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How to Sell Tickets Online Using WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide

I was involved in the planning of the event. Now it's time to make money! Regardless of concerts, parties, business conferences or any type of event, ticket sales are often the only way to recover costs and potentially make money. That's why it's important to learn how to sell your ticket online with WordPress.

Thanks, there is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to sell your tickets online without any special knowledge.

I'll show you step by step below. Learn how to sell tickets online with WordPress. It has a great platform and you don't have to give up fees or data to any third party broker like any other ticketing solution.

The easiest way to sell tickets online with WordPress [19659005] As with many tutorials for WordPress, the first step is to download the plugin. Unfortunately, most of the reputable plugins for ticket sales require you to pay a subscription fee or benefit the developer. [19659002] In our experience, it's a good idea to find a solution for a one-time fee instead of paying a percentage of each sale. The reason is that it is a recurring cost, which adds up on top of all the credit card processing fees you have to pay.

Many paid solutions can be considered, but this tutorial uses a free plugin.

How to Sell Tickets Online in WordPress

To sell tickets online in WordPress, my ticket plugin can handle all the details.

  • Display information about each event. Selling tickets using another payment gateway, such as PayPal ( free of charge ) or Stripe (requires a paid add-on. ).
  • Provide multiple ticket delivery options at home, including printing, electronic tickets, and box office pickups.

What you will assume in this tutorial is the default WordPress site that you will already have.

If not, you can follow the tutorial to create a website to create a basic WordPress site.

When you're ready to create your WordPress site, come back here to learn how to sell. Online ticket in wordpress.

Step 1: Download and Install My Ticket Plugin

To get started, install and activate the My Tickets plugin, which is available for free from WordPress.org.

For questions about installing the plug-in, check out our guide on the topic here.

Step 2: Configure Preferences [19659018] WordPress now displays a tab named My Tickets . Click the button and go to the General Settings page.

This page is a somewhat intuitive page. It tells the system what type of ticket you want to sell and the email you want to send.

Check all the settings. Some of the most important fields include Send and Send Email fields for confirmation emails. You can also activate where you want to display ticket sales. For example, you may want options only on pages or blog posts.

  Register Event

You can also edit the confirmation email sent to managers and attendees after ticket purchase.

Step 3: Configure your billing settings

Next, go to Billing settings .

  Payment Settings-How to Sell Your Online Tickets

& # 39; If you sell tickets for money, you can use Payment Gateway and Payment Gateway information.

The free plugin version only accepts PayPal but has the option to upgrade to another payment gateway.

If you're satisfied with PayPal, check the box for PayPal . Then enter everything from your PayPal Merchant ID to your PayPal email. You can find all this in your PayPal account.

  Register Event

Step 4: Configure Ticket Settings

After saving your payment settings, click the Ticket Settings tab.

  Ticket Setup Button

Select the ticket type to allow events.

  • Printable
  • Electronic Ticket
  • Postal Mail
  • Post Office Pickup

It is also an area where you can customize items such as the image shown on your ticket. Shipping time and online purchase fee.

Please take a moment to verify that everything is configured correctly before proceeding with the event.

  Ticket Type

More important settings to scroll down the page.

Here you can display when to stop selling, the total number of tickets available, and the base price of each ticket ( You can also customize by event. ).

A required part of the process is to display the ticket name and set a price for each ticket.

  Labels & Prices

Step 5: Create an event ticket.

To create an actual ticket, you need to create a new post or page for the ticket. Scroll down to the bottom of

and find the My Ticket Purchase Data box.

The location where you enable ticket sales and configure event details. Check the appropriate box and then review the rest of the details to make sure everything is correct.

Make sure you set the appropriate date and time for the event.

  Ticket Purchase Data

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