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Entering keywords related to your niche by domain name will help your visitors understand your business. To find the right keywords, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. Ideally, had low competition rates and with a large search volume .

For example, if you sell bread and pastries, enter "bakery & # 39; in your domain name. Use the keyword search tool to see if your search volume is high.

[19659002] That's fine, but adding a keyword to your address randomly won't affect your site. Your domain name will look unprofessional. Google will reject keyword ads for your domain name and content. If the capacity is large, the difficulty will be considerably higher. Must reflect the characteristics and image of the

numbers and hyphens [1] 9459004]otherwise it is difficult to enter an address, for example, an address such as firstsiteguide.com may be spelled out as 1st-site-guide.com .

Be careful when using vowels and ] Consonants .Visitors do not type "i" as "y" or "f" as "v." Continue to ask your team or potential visitors about the clarity of your domain name, and if you find it difficult to remember, you may want to change it

Choosing the right TLD

Choosing the right top-level domain or TLD is a good choice. Important, one of the best known TLDs is com and is probably the best choice because of familiarity and availability .

However, if you want to select or another extension that is not available you can choose another option. For example, .net and .org are one of the most common sites.

Previously, TLDs were used to identify website types. This is the case of government. Although still applied to some domain extensions, such as gov or the military website .mil the current TLD is not defined as before.

If your business targets specific markets, you may want to consider using country code TLDs (ccTLDs). For example, .uk (UK), .de (Germany), and .ca (Canada).

 Domain Extension

Non-Trademark Law

Domain names should not infringe the trademarks of other brands. Otherwise, you may be sued by the company or you may have other legal issues.

Therefore, it's important to uniquely distinguish addresses. For example, try to use johnsbakery.store but already from other brands johnsbakery . If you use com the best way is to find another name.

Similar names can confuse visitors into your competitor's website. This may affect the speed of your website traffic or simply make your site appear uningenious.

Check this website for more information on whether your domain name infringes on any existing trademark.

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