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How to Perform a Competitor Site Analysis and Outrank Your Rivals

Competition is always fierce, regardless of the niche you're targeting with content. If you want more organic traffic, your website's performance doesn't have to improve. Should be better than the competition . That's why knowing how to run a competitor's site analysis can be a big time.

Analyzing your competitors is simply looking at what they do, so you can figure out how to win the competition. For example, if users are targeting the same keywords and can identify them, there are ways to improve their content and boost their ranking.

In this article, you can run a full competitor site analysis in five steps.

We have a lot of grounds to cover, so let's start!

Why monitoring your competitor's website is important

Simply, online monitoring competitors can get huge amounts of information. More importantly, it provides ideas for search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. For example, you can see which keywords you're targeting, if they're higher than your keywords, and where your traffic came from.

Overall, the goal is to absorb and reverse engineer as much data as possible. . You can break the factors that make these sites successful, absorb the strategy as your own and hopefully improve it.

How to Perform Competitive Site Analysis (Step 5)

This tutorial will focus on the following: If you decide to subscribe to a free SEO analytics tool premium tool that will help you run a competitor site analysis for your budget, you will have access to more data, but the process is pretty much the same.

Step 1: Identify the best competitors

I still have a decent idea for another way. Big player in the niche. But the list in your head may not match the data you found.

The best way to know who your best competitors are is to find out which websites share the most & # 39; audience overlap & # 39 ;. In other words, check out other sites your potential customers visit. Other keywords will also target the same keywords as you.

You can use Alexa for this (not Voice Assistant). . The site is a web analytics traffic service that tracks over 30 million websites, and if your site has the right amount of traffic, it's likely Alexa will track it.

To run an Alexa search, go here and enter the URL of your site.

In this example, :

Alexa reports often return large amounts of results. Information. This includes websites that share keyword opportunities, top search queries, and potential customers.

 Alexa Site Report.

Scroll down to scroll further down Analyze competitor sites on Alexa ” width=”680″ height=”448″/>

The free version of Alexa limits your website listing to five. Nevertheless, there is a lot of information to continue. Write down the name as it appears on your website and go to the next step.

Step 2: Look at the main content of your competitors.

Knowing the content that drives the most traffic to your competitors is a great way. Gain insight into their strategy. You can learn what kind of post you are focusing on, the depth of the content, the keywords you are targeting, and more.

In fact, to find this information, you will need to conduct a company espionage activity. . Online, you only need to register a free account with a service such as SEMRush:

 SEMRush Homepage

. [MR9090] SEMRush provides web traffic analysis. service. However, it is ideal for this step because it has an edge in terms of keyword data.

SEMRush is an expensive tool, but with a free plan you can run up to 10 analyzes per day. Run a competitor site analysis.

Enter the URL of one of your competitors found in Alexa to get started.

For example, enter . & # 39; s Analysis of using SEMRush

 SEMRush, among the top stage competitors.

Please open here. We now focus on the "Organic Keywords" and "Organic Keywords" sections. The former shows the source of the competitor's potential customers, while the latter contains specific keywords. You can see how much traffic each keyword is generating by looking at the & # 39; [5959003] Volume & # 39; column.

If you run a Google search for that keyword within a competitor's website, your list will appear.

To limit your search to only competitors' websites, you can use the site: query operator.

 Google search conversion words for yost posts.

You'll want to repeat this process for all your competitors and high performing keywords. Provide a clear overview of what drives content to traffic.

Step 3: Find Common Keywords

As an appendix to Step 2, it's also a good idea to find keywords you have in common with your competitors. This allows you to generate more traffic if you already have improved content.

You can also use SEMRush to find that data. Log in to your account and go to the Domains vs. Domains tab in the left menu. Here you can enter multiple domains so that SEMRush can directly compare them.

 Comparison of multiple domains using SEMRush.

Return to the top. Keywords shared by both domains You can see an overview of monthly searches and the ranking of each website for each keyword.

 Competitive site analysis of shared keywords in SEMrush

The objectives are as follows: You can identify keywords that are slightly lower than your competitors. The overall idea is to improve the content you find and give you the opportunity to outperform your competitors.

In the example above, both websites are ranked similarly to the & # 39; Search Console & # 39; query. This allows the weak (in this case you) to develop better content and increase your ranking.

Step 4: Identify the keyword gaps you can target

Building a list of competitors quickly makes one thing clear for the top keywords. Maybe you are targeting a lot of terms. The missing parts of the content strategy constitute the & # 39; keyword difference & # 39 ;. The goal is to fill the gap with content that can be ranked, so you can also bring in some of your organic traffic.

But Google can talk about competitors' most popular keywords, which can be very difficult. Let's revisit domain analysis in step 2.

 Competitor Keyword Analysis

You can see that this is a competitive keyword. Given this, suppose there are differences in your keyword strategy that include one of those terms. It will be difficult to beat the top competitors in popular keywords. A smarter alternative is to find an alternative keyword for "long tail."

Google Keyword Planner is right for this feature. Here are some of the alternatives we suggest when looking for & # 39; conversion words & # 39 ;.

 Long-tail keyword alternatives to & # 39; conversion words & # 39 ;.

Use this data to target keywords that are less popular than the original but easy to rank

Step 5: Analyzing Backlink Profiles of Competitors

So far, it's about keywords, but it's not an important factor in SEO, as you know, backlinks are more valuable than other signal search engines. If you know that you're connecting to a business, you can provide a list of publications that target your own additional backlinks

In this step, you can use a backlink tool with the appropriate name. Available

 Using the Backlink Tool [1965]. 9064] Use Backlink Tool

Backlinks you get are ordered by source Domain score, higher domain scores translate to more reputable backlinks

 Backlink competitor sites Analysis

dofollow or nofollow contributes the entire list and exports it to a CSV file for analysis in your spare time. You can begin the difficult task of identifying in-link links and conducting outreach services

Completing the analysis of your first competitor's site today

To be successful in all industries, you need to deliver better quality products. Or content than your competitors.The only way to meet the bar is to know what they do. This means scrutinizing their operations and developing a competitive strategy.

Run a competitive site analysis to gain insight into how you can beat your competitors in terms of SEO.

  1. Identify who your best competitors are.
  2. Look at the best.
  3. Find keywords that you use commonly.
  4. Identifying keyword differences that can be targeted
  5. Backlink profile.

Of course, it is not enough to understand where differences and opportunities are not enough. You also need to set the site rank for that query. To do this, learn about WordPress SEO and on-page SEO to help you rank your site.

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