Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine is a popular and creative WordPress theme used by over 23500 customers worldwide . Beautiful website from portfolio, photography, agency, blog, architecture, business or shopping can be easily created.

Is Austin always one of the best-selling WordPress themes?
  • Intuitive full visual page builder
  • Demo with pre-built sample page 100
  • One-click demo installer
  • How to show an unlimited portfolio
  • Best notch customer support
  • Font And color control
  • Compatibility with a wide range of popular plugins
  • Regular updates with new features and bug fixes
  • Good performance
  • Current version: v6.6.7
    Last update: April 30, 2019 – Large update on Tatsu. Version 3.0 Available

      Tatsu 3.0 released
      Tatsu version 3.0 - A massive update for the perfect visual page builder for WordPress
      Oshine - The best creative theme for WordPress
      Tatsu 2.0
      Styling module
      Unlimited portfolio combination
      Great work for photographer
      Best portfolio and photo themes
      Unique header and menu style
      About Colorhub - You can easily change the look of your website .
      Oshine - GDPR Compliance
      Oshine - Knowledge
      Oshine is clean and does not have to be clean The modern <strong><noscript><img src= TATSU – Full Visual Page Builder for WordPress

    50 + Styling Module, Powerful and elegant live front-end page builder for WordPress with real-time text editor and built-in concept It is a building web page breeze and is loved by beginners and pros alike.

  • Drag and drop WYSIWYG Editor
  • Unlimited layout possibilities
  • Live text editor
  • Quick preview and quick preview.
  • 50+ Styling Modules
  • Pre-created Section Concepts
  • Save pages as templates as well as sections
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Cut / Copy / Paste Modules Pages on the same website or website Throughout the page.
  • Oshine provides punches in relation to the options provided to show your work. Even if you are a designer's portfolio or architect's design, Oshine is versatile enough to handle everything you throw. Choose a sophisticated, elegant, minimal expertise and create a portfolio that is right for your target audience. Oshine has been rated as one of the best portfolio WordPress themes by many well-known publishers including WPMU Dev, eSandra, Elegant themes blog, Themesubmit, Webcreateme, Webcreateme and many others provide a rare blend of diversity and originality. Athemes etc. There are several options available.

  • Variable aspect ratio of images
  • Variable aspect ratio of images
  • General, masonry, and metro grids
  • Delay load for good performance
  • ] More than 30 stylish individual portfolio styles
  • Filterable
  • More than 30 wonderful individual portfolio styles
  • More than 10 stylish mouse-over styles, such as 3D tilting, photo, video and audio embedding Support for multiple media formats
  • Custom demos for photographers

    Initially, the photo demo included in Oshine was a big hit, and as we grew, the number of photographers using our products also increased. We listened to them and added updates, and Oshine has amazing features and design options that are loved by thousands of professional photographers around the world . We have been rated on many blogs as the best WordPress photo theme and even ahead of photographers on exclusive themes.

    High performance

    A common problem that affects multipurpose themes is performance. However, Oshine has been made for various purposes as well as performances. We are focused on refining the codebase regularly to incorporate best practices and improving the performance of themes whenever we add new features. Our topic offers great performance using the following techniques .

  • Supports the reactive image size of Asynchronous and On Demand Loading . Javascript files. Themes rely on custom and third-party jquery plug-ins for the feature, and usually load all plug-ins on the site, whether or not they are used by the site. Performance is horrible. However, Oshine loads the plug-in only if the page uses the dependent module and asynchronously loads it, so you can continue to load the rest of the page without waiting for this script to finish loading.
  • Conditional loading of Css and Flexbox layouts for maximum layout possibility with minimal code
  • Compatibility with popular caching and reduction plugins such as W3 Total Cache / Wp Super Cache / Autoptimize plugins
  • One Click Demo Import

    Oshine has sample content data and a one-click import feature that makes it easy to get started with sites like the demo you want. You can mix and match the layout and page by choosing to import specific components from the selected demonstration. Watch the video here to see how easy it is to start with our theme.

