News Magazine WordPress Theme Download

News Magazine WordPress Theme Download Newsmag

News Magazine WordPress Theme Download Newsmag V4.2

WP themes 2018 the best theme ever is News Magazine WordPress free Download Newsmag V4.2  News mag is the latest WordPress theme that makes it easy to write articles and blog posts. We offer great support and friendly help! The Newsmag template is suitable for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or review sites.

It also supports videos from YouTube and has a rating system. It uses the best and cleanest SEO practices, and on top of that, it is fast, simple and easy to use. News magazines also support responsive Google ads and AdSense.


Version 4.2 – November 17, 2017

Other: The Visual Composer plug-in has been updated to the latest version.
Other: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
EDIT: Weather forecast

Version 4.1 – November 1, 2017

Other: The Visual Composer plug-in has been updated to the latest version.
misc: Revolution Slider plugin has been updated to the latest version.
EDIT: Weather widget
EDIT: XSS security issue
EDIT: Background click ad

Version 4.0 – July 13, 2017 News Magazine WordPress free

NEW: We’ve added News Magazine Word Press first page creation tool created for blogs, news and magazine websites to be more creative and productive. Newsmag 4 provides tagDiv Composer to make your site lighter, faster and more efficient. Available immediately from the front end, you can see all changes immediately.
New feature: Live Frontend LESS and CSS editor. This allows you to quickly add CSS or LESS to any page on your site.
new: news magazine demo
new: Clear Voice demo
New: Sound Square demo
new: a button available from the Format menu

Version 3.4 – April 12, 2017 News Magazine

New: Speed Booster plugin version. If yes, please update.
New: Google font weights and style options Themes load only the font weights and styles you need in the future.
Other: Better plugin description and help text
Other: All large grids display a good error message if they do not fit the site layout. (If used for one or two columns)
EDIT: I added several missing translations to the translation panel.
EDIT: Some block templates can not change colors in Firefox due to their scoped style.
EDIT: We’ve improved the user experience for themes and filters by removing offsets from Ajax requests.
Fix: Global modal window now ignores pictures with external links. Before this update, the modal window tried to open an external link.
EDIT: The jetpack sorting method of blocks now works as expected.
Fix: Fix image fix
Fix: All inserts with fixed overflow content on a small screen have been fixed.
Miscellaneous: The theme panel layout and spacing are much improved.
Other: When an in-line ad is displayed in the last paragraph when the ad is not many in the paragraph field, and the bottom ad of the article is not active
Miscellaneous: Updated the list of compatible plugins for the theme.
EDIT: Update Instagram Icon
Fix: Password reset link sent from login modal window does not work
EDIT: You’ve switched all shared share links to https.
EDIT: When you open the sign-in box, Chrome displays only unsafe warnings.
Correct the theme task error in the Status panel when the theme is already activated
EDIT: The recommended image for vimeo videos is bigger.
EDIT: The ajax login now works via https.
EDIT: The sample plug-in showing how to add new modules and blocks works as expected. A fatal error has occurred.

wp News Magazine WordPress Version 3.3.1 – January 26, 2017

Fix: Modified the login modal window code so that it only appears on the page when front page login is enabled. This will prevent your site from being marked as unsecured in some versions of the Chrome browser.

[Version 3.3] – Improvements: The Visual Composer plug-in has been updated to the latest version 5.0.1.
– Improvement: The Revolution Slider plugin has been updated to the latest version.
– Improvements: Fully compatible with WordPress 4.7
– New: The plugin page where the user installs the included plug-in has been redesigned to a completely user-friendly design.
– New: Added support for block templates overwritten with demonstrations via the Theme API system. All subsequent demos can load other block templates if needed.
– New: The comment form has now been verified as JavaScript. This was a long-needed feature and we have figured out how it happened.
– New: Selected header sections have been redesigned to use icSet featured imageons instead of text.
– Improvements: Modify CSS in the Theme Panel and Welcome Screen
– Improved: We finally updated the social icons and we also removed the icons for the Dead Service (Picasa, Posterous, etc.)
– Enhancements: The social network panel now checks that each input is correct. This prevents user errors and bad URLs from moving to your site’s 404 page instead of going to your social network profile.
– Better: The maximum width has been removed from the srcset of the image, and the responsive image on the mobile now works as expected.
– Improvement: Translation panel information text
– Improvement: On Android, when users use mobile search, they automatically focus on the input field.
– Fix: Password-protected comments now work as expected.
– Fix: The Facebook video in the post content is now working and resized as expected.
– Fix: Font panel CSS issue
– Fix: The tag ajax filter now displays tags in the order of the IDs you choose. In alphabetical order
– Correction: Home data breadcrumbs required by the home metadata testing tool are not displayed as structured data.
– Fix: Smart list with image caption in HTML. Now we have fixed them.
– Edit: Sorting categories option sometimes does not work.

