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LayerSlider Responsive Download WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider Responsive Download WordPress Slider Plugin V6.6.8

LayerSlider Responsive Download WordPress Slider Plugin V6.6.8 LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Slideshows and image galleries with your favorite effects, brilliantly moving landing pages and page blocks, or an entire website can be created using Layer Slider WordPress theme plugin download All websites can take advantage of the features of this plugin. With the drag-and-drop visual editor, anyone can easily start using LayerSlider latest version here.

No coding or technical skills are required. The choice of increasingly importable templates is an ideal starting point for new projects and covers all common use cases from individuals to enterprise businesses. They are carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and easily customized to suit all your needs. Great support and frequent updates ensure that you make the most of your purchase.

Changes in LayerSlider 6.6.8

In particular, the stability of online services such as automatic updates in multi-domain settings has been improved. If you have a problem, please update to this new version and reactivate your license. Added support for custom slide properties. The LayerSlider API now allows you to specify your own slide settings for customization. The Event Data object in the LayerSlider API now includes a new shortcut to import slide data. Updated documentation specifically addressing activation questions

Changes in LayerSlider 6.6.7

Specific issues related to timeline and pop-up functionality in the management interface have been resolved.
Fixed PHP debug messages.
Specific user interface issues have been resolved.
An API issue related to the sliderDidDestroy and sliderDidRemove events has been resolved.
Developer documentation focused on licensing terms and theme integration has been updated.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.6.5

This release contains important bug fixes.

Fixed an issue where the icon does not appear on the front end slider in the case.
Due to a workaround for WP Issue # 25449, some URLs do not have the appropriate HTTPS protocol if required.
Trivial to improve the hood.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.6.4

This release contains important bug fixes.

Fixed an issue where blend mode premium notifications were incorrectly displayed to administrators above the front end slider in some cases.
The rounding issue has been fixed when using decimal percent values for positioning.
Fixed any slides starting with slideshow settings.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.6.2

This release focuses on efficiency, meaningful improvements and bug fixes.

LayerSlider now uses simpler and more efficient source code.
If you disable the ‘Use srcset attribute’ option, the srcset and sizes attributes are completely removed from the generated source code instead of being ignored inside the plug-in. This can greatly reduce the size of the generated source code.
The drop-down selection box below the layer style now includes the ‘Inherit from theme’ option. This new default does not favor given options, and WP themes means you can freely apply your own style (if any). This allows you to create cleaner and more efficient source code, but you can apply the style settings you want to match your appearance with the front end.
Added advanced delay loading option in slider settings -> Other in advanced mode. For more information, read the description of options in the Administration interface.

Other improvements

Now, when a server problem occurs, a warning message appears in the template store.
Some minor changes that make using the slider builder interface more convenient

Bug fixes

Fixed any known issues with the new connection field introduced in the previous update.
Fixed showing the most recent snapshot to revision.
Fixed an issue that caused PHP debug messages to be displayed in rare cases.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.6.1
Among other enhancements and bug fixes, this release focuses largely on a general overhaul of how media processing and links work in LayerSlider.
Improved Link
Page / Post Chooser: You now have the option to select a page, post, or attachment for your site in the Link field. With the built-in search feature, you can quickly and easily select all the content you want to connect.
Auto-generated URLs: With this new Page / Post chooser option, WordPress will automatically generate the appropriate URLs to follow the permalink settings and verify that they work well with other plugins such as WPML.
Link Binding: The page, post, or attachment selected with this new option will be linked to the selected item, allowing the LayerSlider to track changes to the site. The connection will not be disconnected due to permanent link changes or other reasons.
Formatted URL fields: Some changes have been made to the UI to better reflect your settings. The built-in feature displays a descriptive message such as “WP Post: Hello world!” Or “LayerSlider Action: Switch to the next slide” instead of displaying arbitrary URLs that are not helpful in most cases.
Attachments: When you select an attachment, the link points directly to the file instead of the attachment page. This is useful if you want to use third-party items like Lightbox / Fancybox plug-ins.
Compatibility: The slider will continue to function identically. The link field is intact and you can manually enter the URL you want to use. However, the benefits described above are only available when using the newly introduced options.
Improved media handling
Modal window: The media layer now has a dedicated modal window that makes it easy to add video / audio. A preview feature was added before changes were applied.
Insert from URL: Added the option to insert a video from a YouTube or Vimeo URL.
Inline editing: As with other layer types, you can double-click the media layer in Preview to open the “Insert Media” modal window.
Other improvements
Improved preview selection.
FontAwesome is a popular icon font that displays icons. Because it is also used by many third-party items, some icons may not appear in the front end slider because another theme or plug-in loaded the previous version. The LayerSlider now always loads the latest version of its built-in version.
Bug fixes
The link now correctly follows the hover transition.
The video and audio files uploaded to the WP Media Library now display correctly.
Fixed PHP notifications when front-end pages with WP debug mode enabled include an empty slider with no layers.

