How To Submit A Galaxy Themes Portfolio - Samsung Developer Program

How To Submit A Galaxy Themes Portfolio – Samsung Developer Program

This article provides information on how to prepare the Galaxy Themes Portfolio for review, so you can pass audition and access the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor. The search process is rigorous, but if accepted, you can design and distribute your design to over 500 million mobile phones.


Theme Submission Window

Unlike other Samsung developers, the Samsung Theme Partnership program service requires access to the Theme Editor software by creating applications and submitting digital designs.

The Samsung Theme Partnership Account application is open for two weeks starting on the third week of each month. As a potential theme partner, you should mark important dates on your calendar.

Samsung theme portfolio assembly

This section gives you some tips on how to prepare your files and illustrations. To receive your Samsung Theme Partnership account, you must submit one or more themed concept designs with a brief description.

Personally, I have personally reviewed many applications that are missing UI screens for portfolio submissions. The text is & # 39; The problem is that the graphics are pixelated and the visual design does not match. In this case, you must apply again before the window closes.

So what is the Samsung Theme Portfolio? It is a collection of six highly customized UI screens and their components. The theme portfolio should not be confused with the artist's portfolio. To view sample themes, open the Samsung Theme application on your Samsung phone (Galaxy 6 or later) or visit the Samsung Theme Magazine website.

Note: The Samsung theme portfolio must have six UI screens

Required UI screen

  • Screen lock
  • Home screen
  • Dial pad screen
  • Contact screen
  • Message screen
  • Notification screen

Now you can understand what Samsung theme is and discuss the image export format and specifications.

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Preparing your digital design

You can name an image or file with a brief description and export it using the specifications listed below using a graphical editing tool such as Gimp, Photoshop, or Illustrator. If you have multiple files, compress them into a ZIP file.

Export image:

  • Width: 1882 px
  • [Maintainatotalfilesizeofapproximately20MBregardlessofwhetheryouaresubmittingaZIPJPGPNGorPDFfileHeight:min551px
  • DPI: 72 Minimum
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Upload Size: 20MB or less

Download sample Photoshop file

Upload PDF files with If application and place text and theme design in a nice and organized way. Below is an example image of the ideal Samsung theme portfolio included in the PDF document.

Download sample PDF file

You can share theme designs through download links like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Google Download. The URL of the webpage displaying the theme portfolio. You can use a free website platform such as WordPress, Behance or Deviant Art.

No matter which option you choose, you must make the design accessible (not locked behind passwords). The following sections describe how to upload or share your design when creating an online theme application.

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Samsung Theme application

Follow these steps to access the Theme application form.

  1. Sign in using developer credentials at If you do not have a free Samsung Developer Program account, sign up here. Click the
  2. [Get Access] button. [Get Access] If you do not see the button, it means the submission window has been closed.
  3. Enter information using the online form. Create
  4. [Theme Designer Information]. Using the
  5. [Introduction] field, type the following: Write a short description of the Samsung theme concept design (200 words or less).
  6. In the [Reference Link] or [Attached File] field, insert a website, download a link, or upload a Samsung themed image, PDF or ZIP file. Click the
  7. [Next] button to complete and submit.

Another requirement to be included in the Samsung theme portfolio is a brief description of the theme concept.


Review process

When you click Next, you are ready to review your Samsung theme portfolio. The review process can take 3-4 weeks. If you do not receive an email notification, please contact the Samsung Support team at [email protected]

If you accept

If your application is accepted, you will receive an email and theme design explaining the next steps to download the Samsung Theme Editor

If rejected

I received an email saying that I could not access the Samsung Theme Editor. Do not panic. Here is a list of actions to consider. If you make a change, you can resubmit your Samsung theme portfolio.

Samsung's rejection email includes some tips, so first review the checklist and review the comments. If you are not sure, submit a support ticket at [email protected] and ask them to make a (politely) change to the topic.

If you are looking for inspirational or visual examples of successful themes:

Note: We recommend that you reply to the email with an updated design in the public submission window. Otherwise, we will not resubmit to the next submission window.

Below is a link to additional resources to become a successful theme designer.

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