    Unlimited layout possibilities

    Oshine has nearly 20 headers and menu layouts, three body layouts and three footer layouts, and unlimited combinations. Surprise visitors with menu styles such as 3D perspectives and page stacks, and use the sliding and overlay menus with smooth animations. Build an original website.

    Modern Design

    Oshine has a remarkable balance between beautiful design and functionality. Each demo is carefully crafted, and you can easily create great websites with balanced typography and unique layouts.


    Oshine is tightly integrated with popular ecommerce plug-ins, so you can instantly set up a clean, modern store. Stores, products, shopping carts, and billing pages are designed with clean, clean,

    Translation and Multilingual Support – WPML Compatibility

    Oshine is fully internationalized and ready for localization. In other words, means that you can easily translate Oshine into your preferred language. Oshine is compatible with WPML Plugin (paid plugin – not included), so you can create websites in multiple languages. Thousands of customers from various countries in Europe, South America, and Asia use the Oshine website in their local language.

    Responsive & Retina Ready

    Oshine is responsive and breakpoints have been carefully selected to make the website visible and work on various screen sizes and devices . It is also retina ready and uses only vector-based resources. Note: Use the WP Retina plug-in to create images and retina images.

    Top Notch Customer Support

    One of the best aspects of a theme is the support it comes with, not ifself. Do not believe our words about it. Many customer reviews say so. Our in-house support team is kind and professional and usually helps you with your request. Our core developers are also part of the support team and reported issues / bugs are quickly patched. 6 months free support (email-based) is included with your purchase.

    More than 50 styling modules

    Oshine includes more than 50 short code modules, allowing you to specify content styles in a variety of ways. They are integrated with the Page builder for ease of use.

    Eight blog layouts

    Choose from brick, medium, or large thumbnail layouts and use titles and meta variations to best represent your blog. Gallery, Video, Audio, Quotation and Link Post formats and offers built-in social sharing.

    Premium slider plugin worth $ 45

    Slider Revolution and Master Slider The plugin was provided free of charge. Create multi-layered reaction slides with great transitions and animations.

    One page / one page website

    It is very easy to create a single page website or landing page using the oshine. You can use the Tatsu Page builder to create a generic page that consists of various sections, and you can smoothly scroll to each section by linking from the main menu. If there are too many free pages and demos to transform on a single-page website, why should I use a special page theme or landing page tool? For your reference, landing pages were created using themes.

    Hero section

    User large, bold and beautiful showcase Stuns the user the moment he enters the site with a full screen slider or image or background video. Parallax and overlay are supported.

    Video Background

    What happens to the video if the value of the picture is 1000 words? Use subtle background video to communicate quickly and efficiently with your visitors.


    With so many options in the theme, there's usually no need to write code to customize themes. However, there are cases where you want to extend the theme functionality and it is very easy to do. Themes follow the best coding practices and provide hooks and filters to customize your code using the sub-theme . We have a custom CSS, JS & PHP snippet glossary with code for many common requests we've provided to our customers. Oshine is the subject of many agencies and professionals who develop websites for their customers because they are flexible and easy to use with custom code to extend / modify functionality.

    Comprehensive documentation

    There is a comprehensive searchable knowledge base . This includes everything you need to effectively use themes in your website settings. The instructions are described in screenshots and videos for easy access for beginners.

    Trusted Brand with more than 27,000 customers

    23000 Customers Knowing that they are using the above and are constantly updating and supporting products for almost three years. We are among the top 100 writers (recognized as Power Elite) all over the world and have reached a huge turnover of $ 1 million. Oshine is one of the top 25 best selling themes and has been consistently weekly sales every week since it was launched all the time. Over 10000 hours of design and development, regular updates and new features are available for just $ 59 at a time. Is not it a good investment?