Version 3.2 – October 10, 2016 News Magazine WordPress

New: Added support for design options in most blocks. You can change the margins, margins, and borders of the block.
New: Added retinal image support to our blocks and modules. You can activate it in the panel.
Other: Various core code refactoring and optimization.
Other: Improving the theme document and help text in panels
Miscellaneous: used for thumbnails in the Themes panel
misc: The file path and name now appear in each module, smart list, mouse over template, and so on.
misc: Breadcrumbs markup, BreadcrumbList schema added
EDIT: Sometimes there was a problem loading the number of columns automatically when placing an internal row in a row in a block.
EDIT: On the first install, the Visual Composer tooltip appeared above the tooltip and there was no way to close the last open tooltip.
EDIT: It was difficult for Visual Composer to find the wrongly recognized column, the column layout in which the new user works best with the block.
EDIT: Background ads for tempalte 8
Fix: Fixed bug with background ad cursor, pointing to top menu
Correction: Now the image that the aligned person works as expected
EDIT: The main menu was loaded without CSS at first load.
Edit: modal login button CSS

Version 3.1 of News Magazine
Update Notification: This version does not work with older Visual Composer versions.
– New: Visual Composer plug-in updated to the latest version 4.12
– New feature: Login, registration and password forgot ajax windows. Complete and modern redesign.
– New: Added support for full-height rows, column positions, and content positions in Visual Composer.
– New: Added support for row speed difference
– New: Added support for inner row and content placement of equal height
– new: Set the author name to be hidden independently in the module and single post. Previously there was only one global setting.

– New: Added custom font support for theme panels uploaded via WordPress’s Media Gallery. Custom fonts can be used as before in most theme UIs without writing code.
– New: Weather widget now opens the input if the user can not be found via the browser’s Location API.
– Improvement: We have now rewritten blocks that are completely blocked by trends. Now it gets smaller and works better.
– Improvement: The description of the block parameters has been improved.
– Improvements: Code improvements for the following short codes: td_block_big_grid_slide, td_block_homepage_full_1, td_block_ad_box, and video playlists
– Improvements: Media galleries used in the Theme Panel are less complex and there are no unused options.
– Improvements: Organize theme panels and make your code more organized.
– Improvement: All blocks show a notification to the front-end manager when there are settings that are not needed.
– Improvement: The main theme loader has been smoother and the design has improved.
– Improvements: You have changed the way templates detect Visual Composer plug-ins. The discovery method is based on VC_ROW and is triggered only when VC_ROW is found in the content. This allows you to use short codes in the default template with sidebar + titles.
– Improvements: Added font setting for post list
– Improved: Troubleshooting capital letter font settings
– Improved: All ad blocks now support the headline.
– Improvements: Fixed various Google webmaster structured data issues.
– Improvements: Better support for IE8
– Edit: Categories drop-down list with long category title now works as expected.

Live search with ajax and up tall
One-click demo installation – NO MORE .XML file. Once demo data is clicked, it will be installed.
Powered by Visual Composer – the best drag and drop page builder
Custom Auto Resize Content Block – The block structure changes perfectly (from the sidebar, full width, or page with vertical bars)
Responsive Google AdSense support via custom admin panel – The script loads different Google AdSense points for each screen size. Once loaded, it will not be modified to be 100% compatible with Google AdSense TOS.
Responsive ad support – Ideal for ad networks that want to allow multiple ad spaces on the same div or show ads on other devices. This option changes the ad spot on the fly, for example, when the tablet changes from landscape to portrait orientation. (The header banner of the demo site is using this system)
Inline Google AdSense or other ads after a predefined number of paragraphs
Auto youtube, dailymotion, and vimeo thumbnail downloader – When you paste the youtube URL, the site will automatically download the largest image available in the clip and set it as a suggested image. You can add videos to articles very easily.
Built-in review system (stars, percent, points)
SEO: Rich snippets for articles and reviews Schema with microdata
The translation panel support function of the admin panel is built in. If you no longer have a .po .mo file, you can get a form that contains all the strings for the theme and its translations. We hate PO mo files.
Multi-language site support with free qTranslate plugin. All of wp-admin.
All global settings are available in the WordPress Theme Customizer with Live Preview.
GIF Animation Support – Beta feature.
Google Fonts – Easily change fonts in the Admin panel.

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