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Multifunctional plug-ins that enable affiliate business on e-commerce websites

The VendorPro plug-in is the only modern plug-in available in the digital world and promotes long-term affiliate business primarily through e-mail. commerce website.

The website supports a number of advanced features such as inviting millions of merchants, granting affiliate rights, earning commissions through sales, and integrating PayPal into secure payment gateways.

This WordPress plugin is clearly

VendorPro Plugin – Profit to both parties

In addition to adding multiple vendors, VendorPro Plugin allows you to:

The plugin has a unique feature that sets the default commission rate for the product and can be configured manually later.

How to Become a Supplier

In the front end, interested vendors can find authentic applications. Once the form is submitted, you will be approved by the administrator.

If you are an administrator, all you need to do is create a page and add a short.

Granting Vendors with Specific Privileges

Administrators can grant various rights to vendors through the Vendor Function Settings tab.

Some of the notable rights include:

  • Show / hide or delete products
  • Use order management
  • Edit / delete published products
  • Write blog posts

Vendor’s record documentation

The VendorPro WordPress plugin can be used to document total sales Provides the ability to export the required data in CSV format that can be used for.

Advantages of using the VendorPro plugin –

  • With fewer clicks, fewer manual interventions and the ability to integrate with multiple vendors. Environment
  • Inviting multiple vendors to an e-commerce Web site gives you greater reach in the area of ​​online marketing.
  • Using plug-ins increases the number of e-commerce website visitors.

Additional advanced features of VendorPro WordPress Plugin –

  • Integrated PayPal processor for secure payment collection
  • Allows change of vendor commission rate.
  • Provides a short code that generates an application, sales record, and so on.
  • Customizing order status email sets
  • Setting shopping cart limits
  • Showing / hiding merchant information tabs on a single product page
  • Granting specific authorizations to vendors
  • Calculating vendor commission rates based on order status [19659032]] Export the report to analyze growth.

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