  • Images from the demo are not available in the sample import data because they are licensed and can not be redistributed. They have been changed to another free to use the image / blurry version.
  • This theme does not work on wordpress.com (unless you have a business plan) and requires a domain and web hosting plan with a server that supports PHP. This actually applies to all WordPress themes in the market.
  • Usually it will respond to most of your support tickets within 24 hours, but response times can take up to 72 hours, depending on factors such as the number and complexity of requests on certain dates, and holidays and weekends. [19459161] REDUX FRAMEWORK

    Thanks to the team

    If it is not for the greatness of this case, it will be a great designer and ad If it's a material, Google's subject will not be that good.

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    Current version – Oshine 6.7. This is a major update. After updating Theme and Plugins, delete the server and browser cache. It is strongly recommended that you back up the database and the Options panel before performing the update
      Oshine 6.7
    Large update on Tatsu with new UI and lots of new features
    Tarts - 3.0.1
    Light & Dark Skin:
    Choose a palette of editors based on preference or mood. We had to reconfigure the entire UI system for this.
    Simplified editing interface:
    Use tabs and panels to organize your settings consistently.
    Bird's-eye view :
    A single skeleton that provides a complete picture of the entire page. Drag and drop to change the order and double-click to edit.
    Fully customizable:
    Advanced options such as margins, margins, shadows, responsiveness visibility, animations, and identifiers for all modules. Do not worry about bloating.
    Revision history:
    Return to the previously saved state.
    Fast loading:
    The editor is two to three times faster than before.
    Custom CSS & JS:
    Perfect power to the professional to approve.
    Blend mode:
    Create an effect similar to Photoshop using the overlay blending mode on sections and column backgrounds.
    Better search:
    You can easily find the option you want. Highlighting and grouping.
    Page refresh:
    Are you satisfied with your edits and want to start over? Just reload the editor.
    Full response control for typography in text and inline text modules.
    Oshine Module - 3.0
    - All modules have been updated to work with Tatsu 3.0.
    - Edit Youtube related videos on the same channel instead of videos based on user history
    Oshine Module - 2.2.9
    Add: 2 column layout for portfolio and gallery module in mobile view.
    Fixed: Title Styles - Top, Middle and Bottom in the portfolio module did not work properly.
    Added: Instagram Icon in Team Module
    Tatsu -
    Edit: Youtube related videos on the same channel instead of videos based on user history
    Fixed: Font size problem in input text module
    Added: Custom options for input text module
    Added: An option to change the header at the page level. (Header builder)
    - Includes new luxury spa demo and latest version of Core Plugin
    Oshine Core - 1.3.7
    - Added: New Spa Demo - v46
    - Added global section import function
    - Includes latest version of Tatsu, Oshine Modules & Slider Revolution plugin
    Fixed an issue where animated content would not load on the page when using the 3D Perspective Menu.
    - Fixed header color scheme applied from blog archive page
    - Troubleshooting dynamic CSS https
