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What's the Best WooCommerce Quick View Plugin? 4 Options Compared

To add Quick View to the WooCommerce repository, you need the WooCommerce Quick View plugin.

In this post, I've walked you through four popular options to help you choose the most useful plugins. Your shop. However, before we do a direct comparison, let's quickly look at the best practices for quick viewing of ecommerce. Because there are right and wrong ways to implement this feature, it's a good idea to choose a plug-

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Make sure that the WooCommerce Quick View plug-in follows best practices

According to Baymard, Quick View is the most widely used e-commerce feature in nearly half of the 50 largest US e-commerce sites [19659006]. There are right and wrong ways to implement the functionality correctly, and special care must be taken to ensure that the e-commerce store can implement it in the best possible way.

"The best possible way"? ForeSee uses the actual buyer's screen recording to look at the data.

If is not it, someone hovering over the product will automatically open Quick View. This will allow only 8.1% of buyers to interact with Quick View.

If you add the Permanent Buttons instead, Quick View opens. This is the actual "Quick View" button that allows shoppers to click and open Quick View.

This resulted in 44.8% of buyers making great strides using the Quick View feature.

Select the WooCommerce Quick View plug-in, which allows you to add permanent buttons whenever you can. We have verified that all plug-ins on this list use this approach.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro is a premium WooCommerce Quick View plugin that follows the UX best practices.

  • Permanent button
  • Click on product image

to allow buyer to open Quick View. You can choose preferred method or both.

Quick view appears in a persistent response lightbox that allows consumers to view larger images and select quantities, variations, and more. Two ways to open the lightbox – click on the permanent button or the product image ( or both )

Key features

  • Options for choosing the exact product details to include
  • Support for all WooCommerce product types
  • Three layout options – image only, product details or both
  • For example,
  •   WooCommerce Quick View Pro example

    WooCommerce Quick View Pro is a premium plugin. Pricing starts at $ 79 on a single site and is available for up to 20 sites for $ 279. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin is a popular Freemium option not only in WordPress.org, but also in the more featured premium version. [19659006] Like WooCommerce Quick View Pro, YITH WooCommerce Quick View has a permanent button that gives buyers the option of opening a permanent Quick View lightbox.

    The free version is very basic, and there is no option to customize what is displayed. Quick view. However, the Premium version gives you more control over the individual elements of your Lightbox.

  • Options to disable Quick View for mobile visitors
  • Automatically Quick Close When a buyer adds an item to a shopping cart View [19659016] Add item navigation to Quick View box Select product information to display Payment
  • Customize
  •   YITH WooCommerce Quick View Settings

    This is the only setting for the free version .

    Quick view of my test site

    Unlike WooCommerce Quick View Pro, there is no product image gallery :

     YITH WooCommerce Quick View

    Pricing and discounts

    A free version of YITH WooCommerce Quick View is available at WordPress.org. To access premium features, paid versions are available starting at € 49.99 for use on a single site and up to $ 159.99 for up to 30 sites.

    The creatively named WooCommerce Quick View plugin is located at WordPress.org, where the freemium option is similar to the Yith WooCommerce Quick View . Looks like too much fork.

    However, there are two minor differences.

  • If the buyer clicks the Add to cart button in Quick View, they will go to a single product page without closing the lightbox.
  • Options to disable Quick View for mobile visitors
  • Customize button text
  • Key features

    • Disable link to single product page ( paid )
    • Add product button (19459009) Paid )
    • Add button icon ( Paid Quick View Box ()

     <img class=

    . [YOW WooCommerce] You can see interface similarities in Quick View.

    Example of Quick View feature in my test

    WooCommerce Quick View Example ” width=”2550″ height=”1390″/>

    Pricing and Details

    Product image gallery . Limited free version at WordPress.org. After that, the paid version costs $ 27 for unlimited site use.

    Quick View WooCommerce is a freemium WooCommerce Quick View plugin. This version offers more settings in the free version than the previous two versions.

  • Open Quick View with permanent buttons
  • Multiple Button Placement Options
  • Select another entrance animation
  • Disable Quick View on mobile devices
  • Product Image Size Control [19659016] Options to add buttons to the Quick View that lead to a single product page
  • Display product image gallery
  • After users add items to their shopping carts, they add Ajax to their shopping carts and close the popups automatically.
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