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Have you considered the possibility of adding a filterable portfolio on your WordPress website? Want to create online impressions of portfolio items as graphic designers, photographers, job seekers or freelancers? Or is you a business manager who is trying to identify the main factors that show your business portfolio online …

Having a private stadium in your portfolio for your personal or business website is one thing. The Portfolio section has moved away from competing to attract more customers and fans, showing talent, previous work, and successful projects. Vivid and convenient access to your portfolio 24 hours a day can be more effective than other personal or business branding tools.

But let’s take a closer look at the philosophy of an expressible and user-optimized website portfolio. The general portfolio of editing all portfolio items is not the best version to show your qualities and high-quality work online.

If not, consider a gallery where you can filter your current or next WordPress-based profile for your shoulder or you can arrange it.

Using the portfolio filter whenever you need it is the best way to give your online audience more flexibility and time-saving features. Instead of wasting time on your web visitors, you can use multiple filters and tags to easily segment your content.

This article describes how you can create and add a filterable or sortable portfolio to your WordPress website without having to write code easily.

By default, WordPress does not offer filtering capabilities in its portfolio. To add a filterable portfolio to your WordPress website, you need to find, install, add, and activate the relevant Filterable Gallery plugin to use the system. Let’s look at one of the best-rated plug-ins ready to add the filtering options you need to your portfolio-based WordPress website.

The Envira Gallery is comprehensive Provide a practical gallery and portfolio management system. With thousands of satisfied customers and active users, this plug-in has been custom built with the average WordPress website owner in mind. Simply put, this plug-in eliminates the need to hire professionals to add and activate portfolios, and you do not need to configure your portfolio to filter.

This plugin is available in both Light and Premium versions, but requires access to one of the premium features of the tag add-in.

All in all, it’s a practical way to organize things and easily add a filterable portfolio to your WordPress website. Of course you will install and activate Envira Gallery to create a sortable portfolio.

You can import from the WordPress repository in the plugin or by uploading a file to the server.

Once this plug-in is installed, you will need to visit the Envira Gallery, Settings page, enter the Envira license key for plug-in activation, and enable auto-update.

Now the installation procedure tags addon. You have to go to Envira Gallery, Addons. You can find Tags Addons in the list of available add-ons here. Click Install and activate when installation is complete.

This will allow you to filter and add different tags to your images and portfolio items.

You are now on your way to live coverage through your first portfolio or image gallery. Follow the Envira Gallery path to add a new one and create the first file. There are two options. You can drag and drop files from your PC or select files from other available sources (for example, from the WordPress Media Library, select an image and press Insert on Gallery button

At this point, you can rearrange the arrays by dragging and dropping them in any order you like.

The same is true for adding metadata to each image or picture.

You can add captions, titles, and tags at the end, and it’s even more fun when you try to add a filterable portfolio to your WordPress website using this plug-in. You can add multiple tags.

If you have added metadata to the image, click Save Metadata and proceed to another image. You can now enable or disable tag filtering in the gallery. It’s up to you to set it up. To find your tag gallery settings, click the Tags tab, where you can use tag filtering on the Gallery display.

When you are done with this section, find the Publish button and prepare your gallery portfolio.

The next step is to add a sortable portfolio to a post or page Whether or not to display Just go to the post / page, add a new one, or edit one of your existing posts or pages, just add the short code you’ve already copied after it’s been published

That’s it. Adding a filterable portfolio to your website is as easy as 1 2 3 even if you are not technically at all.

Another plug-in that you can consider is an agile portfolio.

2. Agile portfolio

Agile Portfolio Considering the Agile Portfolio Another plug-in that can be. Has a sortable portfolio gallery that you can filter on your own website It said.

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