WP Theme Customizer

WP Theme Customizer

Handle all WordPress sites too much with WP Theme Customizer and give them a premium look. The front end option module offers a unique and beautiful look theme.
Four color schemes (light and dark) are available for the module.

What does it do?

WP Theme Customizer allows you to change the look of the front end of any WordPress theme or your own theme (written in WordPress Theme Development Standards ) within seconds. This saves you valuable time and gives your website a unique and luxurious feel.

What can change?

  • Using the color palette and color picker
    • Text background color
    • All button colors (button, input [type=”submit”] input [type=”button”] input [type=”reset”])
    • (19459012) http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development#Theme_Classes)
    • If you have a background switcher, you can change the background image of your body
    • Day / Night mode gives your site a unique look that automatically changes the day and night background image
    • Once again, the annotations will give you a premium and beautiful look On the site, you can display either of these special effects
      • Eye effect
      • Ineffective

    How does it work?

    There is nothing special to do. Once you install the plugin, you can use it right away.

    Where can I use it?

    • Use this plugin with a WordPress theme or a theme you have created (created with WordPress Theme Development Standards ) to save options you can view . You can allow users or front-end users to change styles themselves. The selected style is saved in the browser cookie.
    • You want to use this plug-in in your client project to control the appearance of premium on your site, or change the body color, body image, button color, and so on.
    • If you are designing a new WordPress theme, this plugin allows you to choose a very new theme color scheme.
    • A beautiful, sophisticated look
    • Use the color palette or color picker to change the color of the body, headings, links, and buttons.
    • Create an unlimited number of color palettes
    • You are now ready to use the 15 color palettes.
    • Unlimited Background Images and Patterns
    • 10 Patterns and 5 Background Images Ready to Use
    • VIA WordPress Media Uploader
    • Day / Night Mode Switching
    • Special Effects (19659005)
    • Completely flexible positioning
    • Module drag
    • Includes both lights
    • User friendly 19659005] Free support
    • Easy installation
    • Cross browser compatibility
    • ] Previous WP version compatibility
  • Four color schemes
  • Notes

    To prevent jQuery from changing the event, add the following to the CSS property of the HTML tag! Do not use the important condition.

    1. body, body. Custom background {background image:; Background color:; Repeat background:; Background location:; Background Attachment:; }
    2. button, input [type=”submit”] input [type=”button”] input [type=”reset”] {background-color:; Color: ; Repeat background:; Background image:; Border :; }
    3. . post, .type-a, .type-page {color:; }
    4. . post h1, post h2, post h3, post h4, post h4, post h5, post h6, .type-post h1, .type-post h2, .type-post h3, -page h5, .type-page h5, .type-page h1, .type-page h2, .type-page h3, color:; }
      • Add-on
        • PSD icon is included in the package


        Change history

        v2.0 – 2015-02-22

      • Improvements: Optimized admin dashboard settings page
      • Improvements: Minor UI changes
      • Improvements: Improved compatibility and faster performance
      • Improvements: Optimized plugins

      v1.0 – 2013 -06-14

      • First Release

      Download Premium Theme

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