome is the safest theme in the project.

Flat Overview

Free lifetime updates!
WordPress 4.4 or later
Prepare WooCommerce 2.4, 2.5, 2.6+
WPML preparation (including .po files)
SEO optimized
Drag and drop page builder
Online documentation – http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/docs/
Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8 and above
Catalog mode options (hide shopping cart and checkout features)
Easy update with Envato WordPress Toolkit
Including children theme
Includes demo content!
Include PSD files and assets


* Product images or images used in slider and banner examples are not included in this theme.


– 3.4.3 –
New: Added the option to use the default WooCommerce slider.
New: Spinner loading and handling in a mini cart and checkout.
New: The top custom menu link in the mobile menu is now available as a drop down with an anchor.

FIXED: Incorrect quantity of spinner on cart button.
FIXED: Instagram element: URL signature is invalid.
FIXED: The shipping calculator displays the animation.
FIXED: Text box padding and margin response setting.
FIXED: In some cases, the product wishlist icon is displayed at the top of the header.
FIXED: Clicking “Delete” will reset the product gallery to the default image.
FIXED: Custom product page in canvas product / store sidebar.
FIXED: Blank header at the bottom of the desktop when adding elements only in mobile mode.
FIXED: The main hover color is reflected without saving the main link color first.
FIXED: Content background transparency setting.
FIXED: Background CSS output for box / frame layout.
FIXED: wide gallery style. It will be added to your shopping cart settings before / after.
FIXED: The Live Search keyword with an apostrophe did not return a result.
FIXED: Horizontal scroll bar flickers in overlay menu (Windows, Chrome / Edge / FF).
FIXED: Modified media left a preview image in section presets.
FIXED: Alt attribute of the language selector image.
Fixed: The Recent Posts widget option appears.
FIXED: Edge Warning: Unexpected DOCTYPE.

– 3.4.2 (22/11/17) –
FIXED: UX Builder – If no background is set in the preview, the row background is rendered white.
FIXED: Gallery styles in a variety of product styles.
FIXED: SKU was not updated in quick view for variant SKU.
FIXED: Flatsome 2 (previous version) WooCommerce 3.2 compatibility fix

– 3.4.1 –
Maintenance Update!

New: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.
New feature: option to remove ‘house’ from shop breadcrumbs.
NEW: Logo element – the builder’s option to add an image title.
New: An option to enable / disable next / previous navigation in a single blog post.
NEW: An option to select the link target on the header button.
NEW: Breadcrumb Typography Options Uppercase / Normal.
NEW: Phone icon that follows icons and team member icons.

FIXED: UX Builder – blank text editor content when selecting text elements in hierarchy panel.
FIXED: Compatibility with mass-transformer plug-ins.
FIXED: Safari autoscroll checkout page issue.
FIXED: Widget title setting – Uppercase / Normal.
FIXED: WooCommerce warning when using add to cart icon for grouped products.
FIXED: Product List Element Product ID Limit.
FIXED: “SHOP HOMEPAGE HEADER” custom content no longer appears on search results pages.
FIXED: Even if there are no videos on the page, the Youtube API has been imported.
FIXED: Scrolls horizontally, depending on the case of IE and Edge.
Pinned: The first product gallery thumbnail action when selecting variations with your own images.
FIXED: The payment icon shortcut icon may contain more than one icon when manually writing the shortcut icon.
FIXED: Multiple underscores should work as expected (for example, a link or an Instagram name).
FIXED: Custom filter text settings are now reflected in a single product page.

DEV: Added three new custom hooks to the custom product page.
DEV: Added excerpt_more hook to replace […] in the blog excerpt.

– 3.4.0 (16/10/17) –
NEW: Flatsome Studio released. Hundreds of pre-built sections and pages for UX Builder.
New feature: custom product page editor! Use UX Builder to create a custom product page layout.
New option: This option applies the same image height on the category page and sets the desired height.
NEW: Option to select the sales bubble% output format.
New: My account page header has a current endpoint label under the heading.
New: The icon box now contains the link target settings.
New: Option to hide metadata from a single blog post.