    - The color of the Dynamic menu has changed when using Slider Revolution inside Tatsu.
    - Fixed an animation problem with right floating menu.
    Tatsu -
    - Static - When you save a page, your status and visibility settings are now retained. (Do not post automatically)
    - Fixed post-page blank p tag issue
    Oshine Module - 2.2.8
    - Fixed gallery public issue in scroll gallery
    Fixed a problem when portfolio filters were all numbers
    Includes the latest version of Tatsu
    Tatsu -
    - Added Section Shape Divider z-index.
    - Full screen addition and custom height sections Vertical alignment options
    Fixed Tatsu loading problem with multi-layer image
    - Add single and multiple images - Add shadows
    - Add gallery - Multiple image selector array in reverse order
      Oshain 6.6.4
    - Includes latest version of Tatsu, Typehub, Colorhub and BE GDPR plugins
    - Fixed Vimeo autorun issue
    - Unwanted loads of Youtube and Vimeo APIs
    - Fixed: Sticky Section compatibility issue with Default Solid Header
    Tarts - 2.9.3
    - New columnar divider
    - NEW Rotating Text module with typewriter effect
    - Autorun option for video module has been added.
    Tatsu - 2.9.2
    - New multi-layer image module
    - New numbering and timeline styles in the Lists module
    - Add new tab settings for animation link module
    - Border and border color options have been added to the inner rows.
    - Added custom box shadows option for single image module.
    - Add responsive breakpoints to intermediate screen sizes between tablet and laptop
    - Add ripple animation effect to icon module
    Typehub - 1.4.3
    - The system stack created a default fallback font stack.
    - Fixed updater checker class
    Colorhub - 1.0.5
    - Fixed Update Checker Class
    - Updating the Be Helpers file
    Gdpr should be - 1.1.2
    - Increase the Z-index of consent popups.
      Oshain 6.6.3
    - A plugin offloaded to the CDN to reduce the theme package zip from 35MB to 7MB. Reduced installation issues and improved update speed.
    - Options to subscribe to Mailer for updates and notifications
      Oshain 6.6.2
    - First edit: The Gallery & Portfolio MetaBox option will appear in the gallery page template after the 5.0 update. - Update the MetaBox Show Hide plug-in by installing the theme update and moving to Appearance. -> Install Plugins panel
    - fixed sticky section scroll problem in Safari
    Typehub - 1.4.2
    - Fixed a problem loading custom fonts when used exclusively with the font scheme.
    - Tatsu's Hotfix
    Tatsu -
    Fixed a fatal error in the Post Template class only in lower versions of PHP.
      Oshain 6.6.1
    - Fixed loading issues of external dynamic CSS files via https.
    Tarts - 2.9.1
    New feature: Tatsu's right panel controls
    - Live section padding adjustment
    - Real-time column width adjustment
    - plus button to add a new section
      Oshain 6.6
    - Tatsu Global Section support
    Tarts - 2.9
    - New: Introduce Global Section Post Type. Create sections that can be applied to the top and bottom of all / all pages, posts, and archives. E.g. You can use Tatsu to create a footer visually.
      Oshain 6.5.6
    - Add images to Yoast SEO Sitemap image via filters
    Tarts - 2.8.1
    - New: Option to lazily load backgrounds and column images.
      Oshine 6.5.5
    - Introducing new demos for movie studios and video producers - v45
    - Loading Youtube and Vimeo videos using the JavaScript API
    - The latest version of all plug-ins
