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How New England Cord Blood Bank Uses Neve to Optimize Their Content

I returned to the showcase series. It is a useful process to understand the users, their requirements and the various uses of Neve, the main topic. Neve has recently surpassed 80,000 active installations and is using Neve to ask more people about it.

I thought this was hard work, but let's look at how the people who have talked so far

show how New England Cord Blood Bank adapted to the latest customers and optimized the content using Neve. .

  John Foley

If you're a parent, you've probably heard about stem cells and the medical development around them. If you are not like me, try to update your knowledge I talked to John Foley, sales and marketing manager of New England Cord Blood Bank, and discovered it and felt like I was in the Discovery Health Channel movie set. It is not surprising that I learned that John majored in the same philosophy as me. Since then he has been heading for an online ad like me and has been at Cord Blood bank for three and a half years. (I swear when I started from IsmeIsle.) John is very familiar with the collection, processing, and storage of stem cells, and he worked with Neve to redesign the website. So far, let's look at John's journey, the recent redesign of the website, and the characteristics of this future industry.

  New England Code Blood Bank

John Foley's experience with WordPress and how long have you been using Neve


I have been using WordPress for nearly 10 years now. I'm not a pro, but like others, the longer I learn, the better.

I studied philosophy. It was a perfect major for me because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. And it works for me as it can be applied to all other areas. I feel like what I gain from studying philosophy applies to my work every day. But the bad reputation still remains here. They joke in America, “What can you do with a degree in philosophy? Well, you can flip a hamburger. But I think it's not true because you and philosophy are great majors.

Do you specialize in online marketing?

It's a kind of field where I grew up. I went to college and worked a bit in print advertising. I got used to print advertising and designed print ads and published print ads for different organizations.

Three years ago I started to get a lot of interest in online digital advertising. And that's a full-time job by itself. It takes several years to master. Well designed and UX is great, but platforms like Google Ads and Bing are still very complex programs, so it could take 10 years to get full control. You've only become an early stage digital online advertising expert.

Who has redesigned your site using Neve and what about the process?

The old website was outdated. There was no response, and there was no code snippet, so the content loaded slowly. I was happy to finally work on Neve and Cord Blood sites.

There are a lot of old blog posts. They still value SEO wise to us, but aesthetically they looked terrible because they were made on that old site.

What were you looking for at the theme?

First, I'm a very responsive HTML5 theme. I did not want it to be a question. The goal is to create a site that looks good on all media. Apparently, since there are many themes, my initial search probably started with a query like "WordPress theme, HTML5, responsive".

There are the top ten and blah, crap. At one point I bumped into Neve. Perhaps I've considered 5 or 10 different themes, opened the preview, passed the test site, narrowed it down to what I like, and then read the reviews. I think the topic has already received a good rating. If there were reviews that clearly contributed to the decision to go with Neve at that point

how long did it take to build and start the site?

The entire operation could not be performed. It took about a month and a half.

The entire site is very basic. Mostly basic pages, some form here and there. The original goal when creating a new site was to take existing content and basically cut and paste it into a new Elementor page. Since this is the page people are browsing most often, we've mainly focused on the menu page. So a month and a half actually set up the homepage and made other default pages as nice as possible.

Now step 2 tries to optimize by going back to other pages and posts. There were a lot of pages or pages that weren't well optimized, the images weren't tagged, or whatever the case was. This was the second phase of the project and I was worried about the previous content. It was easy until the first step in making the main content a new topic.

I'm trying to imagine the scale of the Code Blood Bank. How does it compare with the blood banking industry?

I would like to say that there are 10 major companies. One thing that differentiates NECBB is that while working in the corridors of laboratories and cell biologists, some of its competitors do not work in the same state as the laboratories. If a potential client doesn't know the answer or answers a question, you can literally hold the answer and walk down the hall to get the answer. For competitors who do not process and store at the same facility, it may take a few days or a week to get the answer back. This is customer centric.

The very small selling point we can offer to potential customers is that we are family owned. The Rizza product family started NECBB in 1997 and in 2007 launched its subsidiary National Dental Pulp Laboratory (NDPL). It also launched the New England Cryogenic Center in 1971, and in this regard is considered a worldwide pioneer in the cryogenic storage of human cells and tissues. . It is important for many because they want to know that they do not need to send their precious stem cells to the lab for storage.

How would you describe it? Do you have modern customers with your website and business today?

Like many products and industries today, customers can learn a lot on their own. In fact, this is the whole model of inbound marketing. I want to give my prospects exactly the information they want.

I found that many people are doing a lot of online research before calling the company. There are a variety of customers, there are customers who are not sure, and let us know about everything, starting with square customers. But those who popped up to me, who think it's happening more and more nowadays compared to 10 to 20 years ago, dialed in to get the answers that fit the questions people already have. Regardless of the site or competitor site, do they really look like “these people have a head on their shoulders until they call us? Are they experts? Are they receiving my call? Do you have any knowledge? "It's that kind of thing.

We're the ones that don't want to call, often we have to fit into the modern consumer. If you look at the Millennial profile, or at least the US Millennial profile, you don't want to call it." To send to. I will unsubscribe from the list after getting the information. "

When we call or fill out an online form, when we talk over the phone,“ When will we ship today and register? ”,“ If we give birth on Saturday, Is the answer to the last question you must do, do you want to pay extra? ”Is a small, last minute question

What is your favorite WordPress tool?

I've put Elementor at the top of the list.

I use interactive maps on both websites, which is really clean on mobile and desktop.I think it's an ideal interactive map.

FooGallery on both sites I don't fancy it, but I like it. On the dental side, we have a dental stem cell or I have a library of research papers that hosts links to all the relevant research papers coming out about mesenchymal cells, I used FooGallery and will probably create galleries using the same tools on the code tools site.

Yoast always I use it as a benchmark when considering SEO, and I think there are a lot of other tools I like, like Gravity Forms

What would you say is the biggest challenge in this business? Perhaps it's the trend of delayed code clamping that's worried about me, which means that when a baby is born, it's essentially delaying code fixation, which can cause some blood in the cord to get into the baby. This is because there is less blood to collect in the umbilical cord The more the better, if somebody plans to bank the cord blood and tell us, we will also slow down the code clamping, we will discuss how long they will be delayed and know they will shrink Is when they p. If you want to do both, aim for 30 seconds or so. This is a kind of potential obstacle.

Concludes an interview with John Foley of the New England Cord Blood Bank. Previous Showcase Read here.

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