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How to Enable Instagram Shoppable Posts for WooCommerce

It is most likely that you have seen the most when scrolling through dog, family, and travel photos in Instagram. It is the business aspect of Instagram that enables ecommerce stores to sell products directly through popular social platforms. We are talking about Instagram shoppable posts.

In this post you will learn a bit about how Instagram shoppable posts work and how to use it with WooCommerce as well as how to post.

Is Instagram's shoppable post? How does it work?

This type of post looks similar to most other items in Instagram except that the shopping bag icon appears in the top right corner when viewing the company gallery.

and then click on the product in the image with small dots.

 Tap View to view

So you can see the product information and see a link to that item in the image.

  Instagram shoppable posts An example of a product tag

I want to buy that picture for my girlfriend. In this case, you can view the full product page via Instagram shoppable posts – you can click to purchase items on the company website.

  Click on Instagram shoppable posts to buy

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