VueJS Laravel Admin Template

VueJS Laravel Admin Template

VueJS Laravel Administrative Template for ThemeForest Community

It uses all the latest technologies built with Vuejs2, Laravel 5.4, and Bootstrap 4.

What else? We have added almost everything we need to develop VueJS-based management templates. … what are you waiting for? Just download the big dashboard and bootstrap it.

  • VueJS
  • Not completely using jQuery
  • Seven layout options
  • Multiple breadcrumb designs
  • Adding multicolour schemes
  • Using available weather and example APIs
  •   VueJS Laravel Administrative Template - 1


    Version 3.5 – 23-Mar-2019
    In addition to the previous version, we have added the following authentication related functionality to laravel version.

    1. Login path (as asked in the comments)
    2. Register mail functions using mailables.
    3. Forgot password feature, including sending mail using mail
    4. User list in the Admin panel in the database
    5. Edit the user in the user list
    6. Create a user in the Admin panel
    7. You can delete a user from the Admin panel.
    8. You will not be able to access the dashboard because all pages are protected without signing in.

    Version: 3.4 – 22-02-2011
    Laravel version

      1. Now that you have added the login feature using jwt, you can issue a login token for each authenticated user.
    2. Improved login page UI

    VueJS version

      Improved login page UI

    Version: 3.3 – 29-Oct-2018

    1. Add a form wizard page
    2. Added page to turn off card.
    3. Updated to latest laravel 5.7 version.

    Version: 3.1 – 10 – apr-2018

    1. Experiment Chart UI added.
    2. New trend and bar charts have been added.

    Version: 3.0-12-feb-2018

    Updated bootstrap version 4.0.0.
    Updated bootstrap-vue version to 2.0.0-rc.1.
    Chat UI changed.
    Bug fixes.

    • Build system improvements

      • All compiled files are placed in a single directory for easier distribution.
      • A webpack alias has been added for easier file and asset references. [19659000] Moving all pages to a separate directory
      • Moving router code to a separate file
      • Mix.extract () was added to handle vendor code replication and long-term caching.
      • Automatic template editing [19659000] Improved template [19659033] Added new preloader
      • Added Vue-Analytics for Google Analytics support
      • Added chat page
      • Added Frappe chart page
      • Fixed a bug [196590003] ] Version: 1.6 – 25-nov-2017
         Adding a small menu layout

        Version: 1.5 – 11-nov-2017
        Added starter kit with documentation on how to add files from starter kit to whole package.
        Version: 1.4 – 10-nov-2017

        1.Changed Icon Themify to Font - Cool Icon.
        2. In the Ecommerce section, we have added one shopping cart detail page.

        Version: 1.3 – 20-oct-2017

            Updated vue, vue-router, vuex, vue-multiselect</li><noscript><img src=Download Theme Here

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