Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Huber: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Why is this theme so high?

This theme is priced much higher than the average theme to cover ongoing development costs. Unfortunately, Envato does not offer the ability to charge for updates or theme subscriptions. This is a better way to bill customers for continued development. If you think this price is too expensive, I suggest you buy another theme for $ 55 like Bestseller Aardvark .

Huber is a powerful and interactive review site with the latest multi-purpose review themes. Huber is superior to other review themes due to its unique and powerful hub system.

Full List of Features

  • Unique Hub System
  • Added several reviews for each item (hub)
  • Site and user ratings of all posts or pages
    Multiple Criteria Ratings
  • Ranking in Google Search Results (Rich Snippets)
  • Select whether visitors or logged in users can add ratings.
  • Allow visitors and logged in users to submit user reviews from the front end
  • Display and order posts by release date (separate from post date)
  • Added several affiliates
  • Follow Herb
  • response
  • Bundled with Visual Composer ($ 34 value)
  • Numerous custom options
  • One-Click Installation
  • BuddyPress integration
  • bbPress integration
  • Woo Commerce Integration
  • Front End and Social Login
  • Posts
  • Voting up / down posts
  • Profile Link / Notification Counter
  • Multiple advertising areas
  • Multiple Page Headers
  • Ajax Filtering
  • Stick Side Bar ($ 24 Value)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ready to translate
  • Icon Fonts (FontAwesome)
  • Clean code
  • Post Format
  • Individual and Global Options
  • Create unlimited sidebars
  • Children's Theme
  • Redux framework
  • Powerful menu
  • JavaScript replacement
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3

Gauge and review users

Do my herbs and reviews work with this theme?

Yes! If you are already using a gauge or review theme, you can use this theme without worrying about not working. Huber comes with a theme converter that converts all your hubs, reviews, and child pages, so everything looks almost the same as before. Hub Awards are not currently supported.

How is this theme different?

There are many differences. Let's look at some.

  • Hub no longer uses subpages for tabs. The Reviews, News, Images, and Videos tabs are now part of the hub page. This reduces the number of generated pages, reduces the number of database queries, and makes the hub much easier.
  • Herbs and reviews can now be posts or pages.
  • Now you can add multiple reviews to each hub entry (user
  • hub now includes a forum tab to make it easy to add forum content.
  • Now you can add multiple affiliates to each hub
  • Release dates are now processed: you can order by this date, filter by a specific date range, and display only items for future release dates
  • Add review results to the top of reviews
  • The image is now Works with CDNs and images Compression plug-in
  • Improved speed

Change history

To view the change history, visit .

Download Theme Here


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