WPMU DEV Hosting Review

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Is It Right for Your WordPress Sites? (2020)

WPMU DEV recently launched a fully managed hosting platform to complement many of the tools and plug-ins already available to customers. In this WPMU DEV hosting review we will take a closer look at this new hosting service and what you need to offer.

Will cover the following …

  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Experience [19659004] Support
  • Planning and Pricing

Your WPMU DEV Hosting is now on your web You need to understand if this is the right option for your site. let's begin…

WPMU DEV: An Introduction

  WPMU DEV Hosting Review

WPMU DEV is part of the WordPress company Incsub and also hosts hosting companies CampusPress and Edublogs. WPMU DEV fits perfectly into the WordPress hosted zone.

WPMU DEV offers a variety of premium services, themes and plugins to help website owners optimize, protect, market and manage their sites.

All WPMU DEV packages, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and developers, now include access to a new hosting platform.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Features

WPMU DEV offers fully managed VPS WordPress hosting. Every site has its own containerized memory, including dedicated CPUs, SSD storage resources, and IP addresses. In other words, your site is completely isolated and there is no need to share resources, which ensures consistent top-level performance.

Check out some of the other key features offered…

  • Choose from eight data centers – Select a location to host your site. Server locations include the United States (East-West Coast), the United Kingdom, Germany, and Singapore.
  • Security – Built-in Defender and Automate services from WPMU DEV to provide file retrieval, firewall, and two-factor authentication.
  • Speed ​​ – WPMU DEV utilizes a variety of features. Other services and tools that provide high-speed hosting, including object and page caching, as well as IPv6 and CDN support.
  • Backups – Take advantage of incremental nightly backups as well as one-click restores.
  • Stage – With WPMU DEV Hosting, you can access the staging area and then synchronize changes to your live site with one click.
  • Migration – Migrate your site to WPMU DEV Hosting using the built-in automated migration tool, or have your support team migrate all your sites for free.
  • Free SSL Certificate – All hosted sites are automatically granted an SSL certificate via Let & # 39; s Encrypt.

WPMU DEV Hosting is fully integrated with all WPMU DEV services and plug-ins, giving you access to a variety of configurations, including site management, marketing and analytics tools.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Performance

Low load web sites cost money for both visitors and revenue. Therefore, it is important to choose a host that has a positive track record in performance.

For this WPMU DEV hosting review, I set up a real test situation to see how WPMU DEV hosting actually works. To do this, we created a test site hosted with WPMU DEV and then tracked performance using two online monitoring tools, Pingdom and Load Impact.

Load time

First, I tested my website on five Pingdom servers located around the world. The speed recorded at the test site is:

  • Washington, DC: 0.677 s
  • San Francisco: 1.01 s
  • London: 0.241 s
  • Sydney: ] 1.98 s
  • Tokyo: 1.64 s

This result uses the default 20 WordPress themes.

All very fast during load time and slightly different depending on the location of the test server.

However, WPMU DEV gives you the option to choose the location of your own site server, which speeds it up by placing your site closer to the target audience. You can also set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) if you want more global page load time.

WPMU DEV hosting as a whole generated some quick test results, but these results are only reflected in this single test. [19659029] Load Shock

The second test we ran is the Load Shock Test. This test simulates 25 users accessing a website for 3 minutes and monitors the impact on load speed. The results were impressive …

  WPMU DEV Hosting Review Load Impact

At 24 hours, response time increased slightly ( blue line ). I accessed the site ( green line ) and the load time was still only 348ms.

So, if you host a small blog or business website with WPMU DEV hosting, you can rest assured. Increasing the number of traffic does not affect the speed time.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: User Experience

One of the great features of WPWP DEV Hosting is the user experience. You can manage all your WPMU DEV products and services, including hosting services, from an intuitive dashboard called Hub.


Here you can install themes and plug-ins, enable security and performance features, monitor site analytics, manage hosting settings, and more.

Create a new WordPress website

To set up a new WordPress website, click the Hosting option in the WPMU DEV Hub.


You can see a list of sites here. It is already hosted with the option to manage each setting. To create a new site, click + icon .

  WPMU DEV Hosting Review-Ho

You are prompted to create a new website. Or migrate your existing Web site. In this article, you selected Create a new website . Hosting


Next you need to create a temporary domain that will be used to set up the new domain.

  Temporary domain

You are prompted to create an administrator account that requires you to select the appropriate username and password.

  username and password

Now you need to choose where to host your site. It is best to choose the location closest to your target audience to ensure fast load times.


WPMU DEV takes a few minutes to install and create your new WordPress website. When on, the new site is added to the list of hosted sites. Administration Select to access the settings.


Here you can view the site's hosting information, as well as email, backup and caching features.

  WPMU DEV Hosting Review-Visit Website

WordPress Website Dashboard

WPMU DEV has pre-installed the most useful plugins when you log in to WordPress Dashboard.

  • Hummingbird Pro – Performance plug-in that provides caching, uptime monitoring, and more.
  • Smush Pro – Image optimization plug-in that is automatically optimized and compressed
  • Defender Pro – This security plug-in enables automatic file scanning and reporting, audit logging, IP locking, and more. Can be done.

You can also access the WPMU DEV Dashboard from within WordPress. Here you can view, install and get support for all WPMU DEV plugins and tools, or visit the hub in person.

  WPMU DEV Dashboard

WPMU DEV overall provides an impressive user experience. WPMU DEV combines a new hosting service with all existing product and hub user interfaces to support customers in web authoring and everything else.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Support

Support is another WPMU DEV outstanding area. Let's look at the various support options…

  • Knowledge Base – WPMU DEV provides an extensive knowledge base. This includes video tutorials, in-depth courses, comprehensive how-to articles and more.
  • Members Forum – A free forum where you can connect to the WPMU DEV community and ask your users questions. The same is true for all professionals.
  • 24/7 Live Chat – WPMU DEV supports 24/7 live chat. So no matter what the time and someone will help you. WordPress specialists from the WPMU DEV support team can classify your site based on whether they have hacked your site, slowed page load times, or encountered other issues.
  • Ticket Support – Ticket email support is also available for those who prefer.
  • Support Team Login – The WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin allows you to access your support team. You can then log in to the site and fix the problem yourself.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Price


To access WPWP DEV Hosting you must first become a member. WPMU DEV now offers only one membership package…

  • $ 49 per month – Unlimited access to all services and plugins from unlimited sites. Importantly, this gives a $ 30 credit for all hosting plans.

WPMU DEV offers four hosting plans that all offer slightly different options…

  Hosting Price

$ 30 hosting credits included in your membership plan can be used for any hosting plan or less. So you can host 3 sites in the bronze plan, 1 site for free in the silver plan, or 1 site for free in the gold plan for an additional fee of $ 20 per month.

You can host as many sites as you want in a plan that fits the needs of this flexible pricing and credit system site. There is also a 30-day free trial, so you can be sure that WPMU DEV is the right platform before committing financially.

WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Final Thoughts

As you can see, WPMU DEV hosting offers a lot. If you are looking for an all-in-one hosted WordPress platform, from the highest level of support and user experience to impressive performance results, WPMU DEV is worth the price tag. Question about

WPMU DEV Hosting? Feel free to ask for comments below…

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