    Tatsu - 2.8
    - Loading Youtube and Vimeo videos using the JavaScript API
    - New: Image slideshow module
    - New: Interactive box module - Amazing 3D flip box, multilayer stack effect, etc.
    - New: SVG Icon Module
    - New: Multi-purpose card module - This small but powerful contact information, team members, restaurant menu items,
    - New: Star rating module
    - New: Navigation menu module
    - New: Inline text editor anchor styles and new tab options
    - New: Sticky pillars, easy to create floating panels
    - Add text alignment options to text and inline text modules
    - Add custom height setting option for section
    - Prefix and suffix options for the Animated Number module have been added.
    - Box Shadow and Border radius option added to inner column
    - Add row border option
    - Added maximum width option to single image module
    - Add playsinline attribute to background video to work with iOS devices
    - Fixed - Single image overlay option inside editor
    - Fixed single image lightbox image size issue
    - Fixed a Tatsu loading issue if there is no Colorhub color swatch.
    - Fixed Portfolio Carousel module editing issue (Units with Units field)
    Oshine Module - 2.2.7
    - Loading Youtube and Vimeo videos using the JavaScript API
    - Troubleshooting the last letter paragraph of Contact Form email
    - Fixed special title 6 module font size and character spacing problems
    - Fixed a problem displaying the portfolio module within the gallery.
    BE GDPR - 1.1.1
    - Use the javascript API to load videos and Google Maps when you agree. This solves the problem that cookies are not available when caching is enabled on the server.
    Colorhub - 1.0.4
    - Fix CSS specificity issue
    Oshine Core - 1.3.6
    - v45 - Movie Studio / Videographer demo sample content
      Oshine 6.5.4
    Tatsu - 2.7.0
    - Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 compatibility. Tested in WordPress 5.0 Beta 3.
    Typehub - 1.4.1
    - Typekit font loading issue
      Oshine 6.5.3
    Typehub - 1.4
    - Typekit fonts stored in Transient to optimize performance
    BE GDPR - 1.1
    - Edit style
    - Added the cancellation option of consent option from GDPR consent popup
      Oshine 6.5.2
    Oshine Core - 1.3.5
    Latest HOT: v44 - Hyundai ad agency demo
      Oshine 6.5.1
    - Fixed Woocommerce disable warning
    - Fixed sticky section shows when reactive visualization is applied to section
    - The latest slider revolution and master slider plugin
    Tatsu 2.6.9
    - Add top and bottom margin options to a row
    - Added negative value support for margin field
    - Add responsive controls for Column Offset, Single Image Offset, and Single Image Overflow fields.
    - New! - Inline text modules let you apply Colorhub swatches and palettes.
    - Added Opactiy control to inline text editor color picker
    - SVG images can be added via a single image module (use the secure SVG plugin to upload a sag to the media library).
    Oshine module 2.2.6
    - 현지화 된 Photoswipe 팝업 텍스트 문자열 =
    - Ajax를 통해로드 된 포트폴리오 항목의 고정 중형 구분 기호 (무한 스크롤 / 추가로드)
    Typehub - 1.3
    - 업데이트 된 Google 글꼴 목록
    - 옵션 저장을위한 키보드 단축키 (Mac의 경우 CMD + S / Windows의 경우 Ctrl + S)
    - 글꼴 체계로 적용하면 고정 시스템 스택 글꼴 문제
    Colorhub - 1.0.2
    - Tatsu의 인라인 텍스트 편집기와의 통합
     오샤인 6.5
    BE GDPR Compliance Plugin 소개 - YouTube, Vimeo 등과 같은 타사 소스에 대한 동의를 얻기위한 쿠키 표시 줄 및 개인 정보 설정 팝업. 다른 서비스 및 플러그인을 통합 할 수있는 API.
    Tatsu 2.6.8
    이벤트 캘린더 및 미디어 라이브러리 도우미 플러그인의 호환성 문제가 수정되었습니다.
