WordPress FirePHP Debugger

WordPress FirePHP Debugger

WordPress FirePHP Debugger is a WordPress (mu -) plugin used to improve the quality and convenience of WordPress development. This plug-in replaces the collection of plug-ins for WordPress developers and can speed up and improve the development process.

WordPress plugins and theme debugging can be really painful. Tools for debugging are very useful and even necessary. No more vardump () and echo while debugging. The routine is no longer analyzed. WordPress FirePHP Debugger Clean and easy to handle.
There are usually two main ways to debug server-side code. You can take advantage of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the built-in debugger or log and perform the debugging process in your web browser. This plug-in shares an elegant, simple and maintainable way to debug WordPress debugging via a web browser (especially the Mozilla Firefox browser).

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  • Very easy to install / remove. (19659006)
  • Session support for WordPress
  • Ability to output phpinfo () data directly to the Firebug console
  • FirePHP integration high quality:
    • Automatically detect FirePHP server library in PHP include path or separate directory
    • Do not modify WordPress core or configuration file
    • Automatic activation of WordPress debug mode
  • Error logger:
    • Handles all PHP fatal errors Blank page and log analysis
    • Real time notification
    • Logs unused functions and arguments in WordPress
    • All standard PHP errors And handle exceptions (including customizations)
    • Database error handler
  • Debugging securely at live site
    • Limited access for unauthorized users
    • "Remember me" feature for non-logged in users
    • Debug information or the PHP Firebug console does not display any errors.
  • Two ways to configure a text configuration file or settings page in the WordPress administrative area
  • Useful information blocks for developers
    • SQL query log
    • System information
    • PHP variables and constants
    • WordPress Script and style registration
  • Experiments to save FirePHP information between page redirects (only when using basic WordPress features such as wp_redirect ()) or wp_safe_redirect ())

PHP 5.2.0 or higher
  • Firefox (19659022) Firebug Addon
  • FirePHP Addon
  • WordPress 2.8 or higher
  • Changes

    Changes to

    ] Bug Fixes (minor error): "(19659041) Updated: 15/10/2012 – Version 1.3.3 r41

    • Bug fixes (minor): WildFire header handling errors between WordPress redirects
    • Bug fixes (minor errors): Win-platform [register_shutdown_function] Enhanced database error handler

    UPDATE: 03/09/2012 – Version 1.3.2 r40

    • Bug fixes (Major): An error occurred when operating outgoing headers, resulting in problems logging in to the WordPress administrative area.
    • Bugs Fixed (minor) In some rare cases, writing to htaccess file could result in incorrect results
    • The redirection handler is now optimized and compatible with the «Plugins Filter» feature.

    Updated: 31/08/2012 – Version 1.3 .0 r36

    • Added an experimental feature to hide PHP errors in excluded plugins.
    • Some of the minor bug fixes

    Updated: May 6, 2012 – Version 1.2.0 r35

    • The wp_redirect () or wp_safe_redirect (19659021) "Wordpress Hooks" widget added
    • "System Info" widget
    • "Registered WordPress scripts and styles "The rows in the widget are sorted by name
    • Some minor bug fixes

    Updated: September 1, 2011 – Version 1.1.0 r32

    • Improved" System Info "19659022] New" Registered WordPress Scripts and Styles "
    • Database Error Handler (hides browser output errors and displays them in the Firebug console)
    • Full AJAX support (SQL queries and all other widgets work
    • Support for session for WordPress
    • Automatic detection of server environment during installation
    • Improved plug-in API
    • Updated [Document

    UPDATE: 25/12/2011 – Version 1.0.5

    • Improved compatibility of WP version <3.0
    • Fixed an issue that fixed an error in PHP version <5.3

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