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How to Import Tumblr to WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

Would you like to import Tumblr to WordPress? Thanks to WordPress's built-in tools, you can easily migrate content from Tumblr to a self-hosted WordPress site. In fact, if some cleanup is interrupted, most processes are fully automated.

This article discusses the impact of migrating from Tumblr to WordPress. Then we show you how to import Tumblr into WordPress in 5 simple steps.

Things to consider when migrating from Tumblr to WordPress

The structure of the Tumblr website is relatively simple. The key is a post that can contain both text and media elements.

Tumblers are mostly & # 39; microposts & # 39 ;, so in most cases importing content into WordPress is straightforward.

Your posts will look the same by default in WordPress, so you can't get your blog or & # 39; likes & # 39 ;. 19659008] Tumblr Unable to get exact Tumblr design. But there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes so you can find about the same (or even better).

How to Migrate from Tumblr to WordPress (Step 5)

Before importing Tumblr, you need to purchase web hosting for WordPress and install WordPress software.

If you're not sure how, see our guide on how to create a website with WordPress. After completing steps 1-3, come back here to bring your Tumblr content into WordPress.

If you've already prepared a new WordPress installation, you can import your content right away. Here's how:

Step 1: Register your Tumblr application

WordPress includes a built-in tool to import Tumblr into WordPress. However, in order for this tool to access your Tumblr account, you must first grant permission.

To do this, you need to create a Tumblr & # 39; application & # 39; that can connect the two platforms.

  1. Login to Tumblr
  2. Open account settings
  3. [메뉴] Tabs on the right side of the menu

  App tabs within Tumblr

  • 19659022] On the next screen, Tumblr asks you to register to disable the API. Click the Register button and the registration application on the next screen. Select the option

     Register your Tumblr application

    You must then fill out the form and fill in the required fields:

    • ] Application Name : For reference only, go to the name you want
    • Application Website : Enter the URL of your WordPress website. 19659017] Application Description : This is For God's Eye, write what you want
    • Administrative Contact Email : Use the same email that you registered for Tumblr
    • Default callback URL : Please enter a URL for One more time on your WordPress website

    and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to confirm your registration The application details are displayed on the following screen:

     YouTube Application Details

    You can see that there is some information in the app name. In addition to the secret key, you need the OAuth consumer key . secret Show secret key Click the option to reveal the latter.

    Of course, we don't show you either because of the secret! However, leave this tab open, open a new tab and go to the WordPress dashboard.

    Step 2: Add your Application Key to WordPress

    As mentioned earlier, do a lot of moving all Tumblr content to WordPress using the built-in import tool. To access this, go to the WordPress Tools> Import tab. Here you can select Tumblr – and Install Now option:

     Install the Tumblr importer plugin.

    The importer only needs a few seconds to install. When you are ready, the Install Now button is replaced with the Import Run option. Click this and the importer will guide you through creating a Tumblr app. Of course, since you have already done this, OAuth consumer key and 194 secret key :

     Tumblr added secret key.

    Previously you had to go back to the open tab and copy both keys to WordPress. After adding both keys to each field, click the Connect to Tumblr button in WordPress.

    If everything is OK, the plug-in prompts you to accept the connection between the two platforms.

     Authenticate WordPress to connect to Tumblr.

    Tumblr prompts you to confirm the approval.

     Import your app verification tumbler into WordPress

    Step 3: Run the WordPress Tumblr importer

    Approve the connection between the two platforms and the Tumblr blog and its post will be analyzed. On this screen, you can select the WordPress authors to assign the tumblr content to.

     WordPress author decision to assign tumblr content.

    After making a decision, Get this blog, press the button and let WordPress work its magic. Depending on the amount of content you are importing and the WordPress web host, this part of the process may take some time.

    While the plugin is performing an "in progress" message.

     The To Tumblr to WordPress import process is in progress.

    You will receive a success message if it ends successfully. This means that the content is ready. To view imported tumbler posts, go to the Posts tab and open the imported item.

    See how your tumbler posts look in the WordPress editor.

     Opening imported Tumblr posts using the Block Editor.

    You'll notice there are more options to customize and format your content.

    WordPress blogs may look very different from what you used to do with Tumblr. But this problem can be solved.

    Step 4: Match or surpass the Tumblr design.

    By default WordPress uses a very clean and modern design theme. They do not look bad, but they are not as fun or familiar as the style of the Tumblr blog. The easiest way to solve this problem is to install a new theme. In WordPress, you can use free or premium options.

    After you find the theme you want, you can install the new theme and customize it using WordPress Customizer. [19659008] If you want to go one step further, you can use a page builder plugin like Elementor to become a designer, giving you full control over the layout and appearance of your site. This aspect of WordPress can be overwhelming at first. However, I have written some quick guides to help you use Elementor.

    Step 5: Redirect Tumblr Domains to WordPress

    One more thing to note before using. To use a custom domain with Tumblr blogs, you need to redirect to WordPress. To do this, you need to access your domain registrar and update your nameservers to point WordPress on Tumblr. If you are not sure how to do this, you can contact your web host for assistance.

    But if you used Tumblr subdomains (e.g. username.tumblr.com ), it would be a process. It's a bit tricky because you can't redirect Tumblr subdomains in this way. The solution is to create the last Tumblr blog post to direct people to the new website. But you can also use code to solve this problem.

    First access the Tumblr dashboard and click the 194 Edit Appearance option. Then edit the theme :

     Edit the tumbler theme

    Next, find the Edit HTML option. Sidebar Menu:

     HTML editing of Tumblr themes.

    A lot of HTML is displayed but not threatening. Find the tag and paste the following code. Replace http://yournewwebsite.com with the actual URL of your WordPress site.

    var new_slug = window.location.pathname;
    var new_root = "http://yournewwebsite.com";
    var new_url = new_root + new_slug;
    document.write ("");

    Next, scroll down to the tag and paste this code. :

    window.location = new_url;

    The last snippet doesn't need to be edited, so it's safe to save your changes to HTML. Now whenever someone tries to access one of your tumblr posts, they will be redirected to WordPress!


    The community built around tumblers is amazing. But at some point you may want to reach more people. This can be done much easier if you have access to a wider range of features than you can find on Tumblr.

    Now you are part of the WordPress ecosystem, so you will want to learn everything you can do with WordPress. . Here are some guides to help you get started.

    Have a question about how to import Tumblr into WordPress? See the remarks section below!

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