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How to Use Coupon Marketing to Increase Sales on WooCommerce

Many popular online stores offer coupon systems and are frequently offered to customers. The effectiveness of coupon marketing is well known, and if you do not use coupons in your store, you will miss out on a big opportunity.

Coupons are discounted by default and everyone likes it. As they found deals. However, there are many fun ways to redeem coupons over simple discounts, and one of them can help drive more sales.

This article outlines coupon marketing in general and the four strategies you can use to drive sales in the WooCommerce store. Finally, I will briefly explain how to use coupons in WooCommerce.

Introduction of coupon marketing strategy

Basic coupon marketing strategy is simple. Provide you with a coupon or code that you can redeem for discounts and free items. The benefits of this strategy are:

Coupon marketing works because ultimately everyone likes discounts. However, using a simple discount coupon is a simpler approach to e-commerce, so let's look at some of the other options.

How to Increase Sales in the WooCommerce Store Using Coupon Marketing (4 Strategies)

How big discounts do you offer to your customers depend on a number of factors, including profit margins, how urgently you need them, and so on. Instead, this section focuses on when and how to use coupons more effectively. Let's go with it!

1. Offer coupons for first-time buyers and existing customers.

Persuading new customers to buy you is the most difficult part of running an e-commerce store. Once your purchase is complete, you can build trust and encourage them to come back.

A common method used by many online stores is to offer discounts that can entice customers to coupons for the first time. You can also configure an exit intent popup to display a proposal, so you can target visitors outside the virtual door.

With this method, you can make sales that are not. Once you capture the customer, you can use e-mail marketing to send and save additional offers.

2. Use coupons to hide your excitement in a particular season.

The discount coupons can fill your inbox every time there is a seasonal change or a popular vacation. Some dates are better for sale than other sales like Christmas.

To do this, you can display coupons on your home page using dating-only coupons, or you can contact your subscribers via email list. Actually

 Holiday offer specific coupons

– Do not be as afraid as you send. Issuing coupons via email can not make them look attractive. If you want to get inspired, check out the holiday e-mail example.

3. Coupon Pricing – Minimum coupon to increase sales average

One of the most important metrics in online stores is the average amount you earn for each purchase. Logically, it is a good idea to increase the number as high as possible and use coupon marketing.

When a discount is applied, people can spend more money than they did otherwise. You can see this benefit by offering coupons that you activate only for purchases over a certain monetary amount.

For example, let's say you spend $ 20 or more and you give your customers a 15% discount. I know I already have a number and that I am still making a profit. In fact, this leads to an impulse purchase, which can greatly increase your income.

4. To get less popular items to move, & # 39; Buy One Get Free (BOGOF) Coupons & # 39 ;.

Ideally, all single products or services in a store should ideally be sold. However, there may be situations in which a particular item is not performing as desired (e.g., hope).

Talking about real products is a problem. It occupies the space of goods. A practical solution is to use coupons to bundle these items with better sellers. This approach can make items that make high profits more attractive . At the same time, you can eliminate unnecessary inventory.

 Example of bundle-based coupon

For fairness, bundles do not make as much money as selling each product individually. However, can generate more sales. In other words, you can go ahead in any case.

How to use coupons in WooCommerce

As you know WooCommerce offers a coupon system in the box. However

 WooCommerce coupon system

This type of coupon can work with . The first two marketing strategies were covered in the last section. However, for product bundles and pricing minimum coupons, you need access to advanced features. Of course, the best way to implement an advanced coupon marketing strategy with WooCommerce is to use a plugin.

There are a lot of powerful coupon plugins available, but there are three good WooCommerce coupon plugins to get started:

You need a powerful email marketing platform at the top of the On Plugin, so you can create a list of subscribers to target with the offer.

If you have not yet created an e-mail list, it's time to do it right now. E-mail is a powerful marketing tool even when you do not have a coupon, and you can get more sales together.


Ecommerce offers a lot of opportunities to use coupons in a more creative way than simply using coupons. Discounts. With the right approach, using coupons can increase your sales in certain situations and you can try new ways at any time.

Here's how you can use it with your offers:

  1. Coupon First Coupon and Coupon for Existing Customers
  2. Use Coupon to conceal your excitement in a particular season.
  3. Offer Price – Minimum coupon to raise sales average
  4. Deal to move less popular items

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