    고정 : 그라데이션 아이콘 CSS 애니메이션 수정
    신규 : Youtube, Vimeo 및 Google Maps 모듈에 대한 GDPR 동의
    오샤인 모듈 2.2.5
    새로운 기능 : 갤러리 및 포트폴리오 라이트 박스의 Youtube 및 Vimeo 비디오에 대한 GDPR 동의.
     오샤인 6.4.9
    Oshine Core 플러그인 업데이트
    오시 니아 코어 - 1.3.4
    NEW : v43 - 현대 방문 페이지 데모
     오샤인 6.4.8
    Tatsu 및 Oshine Core 플러그인에 대한 업데이트.
    타츠 - 2.6.7
    NEW HOT : 섹션 셰이더 구분 기호
    오시네 코어 - 1.3.3
    NEW : v41 - 모델링 데모
    NEW : v42 - 살롱 / 이발소 데모
     오샤인 6.4.7
    Tatsu 최신 버전의 핫픽스
    타츠 2.6.7
    고정 : 단일 이미지 모듈의 너비 문제
     오스틴 6.4.6 - 2018 년 6 월 14 일
    수정 - 고정 사이드 바 포트폴리오 스타일의 사이드 바 위치
    수정 - 고정 섹션이 활성화 된 경우 마지막 섹션에서 스크롤하는 문제
    수정 - Horizontal Carousel Gallery에서 Vimeo 리소스의 조건부 로딩
    TYPEHUB - 1.2
    기능 - 로컬 서버에서 Google 글꼴을 다운로드하고 검색 할 수있는 옵션 - GDP 준수.
    TATSU - 2.6.5
    특징 - 반응 형 컬럼 폭
    기능 - 칼럼, 버튼 및 아이콘 모듈에 마우스 오버 효과 적용
    특징 - 모든 코어 모듈의 여백 및 박스 그림자 옵션
    개선 - TATSU 편집기 패널에서 필드 그룹화
    Enhancement - TATSU 오른쪽 패널에서 상위 구성 요소로 이동하고 삭제 및 복제 할 수있는 옵션입니다.
    오스틴 모듈 - 2.2.4
    수정 - SVG 아이콘 모듈의 라인 애니메이션
     오샤인 6.4.5
    Typehub - 1.1
    NEW : Typekit 통합
    오시네 코어 - 1.3.2
    NEW : v40 카페 및 비스트로 데모
     오샤인 6.4.4
    GDPR 설정 탭 추가
    내장 된 문의 양식 및 뉴스 레터 모듈에서 동의 체크 박스 사용을위한 옵션 추가
    Google 애널리틱스 통합에서 IP 주소 익명화 옵션 추가
    오스틴 모듈 - 2.2.3
    기능 : 블로그 모듈의 개수 및 분류 옵션 추가
    기능 : 문의 양식 및 뉴스 레터 모듈에 동의 확인란이 추가되었습니다.
    TATSU - 2.6.4
    특징 : VIDEO 모듈에 자체 호스팅 비디오 옵션 추가
     오샤인 6.4.3
    Tatsu 최신 버전의 핫픽스
    타츠 2.6.3
    수정 : 인라인 텍스트 모듈 관련 문제.
     오스틴 6.4.2 - 2018 년 5 월 8 일
    이 업데이트에는 Tatsu and Oshine Modules 플러그인에 대한 사소한 버그 수정과 몇 가지 새로운 기능이 포함되어 있습니다.
    Tatsu 2.6.2
    새로운 기능 : 디바이더 모듈의 정렬 옵션
    갤러리 모듈의 다중 이미지 선택 도구와 관련된 문제 수정
    고정 : 포트폴리오 모듈의 범주 선택 옵션
    수정 됨 : Colorhub 플러그인이 비활성화되었을 때 사라지는 색상 선택기 패널
    오샤인 모듈 2.2.2
    고정 : 갤러리 모듈의 오버레이 색상 문제
    최신 : 최근 게시물 모듈의 범주 및 태그 필터
     오샤인 6.4.1 - 2018 년 4 월 27 일
    Tatsu 2.6.1
    함수 이름 충돌을 해결했습니다.
    오샤인 모듈 2.2.1
    함수 이름 충돌을 해결했습니다.
     오샤인 6.4 - 2018 년 4 월 26 일
    새로운 HOT - Colorhub 플러그인
    색상을 견본 및 팔레트로 저장하십시오. Tatsu와 통합되어 클릭 한 번으로 웹 사이트에서 색상을 변경할 수 있습니다.
    Tatsu 2.6
    그라디언트 아이콘 및 그라데이션 단추 모듈.
    NEW HOT - 다양한 모듈에 대한 반응 형 컨트롤
    그라디언트 색상 선택기, 견본 및 팔레트 통합.
    오샤인 모듈 2.2
    반응 형 컨트롤
    그라디언트 색상 선택기, 견본 및 팔레트 통합.
    오샤인 코어 1.3.1
    Colorhub Integration - All demo content have been updated to use Palettes and Swatches. 
    Oshine 6.3.1
    Fixed - Back To Top button issue in Page Stack Top header style 
    Fixed - Animate Scroll issue in Blog Archive Page
    Typehub 1.0.2
    Fixed - Webfont loader is loaded via a protocol independent url
    Oshine Modules 2.1.5
    Fixed - Justified Gallery Like button issue
    Fixed - Portfolio Carousel Hide Category option issue
    Mod - Changed Mail to wp_mail function in contact form
    Fixed - Countdown Module translation issue
    OSHINE 6.3 - 21st March 2018
    New HOT - Typehub plugin
    Fixed - CSS animations not working with Scroll To Sections ( scroll jacked sections showcased in v13 demo )
    Removed - Typography settings panel from the Redux options panel and parsed them to typehub
    Fixed - BE Recent Post widget date issue
    Fixed - “Disable Css animations in mobile devices” option issue 
    Fixed - Special Multi Level menu back button issue. 
    Fixed - Featured images not loading in search pages of style 2 masonry blog
    Tatsu 2.5.3
    Fixed - Multi-level modules navigation issue
    Fixed - Column Offset field issue
    Fixed - Font loading issue in https connections
    Oshine Core 1.2.3
    Typehub Integration - Typography can be imported separately. 
    Typehub 1.0
