The 12 Reasons Why Your Car Can Be Seized

You don’t have to commit a felony to get knocked out of a car at the wrong time. On the road or in the city. Police, civil guards and municipal agents may find arguments for immobilizing your car because in the traffic code there are more reasons for this than you probably suspect, and always with a consequence: “Expenses that could be caused by the immobilization, transfer, and deposit of the vehicle will be the account of the driver or who must legally answer for him”. (No.1 You Should Know Very Important)

12. Breathalyzer

One of the most obvious reasons for the car to stay temporarily where it is: alcohol. If the result of the blood-alcohol tests is positive, as stated in Article 25 of the traffic code, the agent may proceed “to the immediate immobilization of the vehicle unless he can take charge of his driving “another person duly qualified”. The consequence may be the same if the driver refuses to undergo testing, a solution that also applies in the case of narcotics screening tests. (Go To See No.1)

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Emission of gases
The immobilization of a vehicle may also be caused by noise, gas or fume emissions above established levels. Article 7 provides for this, but this is a much less common action because controls in this regard are few.

10. Few places, lots of people

The Marx brothers’ cabin moved to a room on wheels. There are plenty of examples, seen by anyone on the road (and in the city) and captured by the cameras of the Directorate General of Traffic. The law makes it clear: if the case is flagrant, the car doesn’t move from the site. Article 9 of the General Traffic Regulation states: “Excessive occupation of the vehicle, which means increasing the number of authorized seats, excluding that of the driver, by 50%” shall mean the immobilization of the car.

9. Park more time than Place

The usual response of the municipal authorities is usually the crane, but sometimes a trap is also used to immobilize a car. This item depends on the municipal authorities, but the code includes, in Article 93, a kind of general authorization to immobilize a vehicle “where it is not provided with a title that allows parking in time-limited areas or exceeds the authorization granted until the identification of the driver is achieved”.

8. Circulation permit

It is not usual for it to occur unless it is done on purpose or by a serious waste, but it is the case of cars that go down the road without the driving license or with it canceled for whatever reason. The consequence, if detected by an agent, is immobilization.

7. Radar inhibitors

If the vehicle is equipped with mechanisms or systems to bypass the surveillance of agents, it can also be retained. And this includes radar inhibitors or fake plates that cover the license plate to disable the image captured by the kilometer.

Other cases

Apart from the above, section 104 of the traffic law lists other reasons why tourism may be retained. There are a few, although some affect only professional drivers:

6- That the vehicle has deficiencies that pose a risk to road safety.
5- Children traveling in the vehicle without homologized child stray devices.
4- The vehicle has no compulsory insurance.
3- That an excess in driving times or a reduction in the times of – – – rest that is greater than 50% of the times set by regulation be observed.
2- That there be indications of possible manipulation in the control instruments.
1- Driving a vehicle requiring Class C or D permission without owning it.