WooCommerce Costs: What You'll Need to Pay for a Store

  Some Domain Prices Example

Setting up an online store is easier than ever. WordPress and WooCommerce get you up and running in a matter of days. However, there are a lot of hidden WooCommerce costs in running the store, and you may not know until you have already invested a lot of time in the project.

Solve a lot of problems in the long run if you know exactly how much you need to budget to start a store. Adding all the features you want may not be cheaper than expected. But if you know the cost, you can prepare accordingly.

This article discusses the cost of opening a WooCommerce store. Then let's look at the & # 39; hidden & # 39; WooCommerce costs.

Let's find!

Why setting up an online store doesn't cost more than you think

Setting up a website is usually more expensive It's easier and cheaper than ever. You have access to incredibly affordable hosting as well as many advanced page builder tools and platforms.

The trend toward lower prices at the entry level also applies to e-commerce platforms. Over the years, novice-friendly e-commerce platforms have emerged, such as Shopify and Squarespace.

I know I can establish an online store on my budget, but it's questionable whether it applies to . WordPress website.

WooCommerce is the most popular tool for creating an e-commerce store with WordPress, and the core WooCommerce plugin is 100% free.

Theoretically this should not add e-commerce functionality to your website. Pay extra. But how much does the default WooCommerce cost for an online store?

We are focusing on WooCommerce because it is the most popular. WordPress ecommerce plugin. More importantly, it has the broadest set of features and add-ons.

This accurately shows the cost of installing an online store using a typical CMS. First, let's talk about the costs that are usually inevitable on a WordPress website.

Domain Name

All Web sites require a domain name. While you can find very cheap domain names on sale, using the .com URL typically costs around $ 10 per year.

  Some Domain Prices Example


Hosting is where new sites get tricky. Hundreds of options are available, from low prices to custom orders.

The cheapest host in the best WooCommerce hosting collection starts at around $ 5-10 per month, but more premium services continue to be offered.

  Example of WordPress hosting price.

Some web hosts also offer a free SSL certificate. You can also set yourself up for free, but for e-commerce websites verified certificates are usually a better bet. This type of certificate can be bought for as little as $ 20, which is another cost.

Website software

It is free to use WordPress and WooCommerce together. This makes the combination attractive at a glance, especially when compared to options like BigCommerce or Magento. But there are a lot of WooCommerce costs that are not obvious at the first check.


All WordPress sites require a theme.

A dedicated WooCommerce theme if you are building a WooCommerce store.

You can definitely find a quality WooCommerce theme, but sometimes you want to pay a premium theme. Usually about 60 dollars. Here is the best one

Three Hidden WooCommerce Costs to Consider

You can set up a WooCommerce store without the extras that will be discussed in this section. But if you want to expand your store or access your international customer base, you can't avoid the cost significantly.

1. Integrate with additional payment gateways

One of the biggest challenges for the upcoming online store is how to handle online payments. Basically, WooCommerce allows you to receive payments via check, bank transfer, cash and PayPal.

Of these 4 options, PayPal is the only possible option. It is the most popular payment processor in the Western Hemisphere, providing a solid foundation.

I would ideally want to provide more than one payment gateway to give users more than one option. WooCommerce also allows you to integrate Stripe, Square, and Amazon Pay using free extensions.

  Payment gateway may be one of the biggest WooCommerce costs.

Sufficient for US-based customer base. However, if you want to sell your product overseas, you'll need to provide a local payment gateway for the region you want to target.

To find out the price of a UK-based payment processor Sage Pay, charge $ 79 for a single site WooCommerce extension. Sofort remittance extra cost as an option: $ 79:

  Single site license for payment processing extension can quickly add WooCommerce costs

A very superior single premium WooCommerce Payment Gateway extension will receive $ 79 back for one website for one year and one year years. The more gateways, the more WooCommerce costs.

2. Advanced Shipping Features

WooCommerce allows you to configure multiple shipping zones and set up different methods for each shipping zone. Nevertheless, you don't have access to advanced features like tracking, dynamic shipping, return management, etc.

We use the term "advanced features" but that's actually what most online shoppers expect. Overall, providing less information during the payment and delivery process affects the intuition of the entire experience.

That means you may need to use some extensions to enhance your online store experience. .

  Extended Shipment Tracking

Combining this with an automated UPS shipping rate incurs an additional $ 79 per year. The cost is just over $ 100.

More locations where customers are located plays a big role in what you need. It is no surprise that international shipments are more expensive. To cover multiple regions, you need to set up multiple extensions to provide automatic shipping calculations.

3. Email Marketing Integration

Email is a powerful marketing channel, no matter what type of website you have. Essential to e-commerce. With the right tools, you can send all sorts of messages to help drive abandoned cart notifications, order confirmations, sales brochures, and more conversions.

What you need is an email marketing service provider. The most popular free options are Sendinblue, Mailchimp and Omnisend.

  MailChimp homepage.

This option provides a free plugin that lets you integrate your mailing list with WooCommerce. However, not all email marketing providers offer free services or integrations. Also, as your store grows, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan beyond the free plan limit.

Other vendors pay based on number of subscribers and number of subscribers For example, AWeber charges $ 19 per month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited email. Integrating the platform with WooCommerce requires an additional expansion of $ 49 per year.

  AWeber WooCommerce Expansion Cost

Add $ 277 to your home. So, if you want to set up a store on a budget, we recommend using a free email marketing service provider (at least initially).


The WooCommerce shop for less than $ 100 for one year can theoretically be set. But the setting is very important.

In most cases you will need to access costly features. Most WooCommerce costs tend to come from premium expansion and can be added quickly.

Regarding the hidden WooCommerce costs, there are three factors to keep in mind.

  1. Integration with additional payment gateways
  2. Advanced Shipping Capabilities.
  3. Email marketing integration.

To find out more about e-commerce costs in general, there are also posts about the cost of creating an e-commerce website.

When you're ready to start your store, check out our tutorial on how to set up WooCommerce.

Do you have questions about the cost of wooCommerce? See the remarks section below!

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