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If you've ever thought of how to make the design workflow much easier, please let me know the amazing thing about Photoshop work. Designed to deliver creatives for incredibly complex effects, this step-by-step feature delivers high-quality results with the click of a button.

So how does this design magic work? And where can you find wonderful behavior? Today, we will explore this topic with one of the original authors of Envato Market.

Meet Gianluca Giacoppo and Giallo, designers and creators of Photoshop.

Gianluca Giacoppo

Gianluca Giacoppo's post-processing technology has become an elite writer with a lot of famous products that certainly stand out from the photographs and illustrations. Italian visual effects experts know how to add eye-catching photo effects to portraits or compositions through customized Photoshop work. We talked about how he originally used these tools and what he needed to sell high-quality premium products.

How did you initially start working with Photoshop?

Working for various advertising agencies, I found that I needed to modify multiple images at once, and from then on I began to explore the automatic processing capabilities of Photoshop.

  Animated Pencil Sketch FX
Animated Pencil Sketch FX PhotoShop Add-ons

You can see more than 1,000 sales in Envato Market, his first job to increase the size of small images. Gianluca says he was able to create his own useful product while looking at other designers.

Where is your work inspired?

I recently got a photo effect, so I look for someone's artistic inspiration. They range from digital to traditional art. The most common websites to find new and trendy arts are Dribbble, Behance, DesignInspiration and Abduzeedo.

Have you ever wondered about creating your own action? Gianluca allows the process to proceed.

How long does it take to create an action? Can we take us through a little process?

Creating good Photoshop work requires considerable time and experience. Developers must consider several factors, from size to resolution and depth.

The amount of adjustments and experiments that can be achieved determines the quality of the generated work.

Create assets and convert them to Photoshop add-ons. Record the action. Convert to JavaScript code and adjust manually. Then set up the final presentation and preview.

Some of the best tips are provided by fellow creators. Provides tips for beginners on digital products such as Photoshop tasks.

Do you have advice for creators who want to create a job?

Yes. Here is what I think I need most.

1) Photoshop is in English.

2) You must meet certain preferences in Settings and Control Panel.

3) The image is in RGB and is also set.

4) You must select the start layer and name it correctly.

5) Consider layer ordering and final document settings

He continues to provide advice by providing some additional information about the coding work.

The task of recording a job is very simple. Photoshop has built-in burning tools that let you record specific processes. However, task developers should take the precautionary measures previously described to account for images being processed by different operating systems and different versions of Photoshop.
There are a number of limitations and restrictions that can not be performed in the Actions panel. Therefore, it is best to implement JavaScript code and "modify" the Photoshop work. The possibilities of Photoshop scripting are endless. Because JavaScript is used, you can set conditions and react to conditions using variables and so on.

  Geometric Dispersion FX - Photoshop Add-On
Geometric Dispersion FX – Photoshop Add-On

So what is his final verdict? Can you create high-quality behavior? Well, there are important factors to consider.

In your opinion, what is good behavior?

Final results, originality and compatibility. If there are too many conditions for the action to work, or if the user has to perform too many manual steps, devalue the entire product. I always think of the user's perspective and think that good add-ons for me are the tools that provide the best user experience.
Good action means great customer support from the author. Some customers are not Photoshop professionals, so they need support – one of the things others are looking for.

Of the many creative projects on the Envato Market profile, Gianluca also creates amazing models, various templates and animated effects.

Do you have any noteworthy projects now?

I am currently using another photo effect. I want to make a realistic charcoal visual effect. I am looking forward to improving this type of artistic effect because our communities have not reached the realistic and material feelings that charcoal and pastels make on canvas.

Sounds like enjoying the effects of a fantastic artist. come.

What is your favorite work and why?

My favorite plugin is RealPaint Fx, which gives realistic painting effects in any image. One of the main reasons was that the script was difficult to develop and the customer response was good. We also appreciate the photographer of M.Rzania who allowed us to use fantastic pictures.

Design is destined to look at an incredible transition to more thrilling visual effects.

What do you think is the future of Photoshop work?

The automatic processing of Adobe Photoshop is in the hands of Adobe. Hopefully they will provide more tools and options to auto-effects developers. By adding filters and tools to Adobe Photoshop, you can create new tools and plug-ins for your community.

Do not you have any hope for this area anymore? He continues.

Another hope for the future is related to the market generated by these automatic effects. You should also raise the price of the plug-in. The average price of $ 7 does not reflect the amount of effort required to create complex tools, so hope for the future of Photoshop work will not afraid that the author will offer the product at a price that reflects the time.

  Animated Real Paint FX - Photoshop add-on
Animated Real Paint FX – Photoshop add-on

Are you inspired to create your own action? Use Gianluca's amazing tips to take advantage of all the Photoshop actions to ensure success of your next project and expand your online business.

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Thanks to Gianluca for participating in this feature. You can find more works at the link below.

Gianluca Giacoppo

I am a digital artist who loves everything in Photoshop. Check out the tutorial for useful tips on digital painting, photo manipulation, and photo effects in Envato Tuts +!


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