Changes in LayerSlider 6.6.0

This release focuses on improving the Slider Builder. It has long been waiting for you and offers new features that improve content in a variety of ways, as well as highly demanding editing features.
New editor features

Import slides: With just a few clicks, you can import all the slides from all the sliders in your site. You can add them directly from the editor without moving them.
Import layers: As with slides, the cool UI makes it easy to quickly and easily import all layers from the slider.
New context menu: Right-click in the preview area to open a new context menu. You can select common tasks such as adding / removing / cloning, copy / paste operations, and layer alignment. The previous behavior of listing and selecting overlapping layers has also been incorporated into this new solution.

New layers and content types

Button layer: Now the button has a dedicated layer type. We also received several presets that can be easily adapted to use the various style buttons.
Icon layer: There is also a new icon layer type. You can easily select from 675 picture characters and include them in the slider.
Icon support: You can also use icons with other layer types, such as buttons, text, or HTML layers.

Change editor

Select before adding: The Add new button now acts as a drop-down and selects the type of layer you want to use. A specific layer type (image and icon) prompts you to choose what to add immediately. For example, for an image layer, it becomes a WordPress media library that lets you instantly select or upload images.
Layer placeholder: No more “invisible” layers are visible. All layer types now have placeholders that are visually represented within the editor.
Inline editing: If you double-click a layer to edit it directly in the preview area, you can use it in non-text content, such as icons or image layers. This opens a modal window to add / replace icons or images.
Align layer options: In addition to the grid view, you can now arrange the layers individually along the horizontal or vertical axis.
Slides without layers: By default, slides do not have embedded blank layers.

Other new features

Added the “Skip slide break” option to the slide-by-slide playback slider to eliminate interruptions between slide changes.


Improved compatibility with image preloader.
Special effects such as origami transitions can now be mixed with regular slide transitions.
Prevents the same element from reinitializing the slider multiple times.
Enhanced compatibility with the GSAP sandbox has been enabled.

Bug fixes

Fixed rewind video / audio layer after changing slides.
Start detection of playback start position by scroll.
The fixed global background size option does not always work as expected.
Fixed an issue that could break layer styles rarely.
There are many hood fixes and improvements.
For developers:
An issue with the API delete method has been resolved.
Fixed an issue that overrides default settings such as skins that do not work as expected.
A modification to the LS_Sources class that affects externally loaded skins and other data.

Changes to LayerSlider 6.5.8
What’s New

New option to add a custom class name to the slider container element.


The LayerSlider now has much better performance on front-end pages due to some modifications to its caching implementation.
Further improvements to the WPML implementation: Shortcode content no longer appears in string conversions under the “default” text domain.
Template storage UI and animation have been changed to improve the performance of older devices.

Bug fixes

In the slider builder, the right-click menu is modified to make it easier to select overlapping layers.
Rare issues related to layer selection, layer locking, and undo changes have been fixed, which has affected Slider Builder in very specific cases.
A fixed preview play bivscroll slider that previously left the Slider Builder in a non-scrollable state.

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