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Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin Download V4.7

Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin Download for free

WP Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin Download V4.7 Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful HTML5 MP3 player for all major browsers and WordPress websites running on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows8. It supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks. There are four types of playlists.

The first type of playlist is a generic type that allows you to add tracks (mp3 files) with a high degree of customization, while the other three types of playlists can be made from a single data source URL that can be loaded by Soundcloud, , Or Podcast. It is one of the most impressive HTML5 Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin mp3 players with an enormous amount of features like an external API, deeplinking, pop-up windows and Facebook sharing buttons.

It is one of the most impressive video players on the market, with many features such as reaction layout, multiple playlists, external APIs, optional deep links, flexible skins, embedding and sharing, Facebook sharing and more.

Key features of the Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin:

Reactive layout. Mobile and Desktop Optimization (Ipad Demo is here!). Only mp3 files are needed. You can listen to your music without interruption, place a pop-up player in a separate window, navigate the web, and have uninterrupted audio playback throughout the web page. Flash replacement is included in older browsers that do not support HTML5 audio.

Optional deep links (unique and shareable links to current playlists and tracks). Podcasts,, and SoundCloud support. SHOUTCAST support. Play your favorite online radio directly in the player. Unlimited playlists and support for each playlist can have unlimited tracks. Optional playlist and playlist window selectors. Playlist window selector Three types of hover effects for thumbnails. Optional playlists and playlists Window auto-open (the player can show or hide playlists or playlist window selectors) …

Version 4.7 Release date 27.10.2017

An optional delayed scrolling / loading function has been added that allows you to initialize the RAP when scrolling when the product is displayed on the page. For example, if a product is in a section of a webpage that is not displayed, it will be initialized instead of RAP. It is only initialized when the user scrolls to the section where RAP is added. A bug related to the playlist combo box / selector has been fixed when the height is too small.

Version 4.6 Release Date 08.10.2017

Added support for encrypted track (audio / video) paths. For example, path content / videos / fwd-720p.mp3 is encrypted and encrypted with 70de891f83b42a958770b738fd3b66f2, so you can not steal tracks by crawling the page source.
Password protected tracks (e.g. here). The test password is Melinda.
Optionally, you can start playback at a specific time or stop playback at a specific time.
With the addition of optional randomization / shuffle playlists, this feature allows you to start a random / shuffle playlist each time you visit the page.

Added optional playback speed / speed button and playback speed / speed control window.
Added the possibility to start or stop a track at a specified time.
Two new methods have been added to the API setPlaybackRate and scrubbAtTime.
Added an option to start playing a track after the playlist is loaded and autoplay is not enabled.
Updated documentation (adding sections on how to get mp3 / mp4 sources from Google Drive, other API methods, etc.)

Version 4.5 Release Date 10.07.2017 Royal Audio Player

An optional custom playlist / category combo box selector / picker drop-down box has been added.
You can easily replace it by adding a SoundCloud API key to the constructor.

Version 4.4 Released on 29.06.2017

HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 audio support has been added to all browsers on mobile and desktop. Browsers without native HLS support use Adobe Flash Player.

Version 4.3 Released on 22.04.2017

This option starts on any track after the playlist is loaded.

Version 4.2 Released on 09.04.2017

HEX CSS color support, button colors can be modified with simple CSS by passing in hex color (eg # FF0000). Let’s take an example of a selected color while keeping all the graphics in texture.
Added support for mp4 video
Added an optional full-screen button for youtube and mp4 video.
Add video controller when video is in full-screen mode
A new option has been added to the API for adding tracks to playlists at runtime.

WP Royal Audio Player Plugin Version 4.1 Released on 20.03.2017

Now that we’ve added support for Youtube, RAP can load Youtube playlists or a single YouTube video.
Soundcloud track loading support added.
With added support for mixed playlists, you can easily create playlists that include Youtube and / or Soundcloud and / or self-hosted or streaming mp3 files.
Added option support to disable the default scrub bar.
Fixed volume bar on mobile device.
Various minor bugs have been fixed.

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