    Introduction a complete typography management plugin. Provides  thousands of fonts, responsive controls, font schemes, multi-select and edit, and much more
    Oshine 6.2
    New HOT - Introducing Sticky Sections - a stunning new full screen snapped section style.
    Fixed - Fixed sidebar with overflow images issue in mobile devices
    Changed Blog Titles to h2 tags from h5.
    Tatsu 2.5.2
    CSS animations compatibility with Sticky Sections
    Oshine Modules 2.1.4
    Portfolio Load Animations are compatible with Sticky Sections
    Fixed - Portfolio & Gallery images not loading when Image Animation is set to none and Reveal on Scroll is turned on. 
    Oshine Core 1.2.2
    Sample content for v38 & v39 Demos
    Oshine 6.1.5
    Includes a hot fix for Tatsu.
    Tatsu 2.5.1
    Fixed - Duplicated Modules not showing up inside Tatsu.
    Oshine 6.1.4 
    - Included latest version of Tatsu
    - Compatibility with Envato Hosted platform
    Tatsu - v2.5
    - Added Gradient Colors for Section Background and Overlays
    Oshine 6.1.3
    Included Latest Version of Slider Revolution
    Included Two New demos - Product Design & Winery
    Fixed: Issue with loading css and js assets via CDN
    Tatsu 2.4.2
    Fixed: Multi Level Module Selection issue in Tatsu
    Fixed: Lightbox Navigation issue
    Oshine Core 1.2.1
    Sample content for v36 & v37 Demos
    Oshine 6.1.2
    Tatsu 2.4.1
    Feature: Options for adding a link and opening it in a new tab to a single image module. Option for Lightbox added as well
    Fixed Multi Select and Duplicate keyboard shortcut bug
    Fixed pasting color code in Inline Text Editor bug.
    Fixed Division by zero error when SVG added to Single Image module using a 3rd party plugin. 
    Oshine Modules 2.1.3
    Added an option for Maintaining order of Portfolio items inspite of size differences in the grid
    Oshine 6.1.1
    This is just a plugins update that includes Tatsu version 2.4, where all the new features have been introduced.
    Tatsu 2.4
    - Feature: Multi Select - CMD/ CTRL + Click to select Multiple Modules and perform batch actions such as edit, delete & duplicate. 
    - Feature: Alt+ Drag and Drop to Duplicate modules. Works with single selection as well as Multiple selections
    - Feature: Now Copy and Paste Styles from one module to another. 
    - Feature: Column Box Shadow Option
    Oshine 6.1
    - Introducing 6 Stunning New Demos.
    Oshine Core - 1.2 
    - Included Sample Content of New Demos
    Oshine Modules 2.1.2
    - Fixed a bug which was preventing Tatsu from loading when css animations were used. 
    Oshine 6.0.5
    - Hotfix - Gallery post format issue 
    Tatsu 2.3.1
    - Hotfix - for servers which do not have Number Format class available.
    - Hotfix - Jerk issue in latest version of Google Chrome when a module is selected.
    Oshine 6.0.4
    - Fixed Sticky header issue when full screen section isn’t used
    - Fixed issue with Nav Hover style in v19 demo
    - Fixed issue of anchor tags not working within woo commerce tabs
    - Added extra padding in Image Post Format in Masonry Blog style 2
    - Fixed Full Screen section issue
    - Fixed issue in loading script dependencies when domain name had the strings ‘min’
    - Fixed styling issues in Hero Section Blog style
    Tatsu 2.3
    - Added Inner Row
    - Fixed - Empty ID attribute in Section and Columns
    - Fixed issues with Responsive Views within the editor
    - Column Border gets applied to Column Inner instead of Outer wrap. 
