OXY Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme Download

OXY Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme Download

OXY Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme Download

OXY Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme Download. OXY is a modern and fully responsive OpenCart theme for all types of stores designed with usability in mind, inspired by the best ecommerce solution. OXY is based on Zurb’s Foundation Framework, which is now known as the most robust response framework.

You can change everything! The most powerful admin panel with more than 600 useful features, options, and settings lets you perform extreme customization even if you do not know HTML or CSS. OXY is the right solution for your online business. Your store will look amazing and will be loved by your customers! Compatible with OpenCart: OXY — Multipurpose Responsive OpenCart-Theme

Oaks featured article circumstances

Foundation Framework – The world’s most responsive front-end framework.
100% complete response – Robust flexible response layout that scales from 320px to 1440px.
You can disable reactive layouts (<980 pixels) in the theme management panel.
Widescreen support – Choose from three maximum widths: 980, 1170 or 1440px.
Fluid Page Width.
Full width or box.
One, two, or three columns for each page.
3 Product Image Type Format – Portrait Rectangle, Square, or Horizontal Rectangle.
Bestseller / Featured / Latest / Special slider or grid visualization.
Made with valid HTML5 and CSS3.

Dynamic logo position – left / center.
Dynamic search bar position – left / center / right.
Automatic suggestion search (on / off option).
Fixed header (toggle option).
8 Cart icons.
Mega menu

Homepage link – Text / Icon (on / off option).
4 Category display variant – Horizontal / Vertical / Portrait / default OpenCart style with icon.
3 The level category (On / Off option) in the main menu.
3 Branding variants – logo / name / logo + name – (ON / OFF option).
Custom link (on / off option).
Custom menu (on / off option).
Custom blocks (toggle options).
Information page (on / off option).
Block contacts (on / off option).
home page

Category wall (on / off option).
Brand wall (on / off option).
Five flexible sliders – Revolution slider ($ 15 value) / Camera Slider / Flexslider / Nivo Slider / Slider for major products.
Category page

Advanced Auto Adaptive Grid System – Sets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 products in series.
The product image size is automatically adjusted to the number of products in the row.
Swap image effect (on / off option).
Zoom image effect (on / off option).
Sales badges – you can change the color.
Customizable product box – You can disable product name, brand, price, add to cart button, by rating, and “Add to”.
Wish list “and” add to comparison list “link, image effect zoom, image effect swap, sales badge.
3 Hover effect – Shadow / Color / Shadow + Color.
All elements in the product box can be sorted left or center (grid view only).
Subcategory Wall or native OpenCart style.
Product page

10 Product Layout page.
Two image display systems – CloudZoom / Lightbox.
CloudZoom’s zoom button.
3 Function box (on / off option).
View related products – Slider on right sidebar or bottom grid / slider.
Review tab design.
3 Custom tab (On / Off option). You can add the same content for all products.
(Not different for each product)
Custom block (on / off option) in the right sidebar.
Previous / Next navigation – You can move to the previous or next product without returning to the list page.
Increase / Decrease quantity (on / off option).
Manufacturer logo (on / off option).
View products (on / off option).
Percent (%) Save function (on / off option).
Send to friends function.
Review stars with 10 color options.
Show / hide tax.
Contact page

Google Map with Pin Point (on / off option).
Contact details by icon.
Custom Block (On / Off option).

4 Function box (On / Off option).
Block company (on / off option).
Custom columns (on / off options).
Block following – 18 social media icons (on / off option).
Block contacts (on / off option).
Information block (on / off option for each link).
“Powered By” Block (On / Off option).
Payment Image – 15 Payment Image or Custom (On / Off Option).
Bottom alignment block (on / off option).
4 widgets

Facebook widget (left / right position).
Twitter widget (left / right position).
Video widget (left / right position).
Custom content widget (left / right position).
Color and style

Ability to change the color of almost 180 items.
Category box, Filter box, Left column, and Right column with different color schemes.
Unlimited colors (ColorPicker for backgrounds, text, links, headers, prices, buttons, default menus, etc.).
Include wallpaper or upload yourself.
75 contains a transparent background pattern that can be combined with any color.
Review stars with 10 color options.
8 Cart icons.
Typography Options

More than 600 Google fonts.
10 Web standard fonts.
Body font family option.
Title and Product Name Font Family, Weights, and Uppercase Letters
Price font collection, weight options.
Button font collection, weight and capitalization options.
Search bar font family, weight, size, and uppercase options.
Cart font family, weight, size, and capitalization options.
Main menu font family, weight, size and capitalization options.
Additional modules

OXY Banner – Makes the banner wall unlimited.
OXY Custom Content Manager – Create unlimited CSM blocks and create custom content
Left, right, or default column.
OXY Product Slider – Create attractive sliders with unique products.

Blog Admin support (Blog Admin extension not included in OXY) – View demo
Pop-up notification with automatic close.
Category Accordion or basic OpenCart category style.
“Scroll To Top” button (on / off option).
Multilingual support for all elements of Theme Admin Panel.
Custom CSS and JavaScript options.
General information

Easy to install and customize.
Cross browser compatible.
Documents with screenshots.
Additional skins

There is a function to load skin settings in the theme management panel. With a single click, you can load the settings of the selected skin and edit it freely.

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