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It is now in its fifth year of reporting on Envato's approach to increasing diversity and inclusion throughout the business. Last year's report can be found here – an overview of how to do it each year A challenge to improve the work space for everyone .

I'm happy with the improvements over the past 12 months, but most can be attributed to people's enthusiasm, advocacy and dedication throughout the business, but providing better diversity and inclusion results is not difficult. It is & # 39; resolved. Rather, we tried to know that we need to stock up, respond and adjust our plans every year in order to give every employee a positive result every year.

Our [email protected] The Commission is a great example of what an enthusiastic group can achieve in a short time. From the changes in gender options in the HR system to the annual Great Place to Work Australia study petitioning a study to change the global demographic more comprehensively, Comprehensive work Their energy and momentum inspired other people in the business to see the same advocacy achieved for mental health integration aimed at educating and supporting the Envato people in mental health related topics.

In the last 12 months, we have seen more improvements. We introduced non-binary report metrics for the first time while maintaining gender balance across all position types across the business. In the process of adjusting the gender wage gap analysis reporting process, you can also report on discrepancies and take action every quarter quarter. And as part of our commitment to gender equality, we delightedly cheered on our third successful apprentice developer and welcomed two more apprentices to the Envato Apprentice Developer Program .

Gender Equity


In the figures for 2018, the gender balance increased by 6%, improving for four consecutive years in this measure. We've changed the reporting demographic to male or female, taking into account that an individual can be identified by a gender other than the gender assigned at birth, or not only by male or female. It also reports first on non-binary statistics, including various demographics of trans / gender.

Since the start of reporting on these figures, the figures for 2016 have improved by 37% across the company.
In the last four years, the stake in the technology role has improved by more than 100%.
Improvements for non-technical roles have been made continuously, increasing by 10% over the last four years.
Leadership roles are the only category to back slightly from 2018 figures.

Note: For the purposes of the graph above, The various trans / gender terms include those who choose to identify as trans, those with trans records, and those identified by various genders, genders, genders, genders. Fluid, gender, non-binary or otherwise.

Industrial Measurements

For four consecutive years, Envato was submitted to the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), a nonprofit organization. Provide benchmarks and surveys regarding the inclusion of the LGBTI community. [email protected] With the reorganization of the Steering Committee and a new focus on initiatives including LGBTI, our score has risen eight points this year.

Code like Girl Sponsorship

Envato is the gold partner of Code like Girl . This is one of the longest-sponsored sponsors in the world and we're working to help more women embark on a successful coding career with Code Like a Girl .

International Women's Day

This year's IWD Topics are all #balanceforbetter;

The guest speaker Kerryn Harvey told an incredible story about courage and elasticity after his arm was cut off in a terrible bike accident in a bicycle accident. Curin inspired many of us to focus on what's important and how to set goals so that we can continue to progress.

Events with LBTI

Our [email protected] team have hosted several events over the past 12 months:

  • International Open Visibility Day The annual International Event of Trans International Pride and Recognition, recognizing the diverse experiences and achievements of trans and gender.
  • Purple Day: Raising awareness of LGBTI people, especially young people across Australia, with a simple message: You have the right to be proud of who you are
  • Two LGBTI Or the Out Tech meeting, which aims to bring the Melbourne technology industry workers identified as Allies into more meetings planned for next year .

Our [email protected] team also created a new look for the Envato Pride t-shirt. From Melbourne to Mexico is our team's main wardrobe.

Some of the Envato teams are flying the flag of International Trans Visibility Day.

Envato staff shook our new pride!

Events with Mental Health

As part of April Global Autism Acceptance Month, we participated in the Campaign for Autism. We asked people to wear hoods to understand a little more about how we can support and embrace people with autism and how we can celebrate the diversity that autism brings to the world. Why is a hood? Some people with autism experience sensory sensitivity and can be overloaded by environmental stimuli. Wearing a hoodie can be calmed by blocking bright lights and crowded environments.

  The Envato team at Melbourne headquarters wore a hood to recognize autism.
The Envato team at Melbourne headquarters wore a hood to recognize autism.

In October, Melbourne headquarters celebrated Mental Health Week at the Health & Wellness Expo. This included mindfulness and meditation workshops, including hands-on sessions with Muse headsets, a mental health panel run by the mind. A recognized BBQ that recognizes all the positive things your colleagues do to make Envato a great place to work with the Health Inclusion Group.

Improving parental leave practices

We've reflected how we support our employees and managers over time. It acknowledges that this is an area where positive improvements can be made to parental leave. Over the past 12 months, this means a substantial change in leave allowances and a clearer internal expectation on how to support individuals and managers to ensure that everyone with parental leave has the best experience. As part of we are constantly improving how we provide support, clarity and career development in lead-ups throughout and after an individual parental leave.

Some of the improvements we've made so far include:

  1. Top-career leave increased from 18 to 20 weeks in full salary.
  2. Partner leave increased from two to three weeks in full salary.
  3. Officially policies including adoption and stillbirth leave
  4. Two professional coaching sessions were offered to everyone taking primary caregiver leave.
  5. Now pensions are paid for up to 12 months for unpaid portions of parental leave for all novice caregivers. Provided a large number of trained staff to talk about everything you need. Envato has achieved this goal so far because it is going a long way to provide a truly safe space for people to have difficult conversations. Equity and Inclusion executives provide this by providing another friendly face to Envato's employee community, in addition to managers, workforce partners, and EAP services, to talk when they need support.

    Indigenous Education Skills Development

    The Envato Foundation continues to support Australia's young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through partnerships with organizations focused on opportunity creation, education and skills development. This year we donated $ 255,000 to Foundation Partners, funding everything from new books for children in remote communities, education, training and employment programs for school-aged children, as well as subsidized secondary school scholarships. At the end of 2019, we were pleased to announce a new partner Indigitek which focused on increasing the number of inhabitants of the indigenous and Torres strait islands, technical partners.

    In Mexico, our donation efforts have focused on supporting high school Cres Estipac, which focuses on indigenous youth education in a way that supports and transforms the community. This year's donations helped to expand the girls' school dormitory.

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    Much more work to be done based on the most recent diversity and inclusion roadmap, including building internal resources using dedicated D & I intranet pages focused on A & A-driven initiatives a lot. WGEA submission.

    Focus within Envato focuses primarily on gender, LGBTI and mental health, but strives to improve all practices to maintain training, reporting or other activities to maintain inclusive work Doing. It helps to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.


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