    - Fixed Column Min Height issue in mobile devices in specific cases
    - Fixed issue Single Image module’s size attribute selection
    Oshine Modules - 2.1.1
    - Fixed Masonry Blog Post order issue
    - Fixed react parser issue when parsing Chinese characters inside tastu 
    - Fixed team social media icons styling issue
    Oshine 6.0.3
    - Fixed an issue with loading scripts when wp-content was located in different directory
    Tatsu 2.2.1
    - Fixed an issue where the content was wrapped when a new page is edited with Tatsu for the first time.
    Oshine Core 1.1.1
    - Fixed v28 and v29 names in the import tab. 
    Oshine Theme - 6.0.2
    An update with a focus on maximising performance - Refactored Codebase and considerably reduced css and js file sizes. 
    - Option to Load Minified CSS and JS assets
    - Option to Write Options Panel dynamic to a separate css file instead of using it in the head.
    - Scrollbar issue in Fixed Sidebar Portfolio pages
    - Moved all styles from style.css to main css and changed ordering so that its easy to override using child theme and also for using minified assets.
    - Option to use CDN for Asynchronously loaded scripts.
    Oshine Modules 2.1
    - Removed Max Width Css from Subtitle module
    - Loads Minified assets
    Tatsu 2.2
    - Fixed Overflow issue of Section Overlays
    - Loads Minified assets
    Oshine 6.0.1
    - Fixed a bug with Fixed Sidebar Portfolio and Title Nav bar
    - Firefox Submit Button form styling issue
    - Fixed a warning issue in search page
    - Fixed array format issue for older PHP versions
    Oshine 6.0
    Oshine - 6.0
    - 2 New Demos 
    - 8 New Header & Menu Styles 
    - Blog Hero Section Styled Individual Posts
    - Blog New Masonry Style 
    - Option for Global Navigation bar at the bottom of each individual portfolio
    - New Single Portfolio Style
    - New Hamburger Icon Styles
    - Remade Home sliders of v3, v7, v9, and v11 demos using Slider Revolution plugin for improved responsiveness
    - Option for Fixed Footer
    - New Menu Hover effects
    - New View Project button style
    - Fixed Squished image issue in blog posts
    - Fixed Shop Product gallery thumbnail styling
    - Fixed Firefox form button styling
    - Fixed Shop Category title styling
    - Fixed menu color FOUT in Left Header Single page sites
    - Fixed Transparent headers Dark / Light scheme FOUT issue
    - Improved Social Share Icon styling
    - Improved Single Post Bottom area styling ( tags , sharing, author info )
    - Included Latest versions of Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins
    Oshine Modules - 2.0
    - 4 New Portfolio Pre Built Hover Styles
    - New Portfolio Details style
    - New Animated Link Module
    - New Animated Anchor shortcode
    - Fixed Portfolio grid issues in IE / edge
    - Fixed Portfolio grid issue when resize event is triggered by 3rd party plugins / chrome extensions
    Tatsu - 2.1
    - Single Image module box shadow option
    - Single Image module Overflow option
    - Single Image module enhanced lazy loading with placeholder
    - Column Border option
    - Column Offset Option. 
    - Full Screen Column option ( row level )
    - Fixed Tatsu line height issue in Inline Editor module
    - Fixed Text block drag & drop issue
    - Added Alt tags for Single Image module & Testimonial module images
    - Fixed Button Double Animation issue
    Click here to view Full Changelog

    Download Theme Here

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