Fooed: WooCommerce 3.2 compatibility.
Pinned: Multiple banners on a single page YouTube playback (only one starts playing)
FIXED: The search field focuses on the page load.
FIXED: Portfolio, filter alignment ‘Left’ hides the filter.
FIXED: Proceed to the Checkout button and it will be reflected in the Shop Colors setting.
Fixed: Instagram element Tablet / mobile response column setting.
FIXED: Image element response width setting.
FIXED: User-defined cart icon image label count is updated.
FIXED: Retain product box grid style 3 display.
FIXED: Improved IE in portfolio filtering.
FIXED: Play video from IE and Edge.
FIXED: Calculation of improved sales figures.
FIXED: Block PHP notifications on page 404.
FIXED: Edit PHP comment section.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

Change: Up to 100 real-time search results are available.
CHANGED: The newsletter header element label setting is always accessible when selecting a block.
Changed: If you do not select a block, the newsletter header element setting will be redisplayed.
Change: It’s now easier to redefine multiple functions in the / inc folder of a sub-theme.

– 3.3.9 (18/09/17) –
Maintenance Update

New: Orderby and Order options for page elements.
NEW: The button can now include an sms: // link.
New: Live SKU search searches for variations.
FIXED: Simple checkout template for coupon and login box full width issue.
A Javascript issue has been fixed in IE.
FIXED: Enhanced edge case with srcset.
FIXED: Fuzzy cool underline chrome.
FIXED: Card notice appears in the same place.
FIXED: Sale Bubble showed -0% in some cases.
FIXED: Improved compatibility with 3rd party response framework.
Fixed: UX Builder edit link removed from post page (blog page).
Fixed: Overlay colors and fills for mobile / tablets for section elements are not reflected in the actual site.
FIXED: The text background color and fill in the gallery element are not reflected on the actual site.
Changed: Made it easier to redefine many functions in the inside / inc folder of Child Theme.

– 3.3.8 (22/08/17) –
Maintenance Update

New: Instagram and Google+ options for team members.
New feature: Maintenance Manager reminder.
New: Pinterest icon in title element.
New: Category filter custom text options.
FIXED: The shopping cart quantity button did not work after you updated your shopping cart.
Pinned: Duplicate newsletters with header elements added to both desktop and mobile / tablet.
FIXED: You can now scroll back in UX Builder.
FIXED: “Comments” could not be translated.
FIXED: Gallery lightbox can not be set to false.
FIXED: Logo element PHP notice.
FIXED: Product search visibility.
FIXED: Search excludes products that are out of stock when enabled in WooCommerce.
Fixed: You can filter posts, pages in search with new filters.
FIXED: Your blog has a slider bottom margin.
FIXED: Instagram Element, 4 Column Setup Works
FIXED: When enabled, the product slider bullet appears.
FIXED: After you publish a review, the focus is refocused on the Reviews tab.
FIXED: Wish list icon style for mobile / tablet.
FIXED: The correct number (no page refresh) is displayed in the Number of Wishlist labels when the last product is removed.
FIXED: Paging navigation is now resized to fit a huge page number.
FIXED: Social and Follow icons appear horizontally instead of vertically when you add text and widgets.
FIXED: An undefined function error occurred when saving from the WP editor.
Fixed: Vertical product gallery thumbnail scroll bar.
FIXED: Limit the portfolio slider when using a custom ID.
FIXED: Retrieve portfolio manager.
FIXED: The Ordered / Numbered list now appears in the canvas.
Fixed: Gallery lightbox image shadow position.
Fixed: Tab Elements Panel Fit.
FIXED: Various CSS, layout issues and improvements.
Update: Russian translation (thanks letquest)

– 3.3.7 (03.07.17) –
FIXED: Blocks can not be opened and edited in admin.

– 3.3.6 (01.07.17) –
NEW: Payment icons for AfterPay and Swish (SE) have been added.
NEW: A Russian translation has been added.
New: An option to move your social login up or down in sign-in mode.
FIXED: Old WooCommerce 3.1 template file.
Fixed: Various CSS and layout issues and improvements.
FIXED: Various search engine optimization improvements.
FIXED: Response values for margins and padding did not work in UX Builder.
FIXED: Implemented H1 title in sidebar page template.
FIXED: Product meta for ligtbox is not displayed.
FIXED: Improved SKU real-time scanning.
FIXED: Related product slider works.
FIXED: You can use the filter to ignore the “continue shopping” url.
FIXED: various translation strings.
FIXED: Updated Turkish file.
Fooed: WooCommerce review pagination

– 3.3.5 (04.05.17) –
FIXED: The change number of the related product works.
FIXED: The size of the movie is now accurate in IE9 +.
FIXED: Chrome rendering bug in UX Builder.
FIXED: Various missing translations.
FIXED: Compatibility with Composite Products plug-ins.
FIXED: The width of the splitter in UX Builder has not changed.
FIXED: Various CSS and layout issues.

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